Bleach Brave Souls Tier List Best Characters June Update 2021

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Bleach Brave Souls, released in 2016, is a Single-player and Multiplayer Gocha game in the beautiful universe of Bleach. More than 25 million downloads were reported in the year 2017. Moreover, it gives you a blend of RPG, Action, and Beat ‘em up game elements, offering you several game modes to experience, such as Co-op, Storyline Mode, and Player versus Player.


Bleach Brave Souls Tier List Best Characters June Update 2021

Furthermore, hundreds of collectible characters are available, which may be leveled up and used in the fight against enemies and other characters. You should know that the developers have created several versions of characters for the game, and each one was released with a unique background story and personality.


To be better with the game and have speedy progress throughout the game, you need to have a good hero. But how can you identify a better hero who has the most excellent skills in the game? That is why you need a complete understanding of all tier list heroes. This article will discuss the all-character list with the Best Character Tier List of Breach Brave Souls. 


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What is the Tier List of Bleach Brave Souls?


A tier list is a list consisting of the heroes from the game, and they have skills and features based on the rank they hold. There are several tiers on this game, and each one will have unique features compared to another. The ones we listed here are listed from the least powered to the most powered ones.


Bleach Brave Souls Tier List Best Characters June Update 2021


F Tier Heroes


These are the least skilled ones in the game, and they don’t process many skills to the game. There are 14 heroes available on this tier as follows.


Hanataro Yamada


Hanataro is a level one hero in the game, and we can identify her as the weakest unit in the game. It wouldn’t be a reasonable help for the gameplay.


Ichigo Kurosaki


Ichigo is also a level one hero, and she is also not very useful to the game. Ichigo is the second least skilled hero in the game.


Orihime Inoue


Orihime is a level one her o to the game, and she is not powered with enough skills to perform well in the game. So Orihime is a weak unit.


Uryu Ishida


In the level, one unit Uryu is powerless, and the weakest unit in the game, and she is a level, one hero.


Yasutora Sado


There is not much to tell about Yasutora as it is a complete powerless unit to the game.


Bankai Ichigo Kurosaki


Bankai is never standing against the enemies, and for the same level, it has in the game. It can be identified as a weak unit.


Ikkaku Madarame


This is a unit that is coming with a last skilled survival rate in the game. The least survival rate is increasing while we deploy Ikkaku in the game, and this unit is not strong enough to stand against anything that comes in front of it.


Bankai Renji Abarai


This is still a weak unit, and it has some increasing attack power against the enemies. So it makes some plus points for this unit, and Bankai can be identified as a soul trait unit of underwhelming.


Nemu Kurotsuchi


This is a two-star weak unit, and it holds nothing to offer on progressing the game.


Rangiku Matsumoto


This unit also shows some equal qualities as Bankai as it has some increasing attack powers against enemies. But we cannot consider this fact as a helpful factor as it will not help us wide in the game.


Rukia Kuchiki


Bleach Brave Souls Tier List Best Characters June Update 2021


Overall, Rukia would be better for some situations as she has nine-plus spiritual pressure in the game. But we cannot consider her the most outstanding unit as it cannot do much to the game.


Yachiru Kusajishi


Yachiru is the most cutest waifu character available in the game, but she does not offer much to the game other than her look.


Yumichika Ayasegawa


This character belongs to the weakest category, but it has a 15 plus attack increasing with it as a 3-star hero. It is something plus with her character.


Shunsui Kyoraku


Shunsui has no type of attack damage and doesn’t hold any kind of HP values with her. So she belongs to a weak unit.


E Tier Heroes


E-tier heroes are somewhat powerful than the F-tier ones, and they hold more qualities than F ones.


Bankai Mayuri Kurotsuchi


This hero has some decent types of soul traits and included with some semi-decent affiliations as well. Although this unit has some qualities like that, we cannot see much more skills with Bankai Mayuri than that.


Bankai Sajin Komamura


This is a unit that is so specialized in defensive skills. But Sajin is only capable of defense, and when it is offense, it is not helpful to the game.


