Wheel of Colors Premium

Last Updated: 2022-07-25 Current Version: 2.01
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Open the menu by clicking on the icon with a pallet of colors (found at top/left corner).
Set an "ok" in all the color you want to display in your wheel. Clicking over a color switches it on/off.

How to customize this wheel of colors:
First of all, you should open the options menu using the color paltete icon (at top left corner).
Then just set an "ok" at all the desired colors. Clicking over a color will switch it on/off.

Premium features (at options menu)

- Long click on a color: Allows you to redefine selected color slot with a color picker.
- Reset: Reset to default colors.
- Random: Set random colors.
- Choose pointer: Allows you to select a different pointer for your wheel.

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What is Wheel of Colors Premium PC version?

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Is it possible to play Wheel of Colors Premium on PC without Android emulator?

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How to Download and Install Wheel of Colors Premium on PC

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