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Last Updated: 2022-04-20 Current Version: 22.1.0
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I'm playing campaign mode to relive childhood memories. The only major problem I'm having is that when I die in campaign mode, there's no game over screen or anything. I can't click the menu button: only the joystick is responsive, even though the character should be dead. I have to close the app and reopen it to be able to play the level again, which gets irritating quickly. Other than that, the game seems pretty solid.


I loved to play this alot as a kid, a lot of changes have been made and I wonder why you guys removed the "library" or something like that. I'm not sure you if you can change the menu background like the landscape and I can't find the button to do that, also the battle royale and some mini games are really out of put for the game, also the game is REALLY p2w and I'm not really enjoying it so far, I'm a 2016 player and I really miss the "older" stuff. Soundtrack still goes hard till this day.


It's a fun game with alot of unique weapons, but it has some flaws. Whenever you die in the campaign mode, you can't do ANYTHING, not even exit out the level! It also has a lot of stuff that can be purchased with real money. It's very annoying because whenever you enter a server with a P2W player, it can be unfair. At least it doesn't cram a bunch of forced adds down your throat every second, but it does with optional adds. But it is fun and has a lot of modes! Edit: adds crash lower end devices

Pixel Gun 3D Features for PC:

Pixel Gun is a game that was initially released in 2013. This action game has many options to choose from and triples the fun with the weapons it offers and the characters that it possesses.


With regards to the features that this game has for PC, there are indeed many. When you download the app on the PC, you will be able to use the impeccable graphics that the gaming app has to offer. Moreover, you will also be able to use the keyboard and the mouse to make the process easier. Here, instead of making your thumbs and fingers sore, you will be working on a bigger screen, and you won't be sitting in an awkward posture for ages either.


The sound quality is superior, and the screen and the animation will be crystal clear. You will see the weapons clearly and see what character works for you and what doesn't with immense ease.


Can Pixel Gun 3D be downloaded on PC?

It can be played on a PC. However, since the company doesn't release an official gaming app, you will have to download an Android Emulator such as LDPlayer.


Can LDPlayer work for Pixel Gun 3D?

LDPlayer is a miracle worker. It has supported many apps such as PUBG mobile, Free fire, Among Us, and the list goes on. In addition, it is the first emulator that boasts of three different stores in its midst. Moreover, LDPlayer is the only emulator that hasn't experienced any glitches, bugs, or crashes over the years.


This is perhaps a primary reason why especially among the gamers, this emulator has gained a lot of popularity, and that too for all the right reasons. You can use the emulator on a low-end storage PC and still be amazed at how seamlessly it gets the job done. No heat-ups, no bugs, and no crashes! Download LDPlayer now, and immerse yourself into the Pixel Gun 3D via the big screen!

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