Apex Legends Mobile Character / Legends Tier List


Respawn’s Apex Legends Mobile is bound to be released soon, and we have all the details regarding all of the new Legends that will be introduced in the game, including a Tier list alongside what characters are the best to pick in the current meta. If you haven’t already, you can download Apex Legends Mobile on LDPlayer for free.


Apex Legends Mobile Tier List:


As mentioned earlier, characters in the game are known as Legends, with each having a unique set of abilities and a type which they are classified into for further ease.


This Tier List gives you a brief overview of all their abilities, what type of legend they are and what tier they belong to. While each Legend does have their own, unique niche uses, some are usually more useful than other in a broader variety of cases which is the reason why they are put into a Tier List.




wraith apex legends


S Tier


Type: Offensive Legend


Into The Void: Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, allowing you to avoid all damage. The animation itself takes about 1.25 seconds in totality, with the second playing a focusing animation.


There is a brief delay when you enter and exit the void in which you are unable to perform an action. When activated, Wraith enters the void for four seconds. In this mode, the game will turn to greyscale, and you will become invulnerable while also gaining a 30% speed boost. However, you will be able to see enemies.


Enemies will see a blue trail when going into the void. However, when you are in the void, you will not be able to interact with most other objects.


Voices from the Void: A voice warns you whenever danger comes close. You will end up hearing a voice when you are being aimed at, when a sniper is being aimed at you, when there are traps nearby, many enemies nearby, or if people have died near you.


You can also share this voice with other squadmates.


Dimensional Rift:  Wraith’s Ultimate links two locations with portals for 60 seconds allowing anyone to use them. The character places one end of a portal where she then activates the ability. Then, she runs to another location and places them on the other end. Players can then pass through them to take the same path at 5x speed. It can be used in any direction.


Your character can run about 75 meters before the portal is placed on the other end. If you use less than 4.72% of your total energy and place the end of the portal, it will be canceled. You are also invulnerable when taking these portals.


Wraith is an extremely versatile offensive agent who has the ability to reposition herself and her time using her abilities. With some of your abilities, you can reposition or take cover while being invincible. Plus, you can move your squad around to be transported over longer distances. You can use her passive to provide warnings to your teammates as well if any enemies are approaching.


We comfortably place her in the S Tier since she is extremely strong in certain situations and can reposition entire teams. She is one of the best offensive legends in the game.




bloodhound apex legends mobile


S Tier


Type: Recon Legend


Eye of the All-Father: Briefly reveals enemies, traps, and clues throughout all structures that are in front of you. The skill works by scanning an area in a conelike fashion 125 degrees in front of you. With this ability, all enemies, traps, clues, and other Loot Ticks are highlighted and are tracked to be seen by you and your allies as well.


The maximum distance of the highlight is 75 meters, and it will tell you the number of hostiles that have been detected at any time, with the maximum number being 10 if the number is any higher. Those who do end up getting caught will see a SONAR DETECTED option on their HUD. The ability takes 1.8 seconds to activate, and the tracking will last for about 4 seconds.


Tracker: Tracker is Bloodhound’s passive. Any action performed by an enemy will lead to trackers being placed, which Bloodhound can see. These clues will remain for 90 seconds and will let you know how long they occur. You can ping the indications yourself and let your team know.


Beast of the Hunt: Your ultimate transforms you into the Ultimate Hunter. It enhances your senses and lets you see cold tracks while also letting you move faster. Taking down enemies significantly extends this duration.


The ability lasts for about 35 seconds and ends as soon as you are knocked out. If you down an enemy, 5 to 15 seconds are added to the ultimate, with a death adding more time. Your first ability, Eye of the Allfather’s Cooldown, is reduced significantly, allowing you to spam it every 0.9 seconds with your speed increases by 30%. Your vision changes as well, allowing you to see enemies much quicker.


Recon: You can access survey beacons to locate the location of the next circle. However, do note that this ability will be leaving you invulnerable for about 7 seconds.


The character itself rightfully belongs in the S Tier as it is extremely useful in tons of different situations. Bloodhound can be an absolute monster in revealing enemy locations and can help you identify hotspots and zones you should definitely be avoided at all times. Moreover, with the ability to always know where enemies are, you can either expect their arrival and be ready for them as soon as they come along or just avoid them completely if you are low on loot.


