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Last Updated: 2021-05-12 Current Version: 20.6.1
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The game was great when players were from same region, when it became international and players from all over, and many of them do not understand the culture or name of those games, it became very annoying; always delay in response, aggressive attitude, racism based on nationalities in addition to many other issues. Also, rewards system is crapy, it takes a life time to obtain tokens, this is causing players to check in, send friend request and leave with hope to receive token.


Don't download this App. Don't waste your time and money. This App is rigged. The programming system is designed to make you 'keep-on losing'. The more you purchase the more you Will lose by coincidentally 🙄🙄 hard luck!! or bad luck!! or the latest trick is when and if you are about to win the App coincidentally freezes and you will be removed from the game and eventually lose the game!! Shamefully pathetic and disgusting. Totally unacceptable and a complete scam. Play it for fun only.


It's a amazing all the games are here 🌸 but everything is so expensive and I wish the events will stay longer and the lives will renew without paying tokens but the game overall is amazing is his every game ever imagined and you can play with you I recommend installing this but please fix this problem please and thank you.💗🌸

Jawaker hosts more than 35 Arabic cultural card and board games from Arab world. Connect with old friends and make new ones through the joy of an online gaming experience.

Jawaker provides the most exciting games like:
- Tarneeb, Syrian Tarneeb, 400, & Leekha
- Trix, Trix Complex, & Complex CC
- Hand, Banakil, & Hand Saudi
- Baloot, Bent Al Sbeet, & Concan & Concan Partner
- Basra, Tonj & Ronda
- Jackaroo, Dama, & Jackaroo Complex
- Kout Bo 4, Kout Bo 6
- Saudi Deal & Monopo Deal
- Domino and Dominoes Partnering
- Ludo, Uno
- Chess

Playing on Jawaker has many features:
- Real ready-to-play players all the time.
- Live voice chat with your microphone for real experience
- Challenge the top ranked players around the world.
- Challenges for the professional players.
- Weekly events to win points and a lot of prizes.
- Meet new friends and chat with them.
- Responsive support team 24/7

You can also enjoy extra features:
- Become Basha for an ad-free experience
- Enjoy the VIP badge
- Customize your own table and add colors to your seat.
- Send gifts to your friends
- Create your own club or join current clubs.

Are you following us? Follow us on our social media
- Facebook: http://facebook.com/jawaker
- Instagram: http://instagram.com/jawaker
- Twitter: http://twitter.com/jawaker
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