BLEACH Brave Souls: The Best Characters Tier List


Bleach Brave Souls, released in 2016, is a Single-player and Multiplayer Gocha game that takes place in the beautiful universe of Bleach. More than 25 million downloads were reported in the year 2017. Moreover, it gives you a blend of RPG, Action, and Beat ‘em up game elements, offering you several game modes to experience, such as Co-op, Storyline Mode, and Player versus Player.


First of all, the game is available to download for free, but some in-app purchases are available to speed up your progress.


Bleach: Brave Souls


Furthermore, there are hundreds of collectible characters available, which may be leveled up and used in the fight against enemies and other characters. You should know that the developers have created several versions of characters for the game, and each one released with a unique background story and personality.


As well as, the game featured several characters and plotlines from the final arc version of the Bleach Manga. In this article, we will discuss the Best Character Tier List of Breach Brave Souls.  


The Best Characters Tier List

As you know, Gocha games are fun to play as it brings you to a mix of popular gaming genres such as Role-playing, Action, and Beat ‘em up. The more you play, the more you find yourself engaged in the game.


At the very beginning, many newbies may face lots of troubles while coming to a segment of selecting their playable characters. They become confused as there are hundreds of characters to choose from, and they don’t have an idea about what to choose and where to start.


Different types of playable characters are available, and each one is offering a unique playstyle and special abilities to use during the vicious battles. Whether you are new to this game or a gaming enthusiast, completing your training session with the chosen character would be an edge for you to take over gaming enemies.


Despite having lots of experience, you should try something new to keep yourself ahead of your opposing. Characters are categorized into different tiers based on the following components:

  • Rarity
  • Attributes
  • Affiliation
  • Killer Ability
  • Extras


Many characters are there found in different forms or outfits borrowed from the manga and the anime; each one is offering a unique set of moves.


1. Tier Halibel

She possesses unbelievable abilities and maybe your playable character after having 7000 orbs. Similar to other characters, she has a high SP and frenzy as well. Using the said character, you can do two external attack damage links heavily armed to her at all times, unlike many other characters. In short, the attacks she performed come back at a very high speed and made her stronger among other characters.


BLEACH Brave Souls


Basic Information

  • Rarity – 6 Stars
  • Attribute – Power
  • Affiliation – Espada and Arrancar



  • Special Moves – Cascada, High-pressure Water, Normal attack +20%
  • Attack Style – Melee
  • Killer – Captain


2. Coyote Stark

Coyote Stark comes with an impressive kill. While fighting against enemies, you can’t only make his strong attack timely but can encompass a massive area. All of his featured attacks allow you to inflict deb8ilitating burn, because of his strong attack rechargeability as he has spam skills.


Basic information

  • Rarity – 2 Stars
  • Attribute   
  • Affiliation – Arrancar and Espada



  • Special Move – Proud Solitude, Cero, Los Lobos, and Revolver De Los Lobos


3. Zayelaporro Granz

Zayelaporro Granz belongs to Arrancar Race, serving as a tall and thin male character with pink hair. He appears with the Soul Reaper Killer, having a high SP as well as a good range of strong attacks. The most successful attack of the said character is subtle black that covers a massive area. Both normal and strong attacks inflict poison, granting you special protection status to any player who is alive.


Zayelaporro Granz


Basic information

  • Race – Arrancar
  • Affiliation – None
  • Attribute – Espada
  • Resurrection – Fornicaries


4. Noel Niihashi

Unlike many other characters, she has neither Flurry nor Frenzy. Rather, she comes with strong attack power and serves as one of the best attack strings in the game. The devastation power is more than 30%, and her power goes above 40%. You find her with lots of benefits, and you should know the one thing that makes her stronger and faster character and better in Player versus Player mode is hard to hit. Besides that, she is a normal character, but her strong attacks can perform too much.


5. Baraggan Louisenbairn

With high SP and frenzy powers, he can do berserker at 20%, causing up to 20% extra damage using the strong attacks. During the game, he can inflict debilitating weakening on all his powerful attacks. You would be amazed to know that he got an amazing range on his strongest attack one, but his third attack isn’t as good as the first one, because it can’t fit the full screen and doesn’t offer any havoc. He possesses a unique survival last-ditch ability that brings you back to life upon dying.


6. Ashido Kano

Hundreds of years ago, he entered in the rich forest of Menos and stayed there alone for a long time to slay as many hollows as possible. At the max level of 200, his stamina approaches to 978, attack power 749, defense rate 326, and the spiritual pressure 650. To make it powerful, you need to achieve in-game currency and other items and slay enemies to collect all necessary accessories.


Ashido Kano


Basic Information

  • Rarity – 6 Stars
  • Attribute – Speed
  • Affiliation – Roul Reaper



  • Killer – Hollow
  • Special Moves – Final Assault, Immense Damage
  • Soul Trait – Attack +40, String Attack Research Time
  • Specialty – Melee


7. Ulquiirra Cifer

An amazing character that appears with high versatility, offering high HP and Frenzy, as well as can inflict weakening on all special attacks, except no 2. It would help if you were amazed to know that his third attack is regarding charge move and do damage link of up to 25%. It short; your opposing character can hardly survive after obtaining that. Increment in attacks will increase the damage output of the strong attacks.


Bleach: Brave Souls



Bleach: Brave Souls brings a series of playable characters; amazingly, each one is offering a unique set of abilities and strengths. All characters are borrowed from anime or manga series, giving you thrilling gameplay to experience much more than your expectation. Apart from characters, the beautiful blend of three genres like RPG, Action, and Beat ‘em up guaranteed you endless fun.

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