Jushiro Ukitake


Jushiro is a hero who is holding a 15 plus spiritual pressure on the game. But it doesn’t being beneficial enough to play in the game. Jushiro would be perfect for dealing with low tiers but not for the higher ones.


Retsu Unohana


This is a hero who has a paralysis skill duration with soul pressure. But it always lacks with the attack and for the survivability. So Retsu would never be an excellent help to the gameplay for every occasion.


Toshiro Hitsugaya


Toshiro is a hero who has some better skills than the other units in tier E. But this unit is weak with the offense and defense skills, and it will lead him to be overwhelmed ln the demanding situations of the game.


D Tier Heroes


When we compared to E and F tiers, this tier is better performing than them. The tier list is getting interested in this category.


Ichigo White


Ichigo is a unit with a fire resistance with him, and it can be identified as a No Affiliation killer. The only weakness he holds is that Ichigo lacks the soul trait with a 20+ attack damage.


Isshin Kurosaki


Isshin has a great skill to make enemies into the paralyzed situation and can be identified as the greatest killer. But this unit is not more than a 6-star unit.


Kaname Tosen


Bleach Brave Souls Tier List Best Characters June Update 2021


Kaname is a hero who is having a great mind with sound speed as his base attributes him. You can see that Kaname is thriving on speed and stamina. Apart from these all, Kaname still lacks the other department skills.


Kisuke Urahara


Kisuke has some tons of spiritual pressure with it and holding good stamina to progress in the game. But we can slightly tell that Kisuke is a somewhat dull tier and weak to the attack damage.


C Tier Heroes


C-tier heroes are medium to the game. With some effort, you can use them to deal with the battles in the game. But remember they are not suitable to perform in every situation.


Bankai Byakuya Kuchiki


This is a hero who comes with a resurrection ability, and it has increased average attack damage by 2 0 plus amount. Kuchiki is having a duration of poison as 55% and can be identified as a great unit. But you should remember that Kuchiko is not good enough against the five or six-star heroes.


Grimmjow Jeagerjaques


This unit is enriched with four kinds of attributes: speed, power, heart, and technique. It even has two affiliations for the weakest unit by being sealing the level 2 unit. You can use Griijow only at the beginning of the game and will not be much suitable for the mid games.


Kenpachi Zaraki


Kenpachi is a 17 plus attacker in the game and will have more stamina with two kinds of affiliations. This is an excellent 3-star unit that any beginner can use in the game.


Nelliel Tu


This is a six-star unit that comes from the C tier, and it has some speed attributes within it. Nelliel also has an Arrancar with a speed attribute as its killer and affiliation.


Rukia Kuchiki New Year


This hero is a five and 6-star unit with a lot of stamina and recovery options for stamina. It also has the skill of Espada Killer with an affiliation of Soul Reaper.


B Tier Heroes


B-tier Heroes are good ones in the game, and they will only need some kind of hard push to beat any situation in the game. They are only second to the A and S tier and overall will be suitable to deal with any kind of situations except for a few.


Momo Hinamori Valentine’s Day


Momo is a hero with two kinds of special skills dedicated to the attack and for the healing. There is not much focus on the defense or for the focusing, but Momo has a lot of spiritual pressure, which comes with a lot of stamina.


Rangiku Matsumoto Swimsuit


This a normal melee hero and Rangiku is specialized with the range. It can deal with tons of damage to the enemies by focusing, defenses, and high spiritual pressure.


A Tier Heroes


These heroes are known to be the best heroes in the game, and they can deal with any pressure they face in the game. Overall skills of these heroes are only second to the S tier heroes, and you can deploy A tier units to progress your gameplay without any doubt.


Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto


This is a six-star hero who has a resurrection with 700 attacks to the game. Shiegekuni also holds two types of affiliations for the Captain and Soul Reaper, with Espada as a killer. This hero is rich with fire resistance as well.


