League of Legends Wild Rift Master Yi Gameplay


Want to be an expert on Wild Rift? Want to experience a champion who performs best in battles? No, any second thoughts. Here comes with our best champion Master Yi.


Who is this, Master Yi? Master Yi is a champion role holds by League of Legends Wild Rift, and he is a fighter role. You can see him in a beautiful set of costumes and must say, He is one of the game's handsome champions.


League of Legends Wild Rift Master Yi Gameplay


Here we are talking about the champion role of Master Yi. And before you start into his role, you have to know about the game he holds. Of course, it is League of Legends Wild Rift by Riot games. It is a shortened version of the PC League of Legends game, and it is known for an online battle arena video game for sure.


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Let's come back again to our Master Yi. He is playing in the Jungle, and Master Yi is known to hold a high attacking speed and a high damaging skill. He got high mobility powers with him, and we can say that he is the best out of the best among champions. When you take the champion Master Yi in the jungle role, we can rank him as an S tier pick a champion.


Based on Master Yi playing style, we can consider this champion a one who can easily play and deal with. But don't underestimate his powers based on his easiness to play. He is one of the mighty champion deals with a lot of physical damage to the opposition parties.


Abilities and Ability Order


As a champion, Master Yi's abilities are spreading among damaging and attacking. His abilities are ordered as follows.


League of Legends Wild Rift Master Yi Gameplay


  • Passive Ability – Double Strike
  • 1st Skill of Ability – Alpha Strike
  • 2nd Skill of Ability – Meditate
  • 3rd Skill of Ability – Wuju Style
  • Ultimate Ability – Highlander


Master Yi Game Play


There is some situation where the master Yi plays as a top laner. But master Yi is an amiable hero for a beginner. He is straightforward to use, and he doesn't have any of over kind of complex skills. Master Yi has some insane damaging skills, and as a player, you can push this champion to its maximum limits and use all of the powers.


This champion's passive skills are enabling him to 4th basic attack to strike twice. But this secondary strike is dealing with 0% of the actual damage of the attack. 


So clearly, it is half of the attack. You can see a bar below in your HP, and it will keep your tack of the number of strikes you have performed. You can time your fourth strike against your opponent to do considerable damage. Master Yi's first skill is the most using one offensively and defensively.


When playing Master Yi, you automatically become immune to any damage as you slash four times around. These four slashes can do on a single target if there is no anyone in your around. And also, remember that these slashes are strike in critically.


Well, now we know that you are thinking about a problem. You may question yourself, like can these all hits trigger your skills? Especially that double strike in the attack 4?


League of Legends Wild Rift Master Yi Gameplay


The answer to the above-emerged question is no. it can't do that. However, when you use your first skill without your press, an auto-attack can follow. The possible way to get massive damage can be having your passive attacks in 3 hits.


This damage can happen when hitting the minions or the jungle monsters and then use your skills first on a champion of enemies. So auto-attack will usually follow in the first skill, and it will be your fourth strike.


Remember that you can't have a perfect occasion in a scenario always. It will always be on a situation at every combat. You will only need to know mechanics. So when there is an opportunity, you will automatically know what set of attacks you should use to get the best results. Again remember that this skill is essential to the champion Master Yi.


You can perform huge skill shots and achieve your most vital deadly skills for the enemies while dealing with tons of damages. Next, we are turning into talk about the second skill of Master Yi. This skill significantly impacts the healing process by 70% at the max level and 70% damage reduction by healing HP.


Once you are going to meditate, the timers for those skills will be automatically stopped. So there will be no worries to consider running out of other powers while you are healing. And another one is, can you remember your passive skills? Those passive skills are automatically increasing in 1 stack per second during your meditation. Others can use this skill in the middle of a fight.


Master Yi's first skill can be OP, and it can steal life, do the damage and evade at the same time. When you are not using your skills in front of an enemy, you can use this OP to increase your HP. next; we are going to talk about the third skill.


The third skill is a buff skill, and if it is not in a cool down, it can give you a passive effect, which provides you with extra damage. When you use it for once, your attacks deal with some true bonus damage for about 5 seconds.


You have to use this before you use your first skill. You will want to have this buff when you damage the opponent with your first skills. You can use the gift at any time of the clash in the wild rift. Always remember not to waste it.


Now it is your Ultimate skill. The passive effects of these skills give you 70% of cool down, decreasing on all of the other abilities whenever you will kill or do an assist.


As the active effect, you will provide a 55% movement speed and 80% of attack speed at a max level. You, as Master Yi, becomes immune to any slow effects. So we can say that you are entering into a mode of super Saiyan.


When you kill or assist in this period, it usually extends your ultimate by 7 seconds more. You can get a triple, quadra, or a Penta from ultimate since your mediation stops its timer.


How to Build a Master Yi? 


There should be runes, summon, and many things to build the perfect champions in league of Legends Wild Rift. So you have to use those things to create Master Yi as well. There are some recommended items to build Master Yi. First, there should be runes as follows.


League of Legends Wild Rift Master Yi Gameplay




  • Conqueror
  • Brutal
  • Pathfinder
  • Mastermind


And as the second part, you have to consist of some summoner spells with you like a wild rift player to build Master Yi.


Summoner Spells 


  • Flash
  • Challenging Smite


Master Yi is not a champion that you can build in only seconds. There is some process to follow and go through. More challenging paths always take you to success. Here are the items that the game recommends you to build the master, Yi.


These master Yi's full build of assassin leads him to hunt his enemies and quickly take down the enemies as soon as possible. And also, these are very helpful to have a great attack speed and make a high physical damaging for the opponent by master Yi.


  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Ninja Tabi
  • Statikk Shiv
  • Deaths Dance
  • Duskblade of Draktharr
  • Guardian angel
  • Quicksilver Enchant




When you play the League of Legends Wild Rift, remember to choose the wise champion first. So no doubt, master Yi can be the best choice for the gameplay. His skills and powers will not match any other champions, and easiness to his character identification will allow you to go far in the game.

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