Counter:Side Branch Management System Explained


Counter:side is one of the most impressive auto side scroller gacha games that have ever been released. Since its release, Counter:Side has proven itself to be one of the best gacha games in terms of gameplay, artstyle and its intricate system. However, it is unavoidable that some of those systems will prove to be challenging for the players to grasp - especially the confusing Branch Management system.

In this guide, we will go over what the World Map Branch System is and how you can best utilize it to further your progress in the game.

Let’s play Counter:Side on PC and find out.


What Is The World Map Branch System

There’s 2 parts to the World Map system : Branch Managing and World Raid Boss. However, we will only focus on the Branch System.

To put it in the simplest terms, The World Map Branch System is an expedition-typed system in Counter:Side that allows you to appoint a character as Branch Manager and after a period of time has passed, you will gain rewards without having to actually play the game.

In order to access this system, you have to have finished the 1st chapter of the game, then you can access it by clicking the World Map tab on the Lobby.

From this menu, you can unlock Branches, these are marked as oval points with name underneath. Each of these branches gives different kinds of rewards depending on the ones you choose to initiate, but eventually, you will be able to unlock all of them.

Branch Manager

Branch Managers are essentially your characters. By dispatching them as Branch Managers, you can initiate Dispatch Missions and gain rewards based on the time they use to finish them. Branch Managers will gain Loyalty Levels and EXP once they have finished the Dispatch Missions.

It is important to note that, IF you assign a character as the Branch Manager, That Character Will Not Be Able To Be Dispatched As A Battle Character in other stages, so pick your Branch Managers wisely. In addition, the level of the Branch Manager affects the level of the Dispatch Missions.

Dispatch Missions

Dispatch Missions give special rewards once the time counter reaches 0 and the Branch Manager has finished their task. These rewards vary between different Branches, but most of them are character upgrading materials essential for progressing in the game.

There’s 3 different time levels for dispatch missions: 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. The longer the Dispatch Mission is, the higher the rewards.

Some of the missions like Office Work are done alone by the Branch Manager, however, other missions require a full squad. The higher the Branch Manager’s Level, the higher the chance for the entire squad to gain even more rewards. 

Branch Facilities and Missions

In the Mission section, there’s certain World Map missions that you can complete to earn special upgrades for your Branches. These missions are essential for upgrading your Branches’ levels and help improve your rewards gain.

After completing some of the Missions, you will be able to gain Facility Points and use them to build various new Facilities or level up existing Facilities. 

These Facilities affect everything related to the World Map function, from the Dispatch Missions, Raids to other Branch-Related Activities like Branch Events.

Many of the Facilities are extremely essential for amplifying the rewards gained from the Branch System. However, you can only have 1 Facility installed at a time, so it is important to manage and change the Facilities accordingly to the situations for maximum efficiency.

How to Best Utilize The Branch Managing System

Firstly, always appoints high level characters as Branch Managers, this is to ensure that the level of the dispatch missions are always at the highest possible levels, allowing for higher rewards yield.

Secondly, be timely with when to end and when to start the Dispatch Missions, log in on time to ensure that you will get the most rewards from these Dispatch Missions

Finally, focus on these Facilities, as they will ensure you will get the most rewards out of the Branch Managing System:

- Branch Manager Office: To unlock slots for Branch Managers to be deployed

- Future Strategy Department: Reduces the time duration for Dispatch Missions, allowing them to be finished faster.

Once you have invested in these 2 Facilities, you will be able to gain the most rewards out of the Branch Managing System as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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