Clash Royale - Top Ladder with the Easiest Deck to use


Here we welcome you to Supercell's real-time strategy-based video game for android and iOS. The multiplayer game, which extracts from the original clash of clans, will take you to a world where you have to go through tower defense, online battles, and combining elements. Be a part of collecting cards of the Clash of Clans troops, defenses, and also the spells.


Clash Royale - Top Ladder with the Easiest Deck to use


Be ready to defeat the enemy king and princesses on their towers and win so many gifts through the arena. Become a clan to share your cards and, obviously, create an own battle for yourself in the community. Take your Clash Royale Family into the winning with clash royale. Earn chests and unlock dozens of rewards.


In Clash of Clans, you will be able to destroy your opponent towers and win their crown for you. So you're the one for only crown chest. Play some real-time online battles around the world to take more trophies.


Build your decks to defeat you, opponents, at one glance. Enjoy the multiple time's arenas and become a part of creating a clan to share cards with Clash Royale.


Top Ladder with the Easiest Deck to Use


What are the ladders? 


The ladder is simply a battle in Clash Royales. So if you are playing on a ladder, it defines as playing a regular battle to obtain some trophies in the game. You will get trophies like climbing or dropping on the ladder as a result of playing these battles. You can play challenges and tournaments to cover the card levels.


Clash Royale - Top Ladder with the Easiest Deck to use


Easiest Deck to use in Top Ladder


So as the easiest way to play on some ladders is to use the deck of e-golems or the elixir. E golems are buffed, and by far, this deck is the most straightforward deck to use in the game clash royale. If you are seeking to climb up the ladder and win a twelve grand challenge, no doubt this e-golem deck would be a perfect choice. So we can assure you that this is one of the top decks and the easiest one to play.


Features of the e-golem/elixir golem


You will be defended until your double elixir with your bar putt. You got some tornado skills so that your opponents will not be capable of breakthrough that attack. You are supporting the tornado skills with the help of the double dragons, and you are capable of heal up everything with the help of a battle healer, so no one is going to die in here.


This deck is going to get automatically three crowns, and it will be the best at playing against the opponent's mistakes in clash royale. You will get the best defensive potentials with this deck and also the best possibilities for the offensive strategies in here.


Two of the very most vital units for defensive purpose in this clash royale deck is known as the ice wizard and the baby dragon.


Clash Royale - Top Ladder with the Easiest Deck to use


The deck elixir/e-golem will not be responsible for performing more significant damage. It is a deck that you should use when your opponents are taking more time on the attacking. So it would help if you did not make your trust on this deck to remove minions or the skeletons.


The real purpose of having this deck is to give more damage to the attacking phase, which is more significant than your opponents in the stages of counter-attacking.


Elixir Golem Hut deck


Hut deck is consisting of eight as follows.

  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Battle Healer
  • Poison
  • Electro Dragon
  • Elixir Golem
  • Baby dragon
  • Barbarian Hut
  • Tornado


Playing the Deck


E-barbs in the e-golem deck is significantly more robust. So you better choose them to go far. After happening, the buff e-barbs are usually went eagle in the back, and as a cycle, it happens every time. Ignore what opposite lanes they are going as long as it doesn't affect on taking your tower. Remember to play your supporting cards and the double healers.


After all, these happened you are getting the inferno drag. This inferno drag would be best as any tanks in clash royale as they are capable of defending anything. Then you are going to take the e-drag who is capable of stunning the arrows. E drags so much compatible with eagle due to their large radius and an overall.


The Eagle


Eagle in the e-golem deck can cycle the game into the opposite lane. When you see him first, check whether he is going to do something or not. If he is not going to do anything, go ahead in the path and elixir. If the eagle is throwing crowns, you can defend it with an e-drag.


In the top ladders, you are going for an elixir golem. So in the middle, you are tank the tower and hunter so that you will able to do rage. You should not perform the first play, and one thing you have to do is wait.


You will be able to cycle the inferno dragon after sometimes spending on the top ladder. You don't need to defend on the miner, and you are capable of performing fireball zaps too. Since you are having the inferno dragon and the andy dragon with you, you will be fine in any situation with these top ladders.


Clash Royale - Top Ladder with the Easiest Deck to use


Battling against with inferno dragon against electro dragon will create a much easier way to build on his game on a top ladder. Usually, in the deck, performing elixir at the right time would be a more significant advantage on the deck e-golem. That is the easiest path to grow up in the game ladder.


Top Ladders in Clash Royale


These are the freest to play decks to play on friendly to go onto trophies of Clash Royale. So try these top ladder decks to earn more.


  • Golem Darkprince
  • Hog EQ Mortar
  • Goblin cage Loon Cycle
  • Goblin Cage Bridgespam
  • Valkyrie Mortar Miner
  • Golem Cannon Cart
  • Lavaloon Miner Bait
  • Golem Goblin Cage
  • Miner Cannon Cart
  • RG cannon Cart
  • Golem Cannon Cart
  • Lava Miner Poison cage
  • Loon Cycle
  • Royal Hogs Control
  • Ram Rider Bridgespam
  • LJ Loon
  • 2.9 RG
  • Gob Giant Sparky
  • Golem Edrag
  • LavaLoon
  • Prince Miner Control
  • Snow Balloons
  • Gigantic Prince
  • Golem NW Beatdown
  • Prince Miner Bait
  • Pekka GY Gobhut
  • Gob Giant Beatdown
  • Royal pain
  • Giant 2x Minion Miner
  • Lava Miner eDrag
  • Lava BabyD FM
  • PEKKA Bridge Spam
  • Mortar Rascals RamRider
  • PEKKA eWiz RamRider
  • Hogging the Mortar
  • Hog eDragon
  • Cold Dead Hands
  • RG Bowler BarbBarrel
  • Mortar Swarm
  • XBow Splash Nado
  • Piglets MM Zappies
  • Ghost LJ bridge Spam
  • MK Ghost Miner Poison
  • Piglets MA Zappies control
  • Golem CannonCart Tornado
  • Giant CannonCart Miner
  • Valkyrie Graveyard CannonCart
  • Splashyard Bowler
  • Giant Hunter 3Spell
  • Giant Graveyard Wizard
  • Giant Prince Miner
  • Golem Lumber NW beatdown
  • Miner Hunter Cycle
  • Balloon Executioner Cycle
  • Mega Knight Skelly Barrel


If you want to climb up on any ladder, we said the deck elixir or e golem would be beneficial.




Elixir deck (e-golem) is compelling to grow in the game Clash Royale for sure. We can assure you that choosing this to play a top ladder will take you to success in the whole path. You will also have to remember that this deck is a control deck.


Use the huts in here to time out and wait to see what your opponents are doing. Use the battle healer and dragons for support.


The goal of the deck elixir is to take a tower in a single shot. So wait in double elixir to give a big push and make use of tornados to regroup with youth other troops of the opponents. Eliminate those troops with the help of baby dragons and the electro dragons. You will indeed become a top among the top ladders in the clash royale.

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