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Last Updated: 2023-07-03

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Pros: I love pixel art, concepts, and colors. Cons: I wish I could aim and shoot smoothly from every angle. Currently, the aiming system only allows shooting at certain angles incrementally, which makes it difficult to target enemies precisely. Additionally, the dash and attack buttons need to be separated or improved, as I often find myself unintentionally dashing when trying to shoot. Also, the game feels a little short compared to the price.


Played this game for a bit, and based off my experience, the game is great, the visuals are great and for a demo, its packed with fun gameplay - the difficulty is also alright, however for the first level, the difficulty is somewhat high, so it may be slightly off putting for new players (It could just be me). It's a unique game, and definitely deserves attention- I'm all for it. But dashing is quite weird, sometimes when I want to run, the dash animation goes off, which is a bit annoying. 4/5.


This game is a Demo, I will write my review about my experience on it... I have completed the demo and I have not experienced any bugs or errors. The visuals are very good, as well as the controls and audio. Maybe adding a new control layout (maybe like a Joystick) would be nice. Adding new songs would also be very much appriciated as well as adding new weapons and abilities. I may be purchasing the game whenever it is out of early access since it's pretty good!

Play Roto Force on PC

Roto Force is currently in the pre-registration phase as an action game by PID Games. This is a fast-paced action game that combines the features of high-energy 2D bullets with more challenges, and you will be tested with your skills here. There is a twin-stick shooter that the players can use to see how fluent they are and get ready to face several obstacles as well as multiple enemies in this game. LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator to play Roto Force on PC.

Beat the Challenges with More Weapons

You will be an intern at the Roto Force, and there will be multiple missions you need to pass through as per your boss’s orders. To overcome these missions, you also have to engage in many different environments, and they all will be either featured with danger or something more difficult than usual.

To handle all these missions, you are also going to be provided with different weapons, and you must choose one that suits your style here. You better get ready to face multiple bosses to fight against, so you must get ready to see how your skills will be tested here with the best possibilities.

Play Wider with Better Details

Roto Force is enjoyable if you play it with the best view, and we recommend playing it through a wider screen. And that chance is going to be here with LDPlayer and play the game on a PC to have the best yet detailed gameplay taken from it.

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