Apex Legends Mobile Tier List May 2022


Apex Legends is a game that has dominated the PC version for so long, and it is a really impressive game for anyone who likes to play in such an amazing shooting world. It comes with unique and exciting gameplay, and it was much-expected news for this game to release a mobile version. And it is now happening, and Apex Legends mobile will take the world once again. Today, let's look at the Apex Legends mobile tier list.






We call legends for the characters we see in Apex Legends mobile tier list, and they all become strong with varied levels from one to another. Until now, we don't see heavy details about the character roster available with the Apex Legends mobile tier list until now. Still, some notable picks are available with the game that we can describe in this list.


Legends from the Apex Legends mobile tier list come with their own skills, and for a solo player, they will show both advantages and disadvantages in the gameplay. Every legend will serve with a unique style for each team, and choosing the right type of character from the Apex Legends mobile tier list can actually dominate you towards victory. So here is a detailed Apex Legends mobile tier list for beginners, with an introduction to each character's performance.


Apex Legends Mobile Tier List – Ranking

We can see five different ranks that categorize the performance of Apex Legends mobile tier list legends as follows.


  • S – These legends are the best performers, and you must include them on your team. They are the best pickers due to the best abilities they have.


  • A – these legends are also being very useful to the game, and they synergized well with the S tier legends as well


  • B – the legends under this rank are also good and give some support to the team only for the specific occasions


  • C – the legends coming under this rank will be helpful for you sometimes in the game, but you need to buff them to make them useful for better gameplay.


  • D – legends from the D tier are underpowered, and they need to be powered with buffs


Apex Legends Mobile Tier List – S

Legend Name

Other Names




Shielded Fortress

This legend is very useful for tactical dome shield, and players can use him for any game phase. He can revive his team member, and it will be very useful to use this legend on your end game due to the highest skills he has. Gibraltar can heal, shield and help in the down of his teammates, and the arm he has can protect him from bullets. This hero's ultimate skill is very fast, and you can use him as the best damage dealer.



Technological Tracker

Bloodhound has the most remarkable ability to scan his enemies and then know their locations to plan our team positions strategically. He is even tracking and spotting the player's actions through locations, and the ultimate ability held by this hero will make him the fastest legend in the game. So that Bloodhound will be able to spot enemies even if there is smoke or gases.


Apex Legends Mobile Tier List – A

Legend Name

Other Names




Interdimensional Skirmisher

Wraith is also identified as a great legend, and she has some top abilities with herself. A portal skill comes with this hero to enter and exit fighting zones, and even if you need defense or offense, this hero can do both. Wraith uses an invisibility tactic utilized in combats, and it makes us leave the zone safely. When it comes to the passive, the entire team can be benefitted from these abilities she holds.



Toxic Trapper

Caustic has a remarkable ability to deal with gases, and he can hold rooms to prevent enemies from getting in. the gas he holds is very chaotic, and it makes the fights dissolve, and Caustic has a deadly ultimate as well. He puts gas barrels which cannot be defended easily.


Apex Legends Mobile Tier List – B

Legend Name

Other Names




High Speed Daredevil

This legend has an ultimate jump pad to make noises, and it makes us an easy target for the enemies. Octane takes a lot of time taken for his health recovery. But still, Octane is the best mobility legend, and you need to be smart with him to make the proper use of Octane in the gameplay.



Forward Scout

There are ineffective passives with this legend, but he has some god ultimate. The ultimate Pathfinder can zip line his team to the most significant positions, and he got an amazing tactical skill to have acrobatic gameplay.



Professional Soldier

She got a smokescreen ability, and it causes the fights to disrupt its flow. But it is helpful for the defense and offense. Bangalore will run fast when someone targets her, and she can soon leave the trouble. The ultimate skills she has can be launched only outdoors.


Apex Legends Mobile Tier List – C

Legend Name

Other Names




Combat Medic

There are significant upgrades coming with this hero, but it takes more time to drop so that enemies can know your location. She can revive with the drone, but healing Lifeline will only be helpful for the supportive aspect.


Apex Legends Mobile Tier List – D

Legend Name

Other Names




Holographic Trickstar

This legend is not helpful for the team, and he has some lowest powers that can be only useful for a solo player.


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And that is all for the Apex Legends mobile tier list. And this roster can be expanded in the upcoming months after the Apex Legends mobile is released. So we make sure to update this guide once this list has been expanded, and until then, choose your best legend by going through this guide.

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