5th Anniversary version of Ichigo Kurosaki


This is another type of appearance that Ichigo holds, and here, he combines with the Hollow, Soul Reaper, and the Fullbring powers. This hero is a mighty powerful hero who is having a load of stamina and attack power.


Bankai Gin Ichimaru


This is a soul reaper to the game and will be a captain to the affiliations and soul reaper. Bankai is a killer and will evade the enemies without any kind of hesitation.


S Tier Heroes


S tier heroes are the best out of best in the game. These heroes come with super-powered attributes, contributing to the game with their power-powered skills. Usually, these are the heroes you can use for any kind of phase in the game as they hold the best skills for each part of the gameplay.


Sosuke Aizen


This is hero comes with the 4th Fusion Version, and there are two types of melee attacks holds by him. Those are coming with a technique attribute and with some double affiliations for the Hollow and Soul Reaper. Sosuke can deal with high attack damage to the enemies with overpowered stamina and with spiritual pressure.


Hiyori Sarugaki Christmas


This hero is a soul repeater to the game, and it can be identified as an Arrancar and Hollow. Hiyori has increased overpowered track damage to the enemies with a decreasing fire duration. And most importantly, Hiyori is also a resurrection unit.


Lisa Yadomaru


Bleach Brave Souls Tier List Best Characters June Update 2021


Lisa is a Christmas version hero who is entitled as a high-class melee character. She is a soul reaper to the game and has hollow affiliations, power attributes, and hollow killer features. There are four plus attack damage with a 10% recharge time for the intense attacks on Lisa.


Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck


This is a hero with Arrancar attributes and affiliation with some high-powered attacks potential with it. Nelliel can deal with solid attack potentials to the game, resulting in a strong damage defense with stamina.


Bankai Toshiro Hitsugaya


This hero has attributes of speed and power and can be identified as a soul reaper to the game. Affiliations and killers of Toshiro are soul reaper and the captain. Toshiro is an ailment of the freezing status and has a resistance to freezing. So overall, this hero is a better hero to be used in the game.


As well, the game featured several characters and plotlines from the final arc version of Bleach Manga. In this article, we will discuss the Best Character Tier List of Breach Brave Souls.  


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The Best Characters Tier List


As you know, Gocha games are fun to play as it brings you to a mix of popular gaming genres such as Role-playing, Action, and Beat ‘em up. The more you play, the more you find yourself engaged in the game.


At the very beginning, many newbies may face lots of troubles while coming to a segment of selecting their playable characters. They become confused as there are hundreds of characters to choose from, and they don’t know what to choose and where to start.


Different types of playable characters are available, and each one offers a unique playstyle and special abilities to use during vicious battles. Whether you are new to this game or a gaming enthusiast, completing your training session with the chosen character would be an edge for you to take over gaming enemies.


Despite having lots of experience, you should try something new to keep yourself ahead of your opposing. Characters are categorized into different tiers based on the following components:


  • Rarity
  • Attributes
  • Affiliation
  • Killer Ability
  • Extras


Many characters are found in different forms or outfits borrowed from the manga and the anime; each one offers a unique set of moves.




She possesses unbelievable abilities and maybe your playable character after having 7000 orbs. Similar to other characters, she has a high SP and frenzy as well. Using the said character, you can do two external attack damage links heavily armed to her at all times, unlike many other characters. In short, the attacks she performed come back at a very high speed and made her stronger among other characters.


Basic Information


  • Rarity – 6 Stars
  • Attribute – Power
  • Affiliation – Espada and Arrancar




  • Special Moves – Cascada, High-pressure Water, Normal attack +20%
  • Attack Style – Melee
  • Killer – Captain


Coyote Stark


Coyote Stark comes with an impressive kill. While fighting against enemies, you can’t only make his strong attack timely but can encompass a massive area. His featured attacks allow you to inflict deb8ilitating burn because of his strong attack rechargeability, as he has spam skills.


