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Last Updated: 2022-12-05 Current Version: 3.22.06
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Live saver if the other side can't access the same app store. Great for backing up to the PC. ftp works in both directions for me. A hint to everyone who gets disconnected after some time: It's probably the battery saver function of your phone. Make sure to have an exception for the app.


I never knew I have this type of fast transfer app on my mi phone untill recently I want to change phone and I need to transfer some stuffs to the new phone. My 1st time experience was satisfactory . Transfer(videos , music ,docs, pictures)was very fast with no ad ... However I noticed when the app is transferring and you leave the app or the phone screen off ,it stops, you have to reconnect again .I had to increase the screen on time to 5mins . This is the only downside of this app. Thanks


used it once and it seemed to work. will report back if/when i find an issue. a BIG issue though is the number of permissions it needs to work properly - precise location, bluetooth, ability to change system settings, wifi and other network access (full control), etc. i think that's a bit too much. the only icing on the cake is that it actually worked (at least the one time i used it). let's hope it continues to work properly.

Run ShareMe: File Sharing on PC


ShareMe: File Sharing is a mobile app for wireless file sharing by Xiaomi Inc, and this will make it easier for a user to share files between several devices in the most secure way. It is generally known as a file transfer application, and the data transfer is entirely free here. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9, is the best place to enjoy your ShareMe: File Sharing experience with better quality.


Transfer and Share in a Friendly Space


ShareMe: File Sharing gives you a friendly UI to be familiar with, and this works perfectly fine with android devices to share apps, images, music, and videos as well as files for another android device. You don’t need to be online to use this app because it does not require connecting to the network to transfer your files. Even if it is a large file like a document or an app, ShareMe: File Sharing doesn’t make it harder because you can send large files there too.


Every file will be categorized here with its types; you will find it very easy to share and search for them within the app. If any file has been interrupted while transferring, don’t worry, you still have the chance to resume them with ShareMe: File Sharing.


Easy Sharing with More Flexibility

If you want some files from your PC to be shared with your phone, there is no longer need for a cable. Instead, go with the LDPlayer 9 for ShareMe: File Sharing and share the files you want with your Android device there. Now sharing has been much easier, and you will find it very engaging and easy with LDPlayer 9 than ever.


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