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Punishing: Gray Raven is a cyber-punkish Action RPG that players and fans compare to one of the best Action RPGs of its time, Nier Automata and Honkai Impact 3rd, due to its design and fast-paced action and similar sort of mechanics.


Punishing - Gray Raven Intro


The game is highly anticipated due to the great combat and superb graphics and that too on a mobile device, unprecedented for the next generation of mobile gaming. It also combines elements of going for your favorite Waifus and Husbandos, very similar to gacha games, along with many complimentary sidekicks and attachments to your weapons. The developers have worked hard to bring this reality to life in a beautiful fashion.


Today in this guide, you will learn in detail about Warzone mode, one of the end-game modes other than Pain Cage. Today we will discuss the mechanics of the mode and different aspects of each Zone and the Warzone itself. In the end, we'll discuss some of the enemies you will face in the 3rd stage of a few of the Zones, which are the most difficult of each Zone but offers better rewards.




Today we'll be discussing the Warzone game mode, which is one of the most critical game modes in the Punishing: Gray Raven. Once you go and enter the Warzone menu, you'll see the stages included in the Warzone menu. Here you will see a couple of the maps laid out to you that are available, and usually, there are two maps at a time. In this menu, you’re presented with several zones. This includes but is not limited to the Physical Zone, Fire Zone, the Lightning Zone, Dark Zone, and the Ice Zone. For example, one time, you might have the Fire and Ice Zone open to you. Warzones offer fair rewards, which is very satisfying to the players. These Zones or their elements are called weathers in Punishing: Gray Raven.




When doing the Warzone, you can open up one weather per day; if you are running the Fire weather on a Monday, for example, then that's all you can do in Warzone during Monday. When you log in again next time, like Tuesday, you can now unlock the lightning weather this time. All of these weathers require you to prepare in advance and take advantage of their elements.


Punishing Gray Raven Weather


Elemental Buff:


Each of these zones will have the elements as the buff. For example, Ice Zone will have the buff of Ice elemental damage, which means that you should use Ravens that are Ice Elements, doing 20-30% more damage to get the maximum score and, of course, to get the maximum performance. It is paramount that you consider this if you want to compete well in the game about the score obtained. If you don't have the Ice elemental Raven, it won’t matter if you wish to clear the stage or compete because the reward will be the same.


The structure you should use for this is the Ice Elemental ones we get early in the game. It means that your power level isn't much of a factor, so you can focus on either the score or just obtaining the rewards from these missions. What matters the most is to clear the stage. The score grinding is for those who want to compete with others on the best scores.


Stages in Warzone:


When beginning a mission or stage in a Warzone, there are three rounds or stages that you'll have to play. The 1st round requires you to defeat all the enemies, then you're all set, and you get an automatic 10k score. In the 2nd round, there will be a bleed effect on your structures and make you lose HP gradually during this mission. You must have a healer in your team for this mission to restore the lost HP on the structures and want to defeat all the enemies as quickly as you could. To defeat these enemies fast, you need suitable gears that can be gotten from gacha or events; after defeating the mobs of enemies on the 2nd round, you'd have 20k.


Lastly, on the 3rd round, there is no bleed, but instead, the game gives you 2 minutes to defeat waves upon waves of enemies; the higher the number of waves you clear, the higher your score will be. The 3rd map is the best among the three stages mentioned due to no bleeds but many waves of enemies that you have to defeat to obtain a better score and better rewards.


Technically, you can get 100,000+ on single weather and another 100,000+ from another weather, so you are expected to score at least 200,000 or more per weather cycle. The first two stages aren't going to be much of a problem. The first stage will only have 10k points as a reward which is by default. In the second stage, the score in this stage will be capped at 20k.


Here besides clearing the stages, it is vital to clear the stages, which means your score will not be the same if you take hits as not taking any hits will land you a better score. This is the skill aspect of the game as your evasions and HP of the structures play a significant role in the Warzone. In the end, if you manage to not hit by enemies during the whole stage, you can get a higher score than someone who is although clearing the stage but is taking damage along the way.


Power Struggle and Score:


Now, if you could have a character who is at a higher level fast, they can do a lot of damage, and you can get a lot of better scores. Always keep leveling your Ravens and improving them so that you can clear as many waves as possible.


