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Last Updated: 2021-12-14 Current Version: 5.2.11
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A lightweight smart contact app for managing contacts loved by millions of people!

Address Book Synchronization

This contact manager app is a smart address book, that will help you to keep your contacts in one place. This smart contact book app can be synchronized with your contact list & every new added contact will automatically be synchronized with this smart contact book app for an easy contact backup & recovery.

Backup & Restore Contacts

It's important to back up your contacts, just as important as an easy contacts recovery. This contact book app has you covered when it comes to contacts backup and restore! Use it as a contacts recovery app & contact restorer. This app light on space so the contacts backup process is fast and easy. If you need a contacts backup for your contact book that will help you in smart contact keeping – this is the app for you. The contact transfer was never easier! Restore deleted contacts using this address book.

Favorite Contacts & Contact Groups

You can display your favorite contacts or groups on a separate contact list. Groups can be used for sending out batch emails or SMS. Just create a contact group and send messages to your loved ones. For example, you can organize contacts by groups like "friends" or "family."

Contact vcf file generator

Nowadays, a lot of people are using the VCF (contacts vcf) file type to transfer contacts from one phone to another. This is fast & easy way to import & export contacts. The app provides contact vcf import with a smart contact backup technology that sync the new and old contacts regularly to keep a backup of phone numbers & Emails. This phone book app offers to save contacts in vCard (VCF) files. A vCard is saved as a .vcf file, which is the standard for contact backup & transfer.

Secured & Smart

This modern and stable phone number manager is secured and private. There is a lightweight dial pad at your service too, with smart suggestions. You can easily block phone numbers to avoid unwanted incoming calls.

Contact Manager

You can use it for managing user emails and events. It can sort phone contacts and filter by multiple parameters. You don't have to scroll down to find your required contact, easily search and find required number using “search contact” field. You can also easily sort contacts, save emails, phone numbers, addresses, organizations & groups. Create any contact list you desire and use the app to transfer the data to any Android device for an easy contact recovery.

Contact Book Customization

This simple contact book manager has many settings. You can customize what happens at clicking on a contact.

Cool Design & No Ads!

It comes with a modern dark theme by default.
Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors.

Check out the full suite of Simple Tools here:

Standalone website of Simple Contacts Pro:

NOTE: This version of the app is no longer maintained. To get all the latest and greatest improvements please take a look at the Pro version at . Don't forget that if you uninstall any paid app within 2 hours, you will automatically be refunded. If you want a refund anytime later, just contact us at and you will get it. That makes it easy to try it out :)
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