Basic information


    Rarity – 2 Stars


    Affiliation – Arrancar and Espada




    Special Move – Proud Solitude, Cero, Los Lobos, and Revolver De Los Lobos


Zayelaporro Granz


Zayelaporro Granz belongs to Arrancar Race, serving as a tall and thin male character with pink hair. He appears with the Soul Reaper Killer, having a high SP and a good range of strong attacks. The most successful attack of the said character is subtle black that covers a massive area. Both normal and strong attacks inflict poison, granting you special protection status to any alive player.


Basic information


  • Race – Arrancar
  • Affiliation – None
  • Attribute – Espada
  • Resurrection – Fornicaries


Noel Niihashi


Unlike many other characters, she has neither Flurry nor Frenzy. Instead, she comes with strong attack power and serves as one of the best attack strings in the game. The devastation power is more than 30%, and her power goes above 40%. You find her with lots of benefits, and you should know the one thing that makes her more robust and faster character and better in Player versus Player mode is hard to hit. Besides that, she is a regular character, but her strong attacks can perform too much.


Baraggan Louisenbairn


Bleach Brave Souls Tier List Best Characters June Update 2021


He can do berserker at 20% with high SP and frenzy powers, causing up to 20% extra damage using strong attacks. During the game, he can inflict debilitating weakening on all his powerful attacks. You would be amazed to know that he got an amazing range on his strongest attack one, but his third attack isn’t as good as the first because it can’t fit the entire screen and doesn’t offer any havoc. He possesses a unique survival last-ditch ability that brings you back to life upon dying.


Ashido Kano


Hundreds of years ago, he entered the rich forest of Menos and stayed there alone for a long time to slay as many hollows as possible. At the max level of 200, his stamina approaches 978, attack power 749, defense rate 326, and the spiritual pressure 650. To make it powerful, you need to achieve in-game currency and other items and slay enemies to collect all necessary accessories.


Basic Information


  • Rarity – 6 Stars
  • Attribute – Speed
  • Affiliation – Soul Reaper




  • Killer – Hollow
  • Special Moves – Final Assault, Immense Damage
  • Soul Trait – Attack +40, String Attack Research Time
  • Specialty – Melee

Ulquiirra Cifer


A fantastic character that appears with high versatility, offering high HP and Frenzy, can inflict weakening on all special attacks, except no 2. It would help if you were amazed to know that his third attack is regarding charge move and damage link up to 25%. In short, your opposing character can hardly survive after obtaining that. Increment in attacks will increase the damage output of the intense attacks.


Fierce battle Ichigo Kurosaki


Ichigo is a 6-star hero in Bleach brave Souls, and he is a hero with a good and powerful attack system against the enemies. The frenzies that Ichigo uses are very helpful to the game, and he has more specialties for cool-down effects than the other high damaged heroes. So overall, Ichigo can be identified as a hero who has a smaller window for the cool down, yet a powerful hero to be available in the game.

Ichigo is not a flash or a seasonal character like others. But he has some remarkable abilities for surprising his enemies by invading suddenly. If you have the opportunity to reroll a 6-star hero, you should think to choose this hero without any doubt.


Fierce battle Kenpachi


Kenpachi comes to the game as a 6-star hero, and he came as a reward for the fifth anniversary of Bleach Immortal Souls. He has some unique yet fun gameplay with him and can be identified as one of the highest damaging heroes to the enemies. Kenpachi uses his unique skills to deal with these deadly attacks.


Kenpachi is resetting his cool down meter for the small attacks, and it can be so much help against the bosses ad dangerous enemies. If you use this hero strategically in the game, he would be a great tactic to be used among other players.


Ichigo Kurosaki


Kurosaki has some unique skills to fuse with the form of Getsugatensho, and it will be a fantastic thing that Kurosaki has as a 6-star hero. As a result, this hero has some immense power against the enemies, and he can be identified as the best character to be helpful in the battle phases of the game. Ichigo Kurosaki is holding SP points of 802 with him to make him useful in the game.


