Alchemy Stars - Tips and Tricks for faster progress


Nowadays, more and more players are shifting towards RPGs because of the uniqueness and vastness of the genre. Many game developers have entered this genre and are creating some extraordinary titles that are extremely fun to play. The gaming community has already experienced some mind-boggling games like Genshin Impact, which have insane graphics. 


Also, one of the main aspects of a role-playing game is that it might sometimes contain a heavy strategy element. Puzzles and strategy making might sometimes become quite overwhelming for new players. But as players engage more in the game, they start learning every crucial detail of the game.


Alchemy Stars takes the role-playing genre to the next level. The gameplay aesthetics are very refined and smooth. But to understand a game, you need some assistance which will help you progress quickly in the game without any hassles. This guide will aid players in knowing the crucial tips and tricks that will, in turn, help in fast progression.


Alchemy Stars Mobile Game


Concept of rerolling to get a better character

Most of the players who have experienced role-playing games with gacha elements might have noticed that the starting character is very important. If you don't get a good starting character, progressing in the game will become very difficult. Generally, in gacha RPGs, everything depends on how you start and what you start. Here's where the rerolling concept comes into the picture. You need to roll for a character at the start, receiving a random one. It's totally up to your luck to receive a bad or a good character.


You need to delete your account for a reroll after you receive a bad character. Re-register to a new account and reroll. Keep continuing the process until you receive a good character, as it will greatly affect your gameplay. Now it can't be predicted how many times you have to keep rerolling. If you are lucky enough, you might get in the first or second reroll.


Alchemy Stars Rerolling


Strategy on effective team building for quick progression

Many characters in the game can be selected from to build. With so many characters, you have various options to include in your team and different elements. You can have 5 characters in your team, and the first character will be your captain. Now every player will wish for a 5-star or 6-star character, but it's on your luck which one you have pulled. 


The character skills and power levels depend on a very simple concept on the initial levels. The rarer your character, the better they are. These have perks of their own and some special abilities that other characters don't possess.


The best strategy that can be applied is to divide your group into segments of damage dealers, long rangers, healers, etc. This will ensure you are safe from all sides. Having at least two damage dealers is necessary because if you cannot cause damage, you won't be able to win. Specific elements are good at damage dealing, like fire element characters.


Alchemy Stars Strategy


Significance of quests in progression

Like every other role-playing game, Alchemy Stars also has quests and tasks that need to be completed to receive rewards in return. You will also receive tasks that will contain small resource rewards that might not look that much but will come in handy later in the game. The daily login rewards are also quite helpful as they provide you with essential resources when you log in every day, and on the 8th day, you will receive a great reward.


Also, some events will have rarer rewards available only for a short duration. If you miss these events, you might lose the only chance of getting something expensive or unique.


Alchemy Stars Quests


Upgradation of available resources or characters

As the game progresses, the difficulty level will also keep increasing. Hence, to keep up with the in-game world, you will have to upgrade or level up your characters. You will ensure your characters can keep up with the environment. Upgrading will improve many things, including damage, defense, HP, etc. A small point to be noted is that after a battle, your character won't receive EXP directly; instead, you will receive jaspers that can be used to provide your preferred characters with some EXP.


One of the main things to remember is that every character in your team must be competitive to handle tense situations. Having most weak or low-level characters will not help you win. Hence an equalized team will help you be victorious.


There is another concept wherein you can reap the benefits of having a good affinity level. You have to maintain a good affinity between you and your characters. Higher affinity will ensure a tremendous boost in stats which will help you progress quickly. By releasing characters in the colossus, players can receive affinity points which t=can then be used for boosting stats.


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The characters you get are very important as they are your tools to win battles. The selection of elements is also crucial. Going for dual element characters will be an advantage as odd combinations in dual elements will nullify the weakness of one element. 


Players need to strategize what kind of team they want to have, which might mix various elements or super-powerful characters. Also, upgrading your existing character is very important because to keep up with the increasing difficulty level, your characters should be upgraded in terms of damage, defense, HP, etc. So go ahead and build your dream team of celestial elements.

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