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Last Updated: 2023-06-05

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On lvl 214 but will be uninstalling soon as I have few coins left bc lvls repeat same cards so much it's hard to win. When you finally win the payout is not enough. It barely equals the cost to play the lvl. There are no events in this game to allow you to earn coins or extra boosters. What you get from crop harvesting is also too low. Needs more incentives. Better games out there to play.


I like the game so far, but I would rather have Grand Harvest Solitaire but it's says it's not compatible with my phone 😭😭. I was on level like 10,000


Terrible game. Might be on the same level at least through 7 or 8 tries. Most of the time, you can only play one card from the board at a time. After about the 7th time, I have gone through the extra 5 card stack, 5 or 6 times, just to get out of that level, and everyone knows, it eats up your credits. Playing ranch, it freezes up and lose credits when clearing the app not to mention, you may be dealt (example) a 2 with a 3 showing on board, but the 3 won't play, but a 2 or a 4 will. Stupid.

Enjoy all of classic tripeaks solitaire fun while you grow your farm in Solitaire Harvest Day.
Farming is FUN! You will harvest crops in each field as you complete fun challenging solitaire games.
Farm your land and get FREE extra bonuses with each crop harvest!

Why Solitaire - Harvest Day?
♣ Looking for classic tripeaks solitaire with an added farming twist? You got it.
♣ You can grow your crops and enjoy grand harvests.
♣ Free solitaire with an awesome twist! Like Spider, FreeCell, Klondike & Pyramid - but more fun!

♠ Play & win levels on the go and win streak bonuses.
♠ Hundreds of challenge levels.
♠ Claim FREE bonuses hourly.
♠ Daily rewards are waiting for you.
♠ Lucky Wheel bonuses like FREE coins, EXTRA cards, FREE solitaire rounds and EXTRA harvests!

Your crops and cards are waiting for your harvest!
Swing by the farm, flip your cards, and play Solitaire - Harvest Day now!
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