Your ultimate also lets you take on multiple enemies and have an idea of where they are coming from. Since Apex Legends Mobile is extremely fast-paced, a 30% movement speed increase is an absolute dream for most players as it helps you catch up to enemies quickly.


You are a fast-paced Legend that is great at pushing the enemy in their own base. You can use Tracker to find out where enemies have all gone and then use Eye of the All-Father to find out where hidden traps are. Plus, your ultimate lets you easily gain speed and highlights enemies, which is the reason why you can comfortably place yourself in the S Tier.




bangalore apex legends mobile


S Tier


Type: Offensive Legend


Smoke Launcher: Fires a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact. The skill itself has two charges which let you use it two times in a row. You can fire canisters much further than the grenades. When they land, the canister will split into three, with each landing in a line perpendicular to where they were originally thrown.


These take 23 seconds to evaporate, Each explosion also deals about 10 damage to enemies. You can also use a melee attack animation to cancel the launch of the canister itself.


Double Time: This is your passive. Double Time is activated when you are hit or when bullets or grenades barely miss you. As soon as the ability is activated, taking fire while sprinting will make you move faster for a brief amount of time. They give you a 30% increase in run speed for about 2 seconds.


Rolling Thunder: Your ultimate, Rolling Thunder calls in an artillery strike that will slowly creep through across the landscape. The charge time is for three minutes, and you will end up throwing a flare, which fires down several rows of missiles that will land in a sequence right in front of the flare. The missiles will land in rows, so it creates a wave of explosions of sorts.


The missiles themselves will land in a square with a distance of 70m ahead of each flare. Each explosion will also deal 40 damage and will slow enemies down. The ability will not be able to damage teammates, but it will cause you to slow down.


Bangalore belongs in the S Tier as she can be played with any type of playstyle. Her launcher is great at helping break line of sight by deploying a smokescreen which you can use to go in on attack or use to safely retreat as well. The passive grants you a speed boost, while the ultimate allows you to deny an area completely.


You can use the Legend for tons of different reasons. However, perhaps the main use of Bangalore, which makes her extremely powerful, is the fact that she can completely take apart particular areas. So, if you team up with someone like Bloodhound, you can easily use both your Recon skills to wreak havoc on a specific area. Since she synergizes so well with a lot of different Legends, she belongs to the S Tier.




caustic apex legends


A Tier


Type: Defensive Legend


Nox Gas Trap: Place 6 canisters that release deadly gas when shot or triggered by enemies. You can hold three charges of this particular ability and gain a charge every 25 seconds. Only 6 traps can be present on the entire map at one point.


The traps act somewhat like a mine where if an enemy gets close, a cloud of glass is a release that deals 5 health damage per second and ignores the shield. Shooting a bullet in a trap will cause it to go off. However, if you shoot the base, no gas will be released, but the trap will be destroyed.


If an enemy is hit by the gas, you are not able to sprint. Squadmates, however, are not affected by this at all. You can destroy these traps in the air or if they are fully inflated. They can also float when thrown in water that is moving.


Nox Vision: It is Caustic’s Passive that presents you with threat vision while moving through your gas. You are also immune to the effects of the gas, whether it belongs to another caustic or to him.


Nox Gas Grenade: The ability blankets a large area in Nox Gas. It deals 5 damage per second. The gas is somewhat identical to Gas Traps other than the larger AoE.


Fortified: Damage coming onto you is reduced by 15%, and you are not slowed down by bullets. You also take 15% less damage from any other attack and are immune to most slow effects.


Caustic is an extremely viable defensive legend but has an extremely slow playstyle. He is great at holding down a position and dismantling enemy attacks with his abilities. With a good squad, he can completely zone out other squads.


However, the reason why he does not belong in the S Tier but rather the A tier is because the Legend is extremely situational. He can be extremely weak in some cases when you are unable to capitalize on his abilities.




