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I love the game I've been playing it for like 2 years, but even though the rules say no hackers, there are still have urs that you super jump and God mode and also. Whenever I make a new map and whenever I tried to save it, it doesn't save, ok, well, it does save, but when I click the save, there's just nothing, just a plain old map, if this is fixed, I will give 5 stars and please get rid of the hackers because it is really annoying


This is one of the most best sandbox games ive ever played. But there is one slight problem, well acually a couple of problems. 1, there is a glitch with the joyStick somtimes it works really good but other times it doesn't, 2, (this really isn't a problem) I think you should add a custimization thing for your player, 3 Some things are really expinsive like The cars, The wepond skins, the weponds themselves, Some of the planes and bikes, But other than that great game 😀👍


Great game, excluding toxicity of course. but please add more contents to the vehicles for example: 1.retracting wheels for planes 2.throttle for planes 3.the ability to shoot rockets out of planes and helicopters 4.the ability to shoot machine guns faster, shoot out of cars or any sort of vehicles 5.working missiles on big trucks like the bm-21, bm-27, or even the bm-30

Simple Sandbox 2 is a continuation of the popular online sandbox. Play alone or with friends.

💯 Best free construction sandbox game.
The best free first-person and third-person sandbox building game featuring two modes: single player and multiplayer.

Excellent physics, including mechanics, which is responsible for all kinds of manipulation of various game objects.

🌎 Enjoy creating your own REAL TIME WORLD thanks to our sandbox simulator.

Create your character, play and enjoy the simulator alone or with friends.

Interested in creating a world from scratch? You to us.
Do you want to connect to an already created world? Simple Sandbox 2 will give you this opportunity too.

🔨 Help your friends create, build various structures, houses, cities, entire fortresses.

🔫 Do you want to shoot, fight? Choose your favorite weapon from the weapons and attack, arrange fights without rules and prove to your opponent that you are cooler!

🏎 Do you like racing? Together with your friends, you can build a track, choose a vehicle and drive all night in cars.

🚁 The simulator allows you to choose the best transport, be it a motorcycle or an airplane.

Yes, robots, helicopters, tanks, interesting items for creating various structures, space planes, various weapons for shooting, many fascinating fantastic maps - all this is just a small part of what awaits YOU in our online game - a FREE sandbox.

Ask a friend to rate your virtual world by inviting him to the game.
Together with you, we are improving our online simulator with each regular update.

💬⚠️ We ask EVERYONE of you to leave feedback in the comments in the form of feedback with suggestions for updating the game and improving it.

Show your creativity here and now!
With Simple Sandbox 2 you have unlimited imagination!

📧📬 If you have any problems with the game, be sure to write to us, we will be very grateful:


🔗 Join us to create unique WORLDS, improving them with each update released.
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