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Last Updated: 2022-09-27 Current Version: 4.86.6
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the game's in general really nice, amazing graphics, cute character designs, sadly only a mediocre storyline but with very lovely and like-able protagonists. The only problem i have had is that after some time playing the game it randomly starts becoming laggy and freezes so that i am forced to close the game and open it up again which happens WAY too frequently which ruins the fun massively.


The last update (first real one after 6 months of no new content or even reruns of past events) broke the large majority of characters and basic game mechanics. Each one of the heroes was unique in their own way, due to different builds for diferent contents. Now, all of them have very little to stand out, and some of them are pretty much useless - regardless of investment. This was by far the worst update this game has ever recieved, and that's saying something.


These changes make absolutely no sense. It is unreal to me the staggering lack of vision in these changes. It completely killed the fun and feel of combat in the game, everything is slow and terrible. Tuning the numbers down was a smart change but gutting all the heroes and combat pacing completely outweighs any positives. The weapon transcendence process is a whole other can of worms that I don't have remotely enough words to explain why its bad in this review. So disappointing.

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King's Raid is an RPG mobile game that comes as a free-to-play side-scrolling game by Vespa: an indie game developer from South Korea. It features real-time battles with a dynamic game plot and assures players of a thrilling experience with numerous featuring diverse heroes set to defeat the enemies.

A New Storyline Universe

Players are given adventures that won't end easily, and the story universe is not the same as in traditional RPG games. There are endless adventures to conquer, and during the adventure, the game requires players to unlock more new stories as well as to progress from the game.
The endless adventure with breathtaking actions can now be enhanced with LDPlayer 9, and LDPlayer will offer the most extraordinary features to enhance the real-time battles on King's Raid.

New Challenges with Several Stages

As a player, you need to defeat the giant dragon here, and it should be done with the help taken from friends through multiple PVP contents. It is rewired to take the Legendary Gear to defeat this dragon, and every stage will be a challenge on the raids.
The arena in King's Raid will require challenges against more than 13 million players, and every character will be full of expressions. As a player, you have to travel as far as possible and meet some other unique characters while discovering more lands and some super-powered villains. Take more to the companion and be ready to fight more new 3D anime-like characters. 

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