B Tier


Type: Recon Legend


Surveillance Drone: Deploys an aerial drone that has a cooldown of 40 seconds if taken out. The drone itself can be taken out for about 200 meters away from Crypto. If the drone goes further than 240 meters, it will be recalled.


The drone can be recalled at any time and can be used to open Vault Keys, given that you have the key in your inventory. Your weapons reload automatically when you are in Drone view.


Neurolink: Crypto’s passive, you and your teammates are able to detect and see everything that your drone sees in a 30-meter radius. The drone itself will highlight bins, care packages, doors, and other enemies who are directly in front of you. If an enemy has been detected by a drone, they will see a Drone Detected indication on their HUD.


Drone EMP: Drone EMP charges up an EMP blast from your drone. It deals 50 shield damage, slows players, and disables traps.


The EMP takes 3 seconds to charge before it detonates. It can be destroyed after detonating. It affects all players in a 30-meter radius even through walls and other obstacles. Your teammates will take no shield damage but will still slow down.


Recon: Just like Bloodhound, you can scan a Survey Beacon to get an idea of the Ring’s next location. You can access the survey beacon on the map to determine the location of the circle.


Crypto takes to the skies revealing enemies for himself and his entire time as well. He can use Drone EMP to help take their defenses down and slow them as well while making a move with his squad. Crypto is in the B Tier is because while he is quite good at Recon, he isn’t really helping beyond that.


Since you do have better Recon legends like Bloodhound, Crypto does lose his effectiveness extremely quickly in most regards which does not make him a pick in most situations.




fuse apex legends mobile


A Tier


Type: Offensive Legend


Knuckle Cluster: Launch a cluster bomb that continually expels airburst explosives on impact. You are able to two charges of this ability. The cluster can stick to a surface or enemy and explodes into several mini-explosions after about 1.5 seconds going for up to 50 damage per actual use. The stick causes 10 damage if done to an enemy. Holding the skill’s button delays the launch of the skill.


Grenadier: Stack an extra grenade per inventory slot. Fire grenades farther, faster, and more accurately. Fuse’s passive fires grenades on his right arm. These grenades travel faster and their bounces can also be tracked.


The Motherlode: Fuse’s ultimate launches a bombardment that encircles a target in a wall of flame. The skill can explode in mid-air and takes a couple of seconds to land. You can ADS to fire the ability at 3x zoom up to 200 meters away. The ability can affect Fuse but does not deal damage to any of his teammates.


Fuse is an offensive legend known for his specialty in explosives. His Knuckle Cluster allows him to slow down and damage enemies making it an amazing skill for pushing while his passive allows him to hold extra grenades per inventory slot. His ultimate also creates a ring of fire. Fuse belongs to the A Tier because he is quite a powerful offensive legend.


However, he does lack in tactical abilities and is generally not able to do a lot unless and until he has a complete lock on where the enemy is supposed to be. Plus, his damage can be quite underwhelming if not played ideally. Therefore, in most cases, he is somewhat of a situational pick which is the reason why he is an A Tier pick and not an S Tier pick.


However, just like other offensive Legends, with a good recon lineup such as a Bloodhound playing with you in your Squad, you can easily circumvent most of the issues the legend has and deal tons of damage with no issues whatsoever.




gibraltar apex legends mobile


B Tier


Type: Defensive Legend


Dome of Protection: Blocks incoming and outgoing attacks. Gibraltar throws an extremely large disc which projects a dome shield around it that lasts for 12 seconds. This shield stops all incoming and outgoing bullets and projectiles too while letting players move through it. Gibraltar also has the ability to revive allies 33% faster in the Dome.


Gun Shield: This passive allows Gibrbaltar to deploy a gun shield when he ADS’s that blocks fire. While aiming, his shield will have 50 health that blocks his upper body from taking fire. If it is broken, the shield comes back after 9 seconds. Any extra damage is transferred to Gibraltar.


Defensive Bombardment: Gibraltar’s Ultimate calls in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position. He first throws a smoke grenade down that preps it up for a mortar strike. The strike lasts for 6 seconds with red circles being marked around areas where the shield is supposed to hit.


Fortified: Incoming damage reduced by 15% Not slowed by bullets. You take 15% less damage from every attack with Fortified Legend being immune to slow effects from slow weapon fire.


