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Last Updated: 2022-12-26

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the game concept is pretty fun to keep playing. Lag or frozen when go to battle/ upgrading . battle buff animation from heroes formation is not really necessary. it also be good to add options for reset the game. it's pretty annoying to have to contact support for reset game process to start over. Too many things need for upgrade heroes.


The hero system should just be removed altogether. The combat is bad and uninteresting and heroes provide nothing other than a clear glass ceiling for anyone who's not willing to pay for them. Only being able to put one worker in a building if you don't happen to own the one specific hero required for it makes gameplay tedious and annoying in level 3 and literally just impossible starting from level 4. cool concept turned out to just be a secret pay to play thing... Just actually sell the game.


Went from two stars to four stars in my book. What everyone says is true. The hero's you need make the game play tough. However, if you keep playing and play through the mini games/events you will get what you need. It makes it a challenge to progress but it is possible without spending money! Great graphics and good game play but just needs some balancing. No forced ads, good game overall. Keep plugging away!

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Frozen City is a city-building simulation game by Century Games Pte. Ltd, and we have a snow apocalypse here set in a world filled with ice. You will be the chief of the last town remaining on the earth, and it is your duty to rebuild society by collecting the necessary resources. The game is currently under pre-registration, and the best emulator: LDPlayer 9, is where you can have all the features to optimize your gameplay for the next level of gaming with Frozen City.


Survival Simulation, wild Exploration, and Town Building


The basic characters of this game are known as survivors, who allow you to run the urban area. You can assign your survivors on Frozen City to do many works and collect materials, but it is a must to consider their mental and physical health. You should not make them sick with the cold weather because it can lead them to protest.


So many towns are frozen in the wild, and you can explore them with the survivor teams. You can send your exploratory teams there to find supplies, and there will be stories to read about the snow apocalypse and the ice. You will have to build more towns, collect more resources and supply the people's basic needs, and it is a game that is required to balance the supply and the production in between.


Wider Screen Town Building and Exploring


Now the Frozen City gameplay can be enjoyed to the fullest by taking it to a wider screen, and this opportunity will be provided to you by the LDPlayer 9. There will be much better details and graphics enhanced for your game here, and you will have the best level of gaming experience with a bigger screen now for Frozen City.


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