Chimeraland Equipment Guide – How to Earn Your Equipment


Welcome to Chimeraland, where we are going to dive right into an open universe. This fantasy game makes you crawl through a world with so many mythical and prehistoric elements on it, and we need to research technologies, farm, gather resources, and grow our crops here. Moreover, we have to beat some mythical beasts with numerous unpredictable features, and we need some powerful equipment to beat these monsters. So here is your Chimeraland equipment guide that can make you beat them with powers and with the best movements.






So many players in this game will struggle to earn the right equipment at first because most don’t know what to choose as they don’t have great knowledge about it. So for the players who find it hard to find better loot and equipment, we have made this guide to make things easier for them.


Note that apart from the methods we described here, you can also test your own methods because this game allows you to do it by collecting equipment. So no need to have more and more talking here, and let’s move on to the Chimeraland equipment guide, where you will learn to earn your equipment quickly.


Taking Equipment from Chimeraland

Since all the RPG games are coming out with some kind of difficulty on them, this game is also following the same theory to move along with its gameplay. There is a system of ranking available in this game, and it controls how a player will move from the ranks and how they will progress from the game.


So in this game, we can see there is a loot system available on it where we have the chance to loot beasts and take their resources for us. This is just one method to collect our equipment, and there are so many of them in this game to gather equipment. It may take some effort to gather them, and sometimes, the game may put you into a most hardworking phase to have your chance to take these rewards.



We see the equipment of several types, and it can be armor or a weapon. Generally, the equipment can help a player boost their survivability and the stats from the game, and they will gradually move forward with their game progress. You should not follow the same method to upgrade armor, stats, and also weapons and try your best to utilize several methods. So you can be better when you arrive for the later part of the game. 


Basic Understanding of the Equipment

You need to go with the Chimeraland tutorial as it teaches you the way you need to put the equipment on the game. Know that the tutorial in this game will not change with whatever you choose, and everything offered by the tutorial will also remain the same. But some of the equipment can be looted by engaging in several areas.


Equipment can also be earned from the beasts; sometimes, we can earn them as a reward taken by the quests. You can also earn your equipment through the Totem Challenges, which will be discussed as our next point in Chimeraland as follows.



Totem Challenges

Generally, in this game, Totem Challenges are the ones that can offer you some better equipment, and if these challenges feel so hard to deal with, you can take help from the other players as well. Generally, Totem challenges will not be the usual challenges you see in the game, and it does not ask you to defeat the normal monsters. The monsters or the beasts you see in these challenges are so strong, and they are very hard to defeat as well.


Totem challenges come with several specified stages as well as a set time. Your goal should be to defeat your prey, and from time to time, the number of prey is also going to increase in this game. So as we said earlier, you can have some help taken from players as support if it is too hard to deal with these tough beasts.


If you managed to succeed with these Totem challenges, those would offer you some Treasure Chests. They are not the regular ones you see on this game because they can be in-game currency or even gold. So if you need to own some more weapons, armor, or resources, the best place to earn them is the Totem Challenge. This will significantly help you to earn equipment.



How to Efficiently Deal with the Totem Challenges?

As we said earlier, Totem challenges are coming with the beasts who increase their strength over time, and it will be somewhat hard to deal with them if you don’t have proper control of your gameplay.


Here we have the best option to have the best controls as the Keyboard Mapping feature, which comes from the best android emulator: LDPlayer. This feature can set you up with some shortcuts to the game, and it makes you flow effortlessly with your challenges.


And if it takes too many repeating actions to attack these beasts, go with the Keyboard Macros here, where you can settle with one key to all repeating. So you will have efficient gameplay to deal with these challenges. And there is no need to be overwhelmed over doing the same thing over and over anymore because now you have a better way to progress with the best emulator.



And this is how you are going to earn your equipment from Chimeraland, and you can take this guide as the best source to have your equipment efficiently. Don’t forget the things we have specified in the Totem challenges and take them for your support to improve your gameplay.

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