Gibraltar is an extremely powerful defensive legend who is able to endure damage as well. The ability lets him take the majority of attacks by the enemy with his gun shield protecting him while his dome protects his allies.


While this may make Gibraltar an extremely powerful legend, surprisingly, he doesn’t do a lot in engagement since he is quite bound to his abilities which makes him extremely slow. Unlike other legends, he has no mobility whatsoever and can be bogged down quite quickly. The only utility he provides to his team is his shield which can be taken down extremely quickly.


Therefore, he can be a very bad situational pick especially against legends who are much quicker than him as they can run circles around Gibraltar with his shields being relatively useless. He is best played with other legends that can help alleviate some of his mobility issues like Wraith.




lifeline apex legends mobile


S Tier


Type: Support Legend


D.O.C. Heal Drone: The drone automatically heals those who are near them over time. It places a hovering drone that heals players near 3-4 meters. This heal works for up to 8 health per second and provides you with a maximum of 150 and lasts for 20 seconds. The drone, however, cannot move around whenever placed.


Combat Revive: Deploy the drone to revive teammates allowing Lifeline free to defend. You can leave the Drone to revive allow you to revive another player at the same time. If your entire team dies but you are being revived by the Drone, you will still be revived even though your entire squad is dead.


Care Package: Calls in a dropped full of high-quality defensive gear. Care Packages guarantee an upgrade to your current loadout if it is possible. It consists of 3 slots, Slot 1, where you get better armor, Slot 2, where you get better healing items, and Slot 3, where you get better attachments.


Lifeline is one of the best support Legends out there. She is an S Tier because she is the best legend in the game that helps keep her team alive and up in a firefight. Her drone is amazing for keeping your allies alive. Plus, her passive also allows your drone to revive teammates while she can defend everyone else. Plus, when your ultimate is ready, you can provide your teammates with tons of support and are able to heal them as well.


Combine good heals with the ability to revive teammates, its quite obvious that Lifeline clearly is one of the best support classes currently in the game.




octane apex legends mobile


A Tier


Type: Offensive Legend


Stim: Increases your walk speed by 30% and sprint speed by 40% for 6 seconds. Costs Health to use. Reduction to slows when active. The ability costs 20 health and when used at 20 health or below, you will be put at 1 health instead of 0.


Swift Mend: Your health is automatically restored over time. When you are not taking damage, you restore 1.5 health every second. Your health is also restored when knocked down but will not save you from bleeding out.


Launch Pad: Your ultimate, launchpad, deploys a jump bad that catapults anyone through the air. You will need to jump twice to double jump. Each of these Launch Pads will have 200 health.


Octane is an A Tier Legend who is known for is extremely high speed. He is great to close in on opponents and being able to traverse large distances. His passive helps him regen and his ultimate allows him to cover vertical distances as well.


However, the reason he is in the A Tier is that while Octane is good at a few things, he still is the master of none. He is unable to close in on gaps as compared to other more mobile legends like Wraith or Pathfinder. He does not provide good heal as compared to a legend like Lifeline. Plus, he isn’t as useful when you are stuck in a particular area other than when trying to escape.


So, if you want to play Octane, you have to be extremely aggressive and always be on top of enemies.




pathfinder apex legends mobile


S Tier


Type: Recon Legend


Grappling Hook: Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly. The Hook attaches to the first object it hits. The maximum length of the hook is 21 meters. You can swing yourself in a direction. The hook can also attack to players.


Insider Knowledge: You can scan a survey beacon to reduce the cooldown of Zipline Gun by up to 10 seconds. If you end up using 4 rings, your cool down can go from 120 to 80 seconds.


Zipline Gun: Your ultimate creates a zipline for everyone to use. You can go from your current location to a target location which your teammates and other enemies can also use as well. The other end of the zipline can be attached to any surface. The maximum length of the zip line is 20 meters.


Pathfinder is one of the most iconic legends out there in Apex Legends Mobile. Known for his extreme mobility, he can traverse extremely large distances both horizontal and vertical, and get to a place no other Legend can get to.



