Survivor.IO Skills Tier List With Best Recommendations

2023-01-29 is a survival zombie-killing game that came out not long ago. Here your main goal is to survive for 15 minutes without getting overrun by the zombies coming to kill you. Before you enter a stage, you can choose what kind of weapon you want and be equipped with some gear to protect you. Even though they contribute to your overall output, whether you can survive the whole 15 minutes will be decided by the skills and Evos you choose when you are on the field.

Survivor.IO Skills Tier List Download on PC

This is why we wanted to make a skills tire list of all the skills and Evos to help you beat all the stages without much hassle. If you are a beginner, you should know that there are two types of skills; the first one is called weapon skills. There are few weapons skills. You will unlock all of them as you progress through the stages of the game. The second type is called supply skills, and they provide you with movement speed, projectile speed, increasing gathering radius, and many more ways. 

When you pick up a weapon skill, you have to pick the supply skill needed to evolve the weapon skill. At the bottom of every Evo supply skill, you will see the weapon skill it contributes to evolving. When you pick the weapon, you have to pick that skill at least once if you want to reach the ultimate form of your weapon skill. Similar to these weapon skills, being able to move easily is also important to survive the 15 minutes. Play on PC with LDPlayer 9 and easily play the game just with WASD keys. Let’s start. Weapons

First we will list the weapons you can start the game with and their evo supply skill S+ will be given to the highest weapon and D for the lowest weapons. 


Evo Skill

Ultimate Form



Void Power

Exo bracer

Gloom Nova


A highly destructive weapon that increases attack and shoots black holes. Best used with an energy cube, He-fuel.

The Lightchaser

Ronin Oyoroi

Eternal Light


Good for hordes but not the best for bosses. Skills that complement it are energy cube, Exo-bracer, and Ammo thruster.


Koga Ninja Scroll

Spirit Shuriken


Highest damage single-target weapon, but not good for hordes.

Baseball Bat

Fitness Guide



360 attack pattern, good for mobs but with lower damage than the Lightchaser and has a knockback effect.


Hi-Power Fuel



Has the worst aim, and even when Evolve to Gatling, it does not get better as it lacks auto-targeting.


High-power bullet



Does good damage but has bad aim and range.


Ronin Oyoroi

Demon Blade


Sends out two attacks front and back but doesn't do much damage.

Survivor.IO Weapon and Supply Skills

In this section, you will find the best weapon skills and supply skills; same as the weapons, we will rank them from S+ to D.


Evo Skill

Ultimate Form




Energy Cube

Thunderbolt Power Cell


Does a huge amount of damage; better to pick when you have an AOE-oriented weapon equipped.


HE Fuel



Provides both defense and offense; you just have to follow it around.



Quantum Ball


Provides good AOE damage; a skill that increases the fire rate or projectile distance will complement this skill.


Lightning Skills

Thunderbolt Mine


Higher level skill. Mix Molotov skill while you have Thunderbolt Mine, it turns into Inferno Mine that does damage over time but make sure not to evolve the Molotov, or you will lose it.

Drill Shot

Ammo Thruster

Whistling Arrow


Targets mobs instead of flying everywhere if evolved.

Type A and Type B Drones




Deals great damage and can be combined with Medi