Punishing Gray Raven Combat


You have infinite three tries in this mode, so you don't have to worry about running out of attempts and can run them how many times you like. You can focus on getting a high score if you want to by doing this. We recommend you to enjoy the game and especially this mode.  


Designs and Rules:


It is important to note that each of the zones has different designs and the developers change these designs from time to time which is great for the longevity of the game as this will keep the players interested. The same rules and same principles will apply to all of the maps, so in this case, this is the Fire Zone, and you should be using the fire elemental damaging characters. If you don't have the Fire elemental characters, you can always use the best team with the most power that you have.


Your most potent team still is going to be more efficient and sound in this scenario. The reason behind this is that the game is more skill-based, so if you have no elemental advantage, you can still clear the stage if you play well.


Mechanics and Enemies in Warzone:


Warzone is where you will have primary income from black cards; your score doesn't affect the card's income. You can use the currency, the black cards from Warzones, to buy 6* memories. Therefore, you can learn about clearing the zones faster by knowing what enemies it has to offer.


Lightening Zone:


1st stage is a sort of construction/refinery with tight straight corridors and a grey hue. The 2nd stage is most likely the top of the same Zone with a pathway going off into the sun.


The 3rd map looks inside council chambers with an overpowering blue color palette which seems like the council has called in the members to watch in the fight, ready to judge you almost like a coliseum. The enemies in this fight also telegraph ranged attacks which are easier to dodge if you learn to counter appropriately. The Mecha dog will sometimes fire with giant beams, which you should see when it starts charging. Similar is the smaller bots that shoot lasers.


The next wave consists of an enormous Mecha holding a giant log-like weapon that he smashes into the ground to stomp on you while the smaller enemies either attack with their hands or jab with their spears. The next wave brings out a giant who lobs grenades at you, and if you stay far, he leaps to attack you with all force to avoid which you need to roll out of the way. But if you are too near, he’ll stomp you or swing at you to benefit from the range of his long arms.


Ice Zone:


Raven is the best Ice character for this Zone. Most of the time, when each enemy group spawns, the group will have one giant monster accompanied by three smaller ones. The first two stages are pretty simple, as we said, and are cleared relatively fast.


The first wave of the 3rd map starts with flying bots led by a colossal giant sword-wielding robot who jabs his sword forward or slams it down to kill you. The same enemies spawn for the subsequent two waves. The next wave changes minions and has three walker bots with an engineer holding a cogged saw staff to damage you. The bots have ranged attacks while the engineer is melee. This wave is repeated the next turn, and after that, the sword wielder returns. 


Physical Zone:


The first wave has three flying chopper bots, which attack in rectangular telegraphed attacks. The next wave has a single bounty hunter who blasts a powerful fireball and summons two more along with the same chopper bots. The next wave has the same bots, but along with them comes a melee samurai sort of enemy holding a sword strolling towards you. He is best dealt with ranged Ravens.


Punishing Gray Raven Stages


Next comes three sentry bots with a Mecha walker. The walker can attack with lasers while the next wave has three spear-wielding melee robots with smaller chopper bots. The spear wielders are slow, so that you can dodge them easily.


Fire Zone:


This map gives out a brooding feeling as walking into a bridge of an old Japanese town where no one lives. In the 3rd map, the first wave looks as if enemies from Nier automata have made an appearance and this wave consists of all tall melee walkers. The next wave is led by the great log wielder ready to dump it on you. This wave also includes the sentry bots with a bigger heavy machine gunner bot.


LDPlayer Features for Punishing – Gray Raven:


Punishing: Gray Raven is a fast-paced action RPG that is best played with as smooth an experience as possible, and to do that, do follow these six tips to have a buttery smooth experience. Smooth experience should be complemented with faster combo action, which will only be possible while playing with a controller and macros.




Punishing: Gray Raven is known for its combat, and that is what you should practice as much as you can, which means you need to play and get yourself familiarized with each of your Raven and learn their combos. To get a complete picture of combat mechanics, we recommend you to read our complimenting guide on weapons and memories.


You can farm materials faster and efficiently from Warzone if you know your Ravens and have learned all of their combos, and if you need further guidance on how to do that, you can read it in detail from our 7 Best Combat Mechanics Tips and Tricks, where we have explained in detail about mechanics such as Orbs, evasion and Supercomputing Space mechanic, each of the Core Passives and QTE fields. Happy Warzone Farming, Ravens.

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