Jawaker Tarneeb, Hand & Trix

Last Updated: 2021-05-12 Current Version: 20.6.1
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The worst ever game, every time i enter a competition or an event, the opponent gets all good cards. I dunno what kind of system of shuffling you implement in such a game. You want people to pay more and more to get coins. You are indeed a Business app not a game.


This game has the potential to be really good but they keep allowing people to quit as many times as they like, so it takes an hour to start one game because people are constantly quitting, new people come in, time clock resets, then they quit, then new people come in, then time clock resets, its ridiculous. Limit how people can quit, or if they quit then 10 min wait time before they can join again, thatll stop people from always quitting, do something! Also, LITERALLY FOREVER to get tokens


Been loosing tokens 15 times in a row. When technical. Issue causes to lose tokens the administration won't even look at the issue with responsibility in sending the lost tokens back and keep replying by saying the internet from my side was bad or no connection. Very cruel site

Jawaker is the online hub for popular Arabic card games and board games. With over 40 international and local games, interactive chatting features, and unique emotes, Jawaker offers entertainment for everyone with a side of social interaction.

Jawaker hosts the most exciting and diverse collection of games, like:
- Tarneeb, Syrian Tarneeb, 400, & Leekha
- Trix, Trix Complex, & Complex CC
- Hand, Banakil, & Hand Saudi
- Baloot, Bent Al Sbeet, & Concan & Concan Partner
- Basra, Tonj & Ronda
- Jackaroo, Dama, & Jackaroo Complex
- Kout Bo 4, Kout Bo 6
- Saudi Deal & Monopo Deal
- Domino and Dominoes Partnering
- Ludo, Uno
- Chess

Jawaker offers features that elevate players’ experience, like:
- Real ready-to-play players all the time
- Live voice chat with your microphone
- Challenges against the top-ranked players globally
- Playing with professional players
- Weekly events
- Socializing with players and chatting with friends
- Responsive support team 24/7

Jawaker’s extra special features:
- Basha subscription for an ad-free experience
- VIP feature: personalized table and badge
- Sending gifts to friends
- Creating or joining clubs for a collective experience

Are you following us? Follow us on our social media
- Facebook: http://facebook.com/jawaker
- Instagram: http://instagram.com/jawaker
- Twitter: http://twitter.com/jawaker
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