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Last Updated: 2022-12-25
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Need a phone cleaner and file manager in one place? Don't worry this app has got you covered.
RAM cleaner and file explorer is an app that helps you to:
File manager to manage all files and folder
Junk cleaner to clear cache and clear junk file
Phone booster to boost phone performance
Battery saver to extend battery life
CPU cooler to cool down phone
Deep cleanerto clean large and duplicate files

Junk files are created for temporary use and are one of the main causes of phone slowdown. Phone cleaner is the most advanced storage cleaner and cache cleaner for android devices to clean phone. RAM cleaner works as a residual junk cleaner and cache cleaner. Cleaner quickly remove cache and clear junk files to clean mobile. Residual files are useless files that remain in RAM memory and slow down device performance. Users can easily clean residual files and clear cache files with file manager in just one click. For a smooth phone experience, users should clear junk and cache files with phone cleaner to clean phone.

Save time searching for photos, videos, and documents on your phone. File manager is a storage browser that helps users find all kinds of files. File explorer organizes all the files in their corresponding folders. Users can easily browse through all file categories in the file manager. Users can quickly view, delete, move, rename and share all types of files. File explorer sorts files by size so users can understand what is taking up space. With the cache remover app, users can delete large files in junk cleaner to clean phone.

Apps running in the background slow phone speed. For a better user experience and to clear cache, the phone booster quickly speed up apps and clear junk files so that phone keeps on running smoothly. Background apps on RAM are boosted with cache cleaner to speed up phone. Phone cleaner does not allow apps to get extra ram space and improve phone speed. Phone cleaner remove cache and unnecessary running apps to boost apps and works as a phone booster.

Battery timing is a very important part of every device. Battery saver stops battery-draining apps to save battery and keep your battery healthy. Unwanted apps running in real-time in the background quickly drain your phone's battery. Battery saver monitors all apps that consume power while not in use and clear cache save battery with help of junk cleaner.

Auto launch of overheating apps is a major cause of the rise in phone temperature. Phone cooler finds and stops overheating apps to cool down phone and works as a RAM cleaner. The durability of the phone is enhanced with CPU cooler by freezing overheating apps. Phone cooler analyzes CPU usage and works as a cache cleaner. Phone cleaner does not allow auto-launch of apps and the CPU cooler maintains device temperature.

Deep cleaner works as a memory cleaner and helps manage storage space. Users can delete duplicate photos, large files, and all kinds of unnecessary files with cache cleaner to clean up memory space in the file manager. Cache remover helps users to clean up space easily.

PERMISSION: Phone booster and file explorer do not collect any private data of users such as emails, contacts, photos etc.
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