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Last Updated: 2022-11-16 Current Version: 0.19.4
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I mean it's decent but it still has some issues. 1. The matchmaking sucks at defuse and I only get a team with paralysed players who can't press the fire button. 2. The chance of getting at least a rare skin from a box was drastically reduced, why don't you let it be? 3. The reward system sucks. If im the best in my team and maybe also the best in the match the guy in the other team who lost and has half my kill count still gets more coins. Either way its not bad, didn't find many hackers yet.


The game is pretty good, its easy to play, simple enough to understand the basics of the game, the gamemodes are really fun especially the arms race. However the competitive side is a bit scuffed, you can get kicked off the match for no reason what so ever, doesn't matter if you are doing good or bad, if your teammates decide that they dont need you, you are no longer a part of the match. I would love to see something changed about the kicking mechanic, maybe there being specific rules for it.


Good game. Lagging and spawn slamming are major issues tho. When it rains it poors and the lag in the game is like that. Your shots will feel fine unless your camera hard freezes when you try to turn and instead of choppy movement enemies will look smooth and then just teleport. Makes it very hard to play when this happens.

Run Standoff 2 on PC
Standoff 2 comes as a first-person shooter game by Axlebolt Ltd, and it is a dynamic world that will be honored for the legacy of its respective prequel. As a multiplayer game, you will team up as two teams, just like the original Counter-Strike game, and you can choose your best gun in a world that has more than 200 million players to join with.

Exclusive Maps and Skill-Based Gameplay
The gameplay of Standoff 2 is purely based on skill, and with the right power and strength, it makes a pure way for the players to win. When there is a high skill, it makes you rank more and more in the game, and there will be a world that has been created in detail with the best graphics as well.
The gameplay goes as a real-time experience, and the way you handle the game with power will decide if you win or not. Everything matters in seconds here, and if you want to make it for advanced gameplay, you can move with the LDPlayer 9.

Best Weapon Models and Competitive Game Modes
Standoff 2 will put you into a way more competitive game mode where they all have to participate in the matches for ranks. The right type of technique, as well as a great team combination, is required here to win, and the ultimate goal is here to hold up our first rank. And more winds from the battles can raise the rank more. You are allowed to create a can on your own and engage in clan battles with more than 20 weapon modes to choose from for the fighting.

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