Call of Duty Mobile AS VAL Weapon Guide

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CALL OF DUTY Mobile is an available first-person shooter mobile game developed by Tencent Games and published by Activision. As a highly lauded FPS smartphone version, Call of Duty Mobile necessitates an efficient approach and a high-performance game. Many players, however, prefer to play CALL OF DUTY Mobile on a desktop pc with a mouse and keyboard instead of on a mobile device. Call Of Duty mobile can be easily played on a PC using an emulator such as an LDPlayer emulator.


This guide will be the essential guide to the weapon AS VAL used in Call of Duty Mobile so you can read it out and come hard at your opponents. We also have other exclusive guides for you to read and play the game better than before.


CoD-M AS VAL Intro


AS VAL was debuted in the Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 update, and it can be obtained at level 21 of the free battle pass. AS VAL has a high damage output, a fast fire rate, and excellent mobility. The gun has a pre-loaded suppressor and fairly good firing accuracy. It's similar to an SMG but with more damage and range. However, there is also a serious flaw.


AS VAL Overview:


The AS VAL is somewhat unique in Call of Duty Mobile MP games when compared to its peers. It includes projectiles that influence when the bullets make contact with the target. The weapon's rapid-fire rate is outstanding, allowing it to perform well enough at close and medium range.


However, at longer ranges, the bullets may fly upwards due to the unpredictability of recoil. It has only 20 shots in the magazine by default and a firing rate of 800 rounds per minute. It is now the fastest assault rifle in Call of Duty Mobile, only slightly slower than the Type 25.


Its fire rate is faster than most SMGs and comparable to the QQ9 and QXR. With such a high rate of fire, the standard mag size is insufficient; an extended mag is required. The weapon's full reload time is 2.2, and quick fill time is 1.4 seconds, both of which are extremely fast. ADS speed of AS VAL is 267 milliseconds, which is comparable to that of most assault rifles.


Despite having an average ADS speed, its mobility is well above average. The ADS movement speed is around 2.2 meters per second, while the movement speed is 6.7 meters per second. According to these base weapon stats, the AS VAL is a fast assault rifle related to an SMG.




Damage and Range AS VAL:


AS VAL's bullet projectiles are one-of-a-kind. It has four standard damage ranges, just like the AK117. It gives 28 damage up to 7 meters, 25 damage between 8 and 20 meters, 22 damage between 21 and 30 meters, and 19 damage beyond that. The weapon has three body multipliers, and a headshot deals 1.5 times the average amount of damage, which is irrational. It can take four shots to kill within 20 meters in Call of Duty Mobile MP matches.


The time to kill is among the weakest in the game due to its fast fire rate. However, don't be misled by the figures. In practice, it is not as good as it appears. Even with the damage is reduced from the vest, the time to kill formation of AS VAL in Call of Duty Mobile BR is still remarkable in the mid-range. However, it is not as effective at longer ranges as other assault rifles due to the recoil.


This should be noted that the AS VAL has a special mag that switches the fire mode to semi-automatic. It, like the SKS, improves bullet damage, penetration, and recoil influence. However, it will take at least three shots to kill, which is ineffective and a farce. In practice, AS VAL is not a great option in MP.


And, despite its excellent display to kill figure, it is not a viable gun in Call of Duty Mobile BR. This is primarily due to bullet velocity. Unlike any other weapon in MP, the AS VAL bullet will take a little time to hit a target after being fired. That time grows in lockstep with the range. So, truthfully, the time to kill figure will have to consider bullet speed, which is a balancing act performed by Call of Duty Mobile. The weapon has a practical range of 20 meters. It works very well in BR because all of the guns have bullet projectiles.


Loadout MP AS VAL:


Weapon mobility is critical in multiplayer games because it determines how quickly you can kill.  However, due to the weapon's slow bullet speed in MP, there aren't many options for AS VAL. As a result of what it is strongly advised that you use the 200-millimeter mid-range barrel.


It tends to increase the damage range and the bullet speed, which is critical for this weapon. Then, to increase ADS speed, use the combat stock and gunmetal grip tape. To improve weapon precision, you can use granulated grip tape in place of the tactical laser.


To complete the build, you will need to add an extended mag to increase ammo capacity. This is how it compares to the default AS VAL: When it comes to ADS, the standard ADS speed is 16 frames per second or 268 milliseconds. The ADS time is reduced to 14 structures with this MP build, which is about the same as most SMGs.


This gives you an advantage in a fast-paced game. Because this build focuses on increasing bullet speed in MP, you'll sacrifice weapon accuracy for mobility AS VAL's recoil pattern is quite appealing. The vertical recoil of the last ten bullets, on the other hand, is noticeable.


As a result, it is always advised not to spray the entire mag at once. Spray 10-15 bullets, pause, and then resume spraying. This should be the best way to practice using the weapon. To summarize, this MP build offers good mobility and faster bullet speed. It performs admirably as an SMG-like assault rifle at close to mid-range.

COD-M AS VAL loadout


Loadout BR AS VAL:


Let's move on to the BR construction. The weapon damage range is at our first priority in BR games. AS VAL, on the other hand, is not intended for ranged combat. The 200-millimeter mid-range barrel is the only attachment that can increase damage range. Because all weapons in BR use bullet projectiles, the bullet speed of AS VAL is irrelevant here.


AS VAL also includes a suppressor, which frees up a slot for other attachments. We use the ranger stock to enhance weapon accuracy and flinch stability because ADS accuracy is also essential in BR. It also aids in horizontal recoil. To improve weapon accuracy, we select the granulated grip tap and the tactical laser. Last but not least, an extendable mag is included in this build because the standard mag size is insufficient for such a fast weapon.


This is a well-rounded BR construct. Let's see how it compares to the default AS VAL: First and foremost, let us test the ADS speed. We sacrifice some mobility in this build for better range and accuracy, so ADS speed is two frames slower than the default, which isn't too bad. It's about average for assault rifles, so that it wouldn't be a problem in BR.


Let us now compare the recoil patterns. The bullet spread accuracy was significantly improved in the tests with this BR build. This can assist you in eliminating our enemies from a greater distance, however, due to the weapon's uncontrollable recoil near the end. As a result, try to avoid using it in close-range combat.


AS VAL is a cross between an SMG and an assault rifle. It excels at close-range combat as an SMG and dominates mid-range combat as an assault rifle. AS VAL, like most weapons, can be found on the floor of BR as a Rare or Epic weapon. The Legendary version can also be found in high-tier areas or through Airdrops.


To summarize, this is a BR-specific build with a high damage range and good accuracy. It offers rapid-fire, a large ammo capacity, and consistent high damage. In general, the AS VAL is a contentious new weapon. On the one hand, it has the fastest fire rate with the most severe damage, making it a lethal killing machine in BR.


On the other hand, bullet speed significantly impacts time to kill figures, making the weapon somewhat broken in MP. So, avoid it in MP and use it as a secondary weapon in BR to fight in close to mid-range.


COD-M AS VAL BR Loadouts




Select your weapon. To dominate your opponents, use its compatible equipment. To become one of the best Call of Duty players, adjust your settings, customize your layouts, and practice as much as you can. The above guide tells you briefly about using the gun and what it can do while using it to dominate your enemies. For more directions and game-related content, visit here.

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