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Last Updated: 2022-10-20
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In addition to terrain and weather elements, strategic elements such as real-time march command and formation attacks with multiple units are greatly improved compared to conventional strategy games. Combining strategy and tactics with allied members will greatly affect victory or defeat. A new real-time strategy game where you can enjoy fairer battles without charging for resources or soldiers.

Lead the 750 units built in the alliance and aim for the king of the new era! There are a wide variety of battle elements such as battles between players, cooperative battles with friends, and wars between servers! In addition to the elements of conventional strategy games, the range of strategies such as "invisible traps", "terrain and weather", and "free march" will expand.

No charging elements for resources, soldiers, or health. Even against strong opponents, you can win by fighting together with your friends. Battles with friends, ascertaining the battle situation, determine victory or defeat.

■ Real-time battle
Players can freely command marches in unit units. You can enjoy strategic battles such as luring the enemy into a narrow passage with diversionary maneuvers and pincering the enemy from behind with the main force. You can also set up fences and bow towers in the occupied territory to trap the enemy army and greatly reduce your military strength. The key to victory is whether or not you can anticipate the battle situation and set up a defensive line.

■ Terrain/Weather
Mountain ranges and canals spread over the continent of one map. In order for the troops to cross the mountains, they must capture the checkpoint. By capturing the checkpoint and withstanding the ensuing enemy attack, it is possible to stop the enemy's tens of thousands of reinforcements. In addition, the weather that changes in real time affects the battle situation. Dominate the battlefield with strategies that take advantage of the terrain and weather.

A gathering of world heroes
World heroes with unique skills such as Caesar, Hannibal Barca, and Nobunaga Oda gather together. You can choose your favorite hero, or you can make a formation that takes advantage of the effects of heroes of the same family. Form the strongest unit of your dreams.

■ Weapons with favorable compatibility
The types of soldiers belonging to the unit have advantageous compatibility.
Cavalrymen, shieldmen, archers, and spearmen are in a four-way relationship. Although there are weapons with strong destructive power that are effective in occupying checkpoints and destroying traps, they are unfavorable to all types of soldiers. If you know the information of the enemy unit and challenge with an advantageous type of army, you can turn the battle situation around at once!

■ Alliance
In addition to cooperative play such as expansion of power using the land of allies and occupation of checkpoints, battles between alliances are performed with a total of 1500 units, and you can enjoy strategic battles with large-scale units. Strengthen your ties with your friends and seize victory by fighting together with all your ingenuity!

■ Season system
After one season (approximately 60 days) ends, hero level and territory are reset while maintaining heroes and equipment. As the season progresses, the civilization evolves, adding new heroes and new elements of the era. There are encounters with new friends and enemies due to server integration. In a new environment, the clash of strategies begins again.

■ Story
This is the land of Europe that has taken on a new shape due to continental drift. The player becomes a lord of a state separated by mountains and canals, and develops his own castle through technological development and military strengthening. Collect unique world heroes and form your own unit.

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