Plus, with his ultimate, he can make sure that his team is always at a good spot tactically by making sure to put down Ziplines at good positions. Since Pathfinder is relatively fast, mobile and agile, he is played more like an Offensive Legend rather than one that revolves on Recon due to his inherent kit. In fact, he was considered as an Offensive Legend for most of the time he was in the game.


As such, it can be quickly assumed that Pathfinder is the Legend meant for players who want to challenge themselves. He is extremely mobile, does tons of damage, and can be an absolute joy to play with once you know which particular spots you can grapple to with ease.




B Tier


Type: Defensive Legend


Perimeter Security: Creates electrified fences by connecting nodes. Each of these fences damage and slow enemies. You can hold up to four charges of the ability and gain a charge every 30 seconds. These nodes can be activated on the map at once.


Fence damage and slow enemies that are passing through them. The damage is for about 15 for each tick with each slow lasting about 1-2 seconds.


Spark of Genius: Ultimate Accelerants fully charge the Legend’s ultimate and lets her carry more ultimate accelerants with Wattson slowly restoring her shields over time.


Interceptive Pylon: Places an electrified pylon that destroyed incoming ordnance and also repairs damaged shields. Standing near these boosts will boost Wattson’s tactical recharge rate as well. The pylon will also destroy other ordnances and has 150 health.


Wattson just like all other Defensive Legends relies completely on denying an area. While her kit can be useful in certain situations, you won’t be finding a lot of places in Apex Legends Mobile where you can take full advantage of them.


This is simply due to the fact that the game revolves a lot around mobility with Legends such as Pathfinder and Wraith being able to traverse most traps and other sticky situations quite easily. Since Wattson does not really have a good defensive ability that actually zones other teams out from areas and neither is she able to defend an area once it is attacked but rather is good at setting up perimeters, she is only good at certain situations.

You are better off playing other defensive legends as compared to Wattson as she won’t be doing much in the earlier stages of the game.


Best Legends in Apex Legends Mobile:

Now that you have an idea of almost all of the legends that will be released in the game, we’re going to be talking about a few of the best ones and why you should pick them as compared to everyone else. For ease of reading, we’ve compiled one legend for each type of legend there is so you know what character to pick no matter your playstyle.


Offensive Legends:


For an offensive Legend, you definitely can’t go wrong with Wraith. Her mobility is unparalleled and she can move through areas extremely fast without being caught. Her passive lets her always know what is coming for her and allows her to react and dodge situations no other legend will be able to.

As such, she is easily the best Offensive legend in the game.


Recon Legends:


While it is a tough call, you have to give the best Recon Legend to the Pathfinder. With a great amount of mobility and the advantage of being able to scout large areas of the map at once, you won’t be as reliant on your abilities as Bloodhound.


Since you can be useful while your abilities are off-cd and are actually able to gain a tactical advantage, not just intel, Pathfinder is extremely strong and is one of the main reasons why the Legend is played so much in the PC version of the game.


Support Legends:


Absolutely no competition, Lifeline is an amazing Support Legend who can heal teammates, revive more than one at the same time, and can also provide loot for everyone. What else could you want from a Legend? As such, she is picked quite often in professional settings and has quickly turned into a stable in Apex Legends mobile.


Defensive Legends: 


Defensive Legends are always extremely situational. However, looking at all of the ones that are currently available in the game, it seems that Gibraltar is the safest bet. He is able to block quite a significant amount of damage and while relatively slow, can hold his own against most squads which in most cases means he’s doing a good job.


LDPlayer Features for Apex Legends Mobile:

Apex Legends Mobile is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter Battle Royale game and is played perfectly with LDPlayer and its many features. Firstly, you can expect only the highest frame rates from the Emulator even on a lower-end PC. Plus, you can also enjoy the ability to play the game from a mouse and keyboard as you would from the PC version of the game by using the keyboard remapping features integrated into the Emulator.




By understanding all of the Legends in the game, you should have a better idea of strategizing against them, with them, and which ones better suit your playstyle. Do note that you should probably be trying all of them before you set your mind on one as all of them have extremely unique playstyles which is one of the charms of Apex Legends Mobile.

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