Side by Side Racing

Last Updated: 2023-03-22

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【How to Play】
•When you overtake or get overtaken by a rival car on the course, the battle begins!
•Defeat your rival to win!
•If you get defeated, you lose!
•Earn victory points and aim for the top spot in the points ranking!

•Choose your steering method when you start playing for the first time!
- A: Swipe left or right on the screen
- B: Tilt your smartphone (or tablet)
•The accelerator automatically speeds up without doing anything!
•Press the brake button when you want to slow down!

【Power Up】
•Pit in to level up your machine or buy a new one!
•If you're short on coins, watch ads to get more!

•Challenge rivals close to your ranking as much as possible!
•Higher ranked rivals are tough, but they give more points when you win!
•Stick to your rival's back and get a slipstream effect to speed up!
•Block your rival in front of you to prevent them from overtaking!
•Use slipstream and blocking to your advantage to win!
•In the pit, balance your engine and tires up to level 5!
•It's up to you to level up even more or switch to the next car!

【About Watching Ads】
•You can earn extra coins by watching video ads in the pit. (There is a limit to the number of times you can earn per day.)
•When you make a purchase, level up or switch cars in the pit, an ad will be displayed when you leave.

【Material Cooperation】
- "Free BGM・Music Material MusMus"
•Sound Effects
- "Sound Effect Lab"
- "SeaDenden"
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What is Side by Side Racing PC version?

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