Ichigo Kurosaki has a great frenzy as the other Ichigo hero, and he is wealthy with the powers of controlling enemies and crowds with his attacks. Ichigo Kurosaki is actually an all-rounder hero available in this game. He will be so much helpful for the gamers as a powerful character to be used on the game progression.


Spirit Scoiety Byakuya Kuchiki


Byakuya is a unique hero designed for this game, and he has a diverse set of attack skills that are ranged from closed ranged to long-ranged paths. Byakuya is also a hero who is dealing with a full-screen attack that can cover everything around him at a particular time. Frenzies of this hero are overall good, and Byakuya also holds feezing skills on his enemies.


So keeping an eye to reroll this character would always be a great idea, and he will be an extra element to you with incorporating the enemies.


Riruka Dokugamine


Riruka has outstanding attack skills that can be deal with every type of section that the gameplay holds. Each situation would be easier to deal with Riruka, and as a six-star hero, her abilities on the potion are going beyond miles to be the best pick for the players who are looking for great attributes in a team.


The best thing about Riruka is that she has excellent potential son crowd controlling even though she is not a tanker. There is also great support abilities deal by Riruka to the game, and they are the best-aforementioned skills that she possesses for the good of the game.


Rukia Kuchiki


Rukia is a round character who comes with six stars to the game, and she becomes a good hero due to the many tools she holds. Riruka can be identified as a great damaging hero to the game. And there are variations of her to be reached by players with this hero. Beam's attack of Rukia covers up the circular situation around her, and she also holds a powerful attack that can cover more areas than usual.


Rukia is a hero who can perform a full-screen attack on her enemies, leading her to be the most incredible crowd controller. This hero has the best frenzy with the capabilities for the freezing, and those led this hero to be more damageable to make her enemies slow. So she can attack back to her enemies again and again by occurring a less risk of having a hit back. The most crucial thing in this hero is that she has a 1094 stamina with her, and it is pretty high than the other characters in the game.


Koga Kuchiki


Koga is the other hero we have as a hero equals to the Rukia, and he has the most incredible attack powers that are useful in the different phases of the game. He can be identified as the best character on the flashier side, and he is well mixed with other members in the game.


The attack range of Koga is dealing on small ranges. Those are personal and up-close, while some are dealing with a much radius. So these all lead Koga to be a great crowd controller, and he has some freeze properties. It means that this hero can lead to more significant damage to his enemies more than we think, thanks to his extraordinary capabilities.


Christmas Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck


Nelliel is a bit changeable character than the others and holding high damage possibilities in the game than usual. The most common scenario that we can use to identify this hero is her speed, which is Nelliel's best attribute to her increased efficiency. This hero has a 1094 stamina coming with 623 attack power, and overall it can be identified as an excellent character to the game.


The special moves that Nelliel holds are beneficial to the game. She has a decent amount of recharging time than the other heroes. And most importantly, Nelliel is holding the best freezing property that can freeze her enemies, and that would e the most significant advantage to be used in crowd controlling.


Best Characters according to Different Uses


  • General PVE – use Ichigo and Rukia as best bets for the bunch. Both these heroes are premium and would be easier to obtain


  • Epic Raids – Aizen would be a perfect character for this, and as a premium, he is a lot easier to take.


  • Guild Quests – use Kisuke as the best unit to this, and he would be a premium character.


Best Heroes through LDPlayer


You can use LDPlayer’s Multi-Instance Sync Feature to reroll these best heroes with easy steps. There is no waiting in here, and every hero will come to you with just a few copies of your emulator. And all are done. Rerolling would be so much easier than the usual ones.


Bleach Brave Souls Tier List Best Characters June Update 2021




Bleach: Brave Souls brings a series of playable characters; amazingly, each one offers a unique set of abilities and strengths. All characters are borrowed from anime or manga series, giving you thrilling gameplay to experience much more than your expectation. Apart from characters, the beautiful blend of three genres like RPG, Action, and Beat ‘em up guaranteed you endless fun.

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