Alice Fiction Codes to Earn More Rewards June 2023


Earning some good rewards and utilizing them over game progress is a dream of any player. When it comes to codes, they are meant to offer players some good rewards like items, upgrades, materials and so on, and they are entirely free. This is applied for the Alice Fiction, and it also comes along with several codes to provide us with amazing offers and gifts for playing. So today, it is about the Alice Fiction codes.




Before getting into codes, let's talk a bit about this game so you will not face later issues in dealing with the game. The game is set in the Alice metaverse, and it features many puzzles, speed battles, and an RPG experience for all the players who engage in the game. You will be the game's protagonist, and here you take your first steps to the Alice metaverse. Since an unknown error occurs in this process, you go to Alice, where you know all your past memories have been added now.


So Alice Fiction is about a journey that makes you explore several problems in this world to reveal the truth. Throughout the process, you have to engage in some speedy puzzle battles, and it is time to break panels as much as you can before the rime ends. So, as an additional help to this procedure, you have to have more upgrades and if you are looking for a way to do it for free, here is your chance. Let us go through Alice Fiction codes from this guide here.


Alice Fiction Working Codes

As of now, we don't see active Alice Fiction codes for the game, and this is because the game is still new. WonderPlanet may have its procedure planned up to now, so you have to wait. So if you want to have codes, then you have to wait. In the future, there is a good chance to arrive at some codes, and you may have to check with us from time to time to see if the codes are revealed or not. We can assure you they will come soon, so when they arrive, don't forget to make your steps quick and enter them to earn you free rewards.


Note that every code we display here will be tested to see if it works, and there are new things to know before you try to redeem them. The first is that they are case-sensitive. It means even though you see them as a combination of uppercase, lowercase and numbers, it is what they are and typing them in the exact format is a must. Otherwise, there is no chance to earn these free offers.


Second, every code comes with a limited time frame, so you better be quick to do your redeems. Or else you will fail to earn that particular gift on time.


You can refer to our Alice Fiction beginner's guide from here to know how you can move forward through the game in advance.


How to Redeem Alice Fiction Codes?

Currently, we see a redemption center available in the game right now, and this will be the easiest yet most straightforward method to redeem your codes from the game. So it will offer you some free rewards. This process is not that hard, and it will only take some seconds for you. The steps are:


  • Tap the profile icon from your game
  • Click the button "Redeem."
  • Enter your code
  • Take your rewards quickly


How to Earn More Alice Fiction Codes?

Checking the official social media platforms of Alice Fiction like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram will allow you to access more codes. These codes will also be available on the Alice Fiction discord channel as well.


Moreover, don't worry if you feel it is too much work to check all platforms, don't worry. You can keep up with this guide as well, so you will always be updated with the recent codes as we are doing upgrades to this guide as soon as a new code is released.


How to Play Alice Fiction on PC?

Alice Fiction is a beautiful RPG game, so there are a lot of benefits that come on it with playing it on a PC. If you want to access more advanced features with the best optimizations you have ever seen, you better go through the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9 for Alice Fiction. The steps are as follows.


  • Take LDPlayer 9 downloaded from their official website


  • Then visit the LD Store, where the emulator holds its own app store for various android apps


  • Search Alice Fiction on this LD Store's search bar


  • Find the Alice Fiction and download the game


  • Enjoy the best gaming


What we are saying here as the best gaming experience is that LDPlayer 9 has several benefits for gameplay like Alice Fiction as it has so many optimizations and advancements. For the first example, you can take the Multi-Instance Sync, where you will be able to make clones from your game, and this is a beneficial method to utilize on your rerolls. So you will save your time more, and it is more like an assured way to earn a hero as per our need without wasting so much time.


And the second is the Keyboard Mapping feature. As we said before, Alice Fiction comes with many battles, and these all need some smoothest movements from you to have the best results taken. So now you can set keys for each activity you do in battles and if you want to run, set a key, and if you want to move, set a key for that as well. So there is no need to tap over the screen as you have a personalized keyboard for all your movements.


The third is that you can now ease all your repetitive actions by setting one key to them all. This will be done through the Keyboard Macros, and there is nothing like these that can advance your Alice Fiction gaming experience more than ever.



So that is all that we have to bring you from this Alice Fiction codes guide, and make sure to give us a check all the time as we update this guide whenever the developers are releasing a code for the game. So stay tuned, and until then, have your best gaming with LDPlayer 9.

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