Truco Star

Carl M. Moore
Last Updated: 2022-09-29
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Truco Star is currently the most popular card game in Brazil.

We adopt a 4 player game system, each player has 3 cards in their hand, and they play in order of size. The team with 12 points at the end wins.

1. Using Truco reasonably in the game process is the key to winning. Get as many points as possible with good cards.

2. Reasonable playing order is also one of the factors for victory. How to get opponents to play big cards as quickly as possible is a test of human nature.

3.As it is a 4 player game, cooperation with teammates is also very important. Two people who cooperate tacitly can win with more confidence.

Overall, this game has a certain skill and strategy.

It is very suitable for some users who have a certain quest for game quality and playability.

We welcome you and your friends to play Truco Star

Notice this product does not include cash and withdraw money
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