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Last Updated: 2022-08-11 Current Version: 2.2.0
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Not as good as other Kairosoft games I've played. Research points & money add up too slowly, and without a fast speed option I got too bored to get through the first playthrough. The gameplay ends up something like, build/research/do a class... then stare at the characters doing their own thing, wait, wait, wait, and wait some more. Graphics are cute though, and the basic idea is interesting - just needs better timing mechanics.


I love this game. im on year 20 and still cant stop playing it. I love that its not just buy buy buy. its a strategic game if you really think about it. you have to manage your money well, know when and when not to level up teachers as their salary goes up. you also have to be careful of the facility upkeep so you dont go negative. For me i simply bought what i had to for the firt year or two so i have enough profit to continue buying extra facilities. All in all, this is my favorite game


I love this game and have been playing Kairosoft games for years. I just wish that a "fast" and "normal" speed button was added to the top right of the screen for every game. You guys have it for Cafe Nippon and I wish that was there for every game, instead for having to go through the settings every time. Keep up the great games guys!

School got you down? Wish you could change a few things? Well, now's your chance to create the ultimate dream school in this simulation smash-hit!

Tailor your personal academy as you see fit, erecting classrooms, making clubs--even deciding this week's hot couple!

How will you expand your hallowed halls of learning? Sponsor athletic meets, art shows, and other events to attract as many students as you can and elevate your school's prestige!

Will your students make it college or land their dream job? Find out with Pocket Academy!
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