BLEACH Brave Souls: Battle tips & Strategies help you fast level up


Bleach Brave Souls is an action, role play game developed by KLab Games. It is well known for reporting in 2017 for having downloads more than 25 million. This game is highly based on the popularized manga and anime bleach. You can build teams with favorite bleach characters who have unique special abilities.


BLEACH Brave Souls


Bleach Brave Souls is available in android and iOS platforms and consists of so many collectible characters in their combat to level up the characters.


Yet this game is highly enjoyable, you should have the right knowledge on where to start and how to play it wisely to succeed in this game. So there are tips. If you follow these correct tips, you can become wiser in his knowledge to perform it cleverly. Let's find out those tips.


When building your team be sure to make it wisely

When you are building your team, make sure to build it more balanced and covering the weaknesses of low stats. Don't create a group by picking up randomly. You have to be more concerned about Team effects and make your team according to that to form higher energy. Think that you are building a PvP team. This PvP team will make your team more strength and no matter how intense the opponent is. You will be easy to battle. If you got the corresponding week advantage, it makes you easy to farm materials to each of the characters. Here are some of the stats.

  • STA – Make points
  • ATK – Normal attacking damage to a smaller degree but high strength attack. And also to least degree specialized move damage.
  • DEF – Received damage
  • FCS – Hit chances critically
  • SP – Attack vigorously and specialized move damaging


BLEACH Brave Souls


Spending your orbs on every banner would be a disadvantage

You will pay some more if you lose more. That is, a general theory belongs to all. But this is a disadvantage for everyone. Do not ever practice such things and follow the community pages to get updates in gatcha events. Then you will see a few of the events have the double chances to get five or maybe a 5% chance to get 5. Just focus on these events, mainly to build a good team. Until you are doing that, make farm your orbs. Don't look or concern about other events because you will tend to try them to get your luck and get decent 5.


Play as a gathered team

You may game in a room that full of many players and everybody in there is highly in need of finish raids and go to next. When you skip it, other players will be more satisfied, but if you need to see those all animation, it is better to use the single-player quest. Be aware of the times where your team is able and not able to finish quests. Think that you are going to a level 140+ raids. You have to make sure to have one of the advantages, or two benefits or all maxed characters out and are not in autoplay mode. So it is said that you have to know about judging whether your team can make it or not.


Don't try high-level raids. If you play in a team and are trying high-level raids, it will waste your other members' time. Always switch your character before you start the quest. If you died in a team playing, don't quite suddenly. You can watch it still and take the materials of your team has collected.  Let your team members get the healing bomb when they need it. A low health team member will decrease the strength of your team.


Now let's turn into strategies of how you can play the Bleach Brave Souls. There are a few essential strategies in here.


BLEACH Brave Souls

Try to complete your levels with three stars.

It may sound easy for you. But this is important. When you play Bleach Brace Souls, you have to aim in three stars always. It is a proven factor that you have hardly completed the game by showing a one star. Two mean that you had optional two conditions. But three says that you have fully completed the both. These critical conditions will help you to complete the level without getting killed in battle.  When you earn stars, it receives a Spirit Orb who is useful in summoning the more allies. So try to make stars into three always.


You can win Spirit Orbs in events too. But you will unable to use them in facilitating the shortcuts. You can use them in more characters.


Keep following the orders.

Orders are the quests. You can find these quests in the game menu, and its location is on the left side of menu. Orders are optional, but it gives you rewards by completing them. Those rewards can be coins, tickets, etc. these orders or the quests are always divided into categories like daily, weekly, free, and event. And they are refreshing when you have completed hem.


Use Dodge Roll

In the game, when you are playing it, there be occasions that your enemies are trying to launch attacks. Then you will see a flashing red light surrounding them. This light is a point to know the time you have to use your dodge roll. You can avoid those attacks by using the dodge roll. Make two attacks while your enemies are flashing red. You have to hit your dodge roll by swiping the screen. To do this, it will require so many practices, and if you need to complete the levels without taking any damages, it is worth doing some more training in this.


The Elemental Hierarchy

Bleach Brave souls have the nature of the elemental system. It is included in so many games.  This elemental system is known for having a specified alignment that is so much strong against one element and maybe a week against another component. Red is beating green, and Green is beating blue. Blue is beating red and likewise so on. It is a formula for three of the five elements. Purple and orange are the other elements. Make sure to check on your stage select screen, and there you will see your enemies adopted elements. By checking it, you can set up your game by taking the right type of character who has the most potent element against the opponent's character.


BLEACH Brave Souls


If you have unneeded character gather them to the one you prefer

In some situations, you will receive more of the characters that you are not in need to use them all. You will have more characters that you don't need for yourself. If you are no longer in need of those characters, you can set them to make more power for your favorite character. Or you can use them to build a strong character that plays a vital role in your team. This whole procedure is known as augmentation. It makes the chosen style to gain more experience.



Those can be known as the complete guide for battle tips and strategies to play and make you fast up the levels in-game effectively.  It can be known as the best android game, which is mainly based on the anime. So those who love anime say that this game would be a perfect choice for you all. To become more successful and efficient, is it reasonable to use these tips and strategies wisely and guarantee that you can be the highest level in the whole game by following them?

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