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When my opponent obtains the necessary quantity, this is quite unpleasant. For instance, if they require 6 and 2 to capture my, it arrives! So annoying! Each and every time, this occurs. I don't believe this should happen frequently if it happens at random. Moreover, the issue with the game freezing is really annoying.


It's too annoying when opponent gets sixes and I only get one/two. Improve your app. When it comes to power I hardly gets powers. What's wrong with game? It's too frustrating. I lost so many games just because of it. A winning game I just lost. And one more thing make an update for playing with friends through coins, it would be a great feature.


The game is fun, but unfair. When playing in computer mode the computer has unlimited boosts. We played 4 turns each and the next 5 turns the computer put safety on their pieces so they couldn't be kicked back. They hadn't landed on one single safety boost! I started watching. They landed on the double dice boost twice, but used it 4 times! I don't mind getting beat, and you can watch an ad and get one of each, but only for about 5 games then they're out of ads until the next day!

We got a new name---Ludo World, formerly known as Ludo Superstar.
Play Ludo World or Ludo Superstar! Be the Superstar among your friends!

Besides Classic game mode of Ludo/Parcheesi, Ludo World's unique game mode, Power Mode, will bring you more fun by playing with friends and family!

--- Unique Power Mode of Ludo World ---
1. Using Double Distance, you can double the number you rolled and travel on double the pace!
2. Using Dice Control, you can remotely control what number you want on dice!
3. Using Protection Shield, you will be protected from the other sneaky tokens for 1 turn!
4. Moreover, you can get an extra roll when you reach Bonus Roll power. Who doesn't like an extra roll!

--- Lively and Funny Moments in Ludo World ---
1. Have you ever seen a smiley or crying token? In our game, yes, you can!
2. Moreover, you can use our "magic" interactive emojis to tease or say Hi!

--- Play Locally or Online with Friends in Ludo World ---
1. You can have fun with friends and family locally, or invite them remotely who are far away.
2. Moreover, you can play with players from all over the world, beat the other players to become the King!
3. No Internet? Don’t worry, you will be accompanied in offline Computer Mode.
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