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Last Updated: 2021-03-23 Current Version: 21.112
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Crashes when I tap "Search text" in Incognito tab. Samsung Galaxy S10+. Android 12. Upd: clearing cache didn't work.


Yandex used to block ads. I have visited the same sites the past few years and for every update I see more and more ads. Yandex strong point has become their weak point. Also the russian google as standard search page is annoying. Like some others say, setting Yandex to english does nothing. Edit: I decided to try Firefox to compare their ad block. Yandes blocked 0 out of 9 ads, Firefox blocked 8 out of 9. This is beyond pathetic


Hmm, you can't turn off data collecting, can't choose language, can't choose appropriate country or region (other than the measly selection hard-coded), language is a useless mix of EN/RU. All in all, sadly not an app that can be recommended. The biggest issue is still the fact that you cannot turn off data collecting, which is a clear no-go. Don't know if this is possible if you're logged in, but that still wouldn't be good enough. Disappointing experience.

The Yandex Start app has everything you need on one screen. Make any page your home page. Easy search, weather, and traffic right on your home page, plus translations of webpages, images, and videos online.

Choose your home page: Pick any page to start your day with online. It could be, for example, — the Yandex Home Page — or your own site.

Everything you need on your home page: Weather forecasts for your area, traffic, and easy Yandex search with quick suggestions.

Translate pages and images: It's now easier than ever to translate almost any site, buy tickets, or find out a business' hours, even if you're in a country where you don't speak the language. Yandex Start translates entire sites, individual sentences, or even text in images from more than a hundred different languages.

Translate and dub videos: Find and watch videos from all over the world translated and voiced in Russian by Yandex's neural networks. Learn about travel, cars, gadgets, scientific discoveries, recipes, and everything else being talked about in English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Avoid unwanted calls. Turn protection on in your settings and you'll always know who's calling, even if the number isn't in your contacts. The database has more than 5 million organizations and user feedback, saving you time and helping avoid unwanted calls.
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