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Last Updated: 2022-10-25
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There has to be a way for the dev team to bring some form of feature parity with iPhones. The Android app is just doing the bare minimum and has an odd bugs where you can't exit the app by hitting the back button and has to be done with the home button. Also, I wish there were other widget shapes to choose from - like the ones google photos has.


i love locket! its a perfect way to keep up with your friends and share cute moments! i have no complaints other than its a little slow at times but that could also just be my internet connection. also i wish you could have more than 20 friends. at least 25 but it'd be better if there was no limit. another thing that i would like to add is a gallery option. this would be AMAZING! this app is so cute and creative. me and my friends love it!


This app is amazing but it would be nice if it keeps a record of the reactions I got from my friends. Also, we cant delete the pictures we accidentally sent so it is horrifying that way. If android could also have a feature where we can delete the pictures we sent for all parties in a given timeframe, it would be great!

Locket is a widget that shows live photos from your best friends, right to your Home Screen. You and your best friends will see new pictures from each other every time you unlock your phone. It’s a little glimpse of what everyone’s up to throughout the day.

1. Add the Locket widget to your Home Screen
2. When friends sends you a photo, it instantly appears on your Locket widget!
3. To share a pic back, tap into the widget, take a pic with the camera, and then hit send! It appears right on your friends’ Home Screens

• To keep things friendly, you can only have 20 friends on the app.
• On Locket, there’s no worrying about follower count, just add your best friends and family and live in the moment.
• With Locket, you’re able to be real and share photos to the people that matter.

• Send a Locket reaction to your friends to let them know you saw their image.
• They’ll get a notification and you’ll love watching the emojis rain down on your photo.
• We don’t count or track reactions publicly, so you can be real and authentic without worrying about likes and filters of other platforms.

• As you and friends snap Lockets, you’ll build up a history of all images sent.
• Share them out as photos or use our video recap feature to stitch together the memories of you and your friends, capturing those “love it” moments.
• Locket will also make you a recap video at the end of every month with all of the photos you've shared.

• Decorate your home screen with more photos and images dedicated to your crush or your bestie with our brand new widgets
• Add the “Crush” or “Best Friend” picture widget, and see photos only from that person. Plus, you can send images just to that person too!

Download the free app! We’re keeping Locket free so you can send photos to the people that matter (friends, family, bestie, etc.). With Locket, your phone will feel like it’s bringing you closer to your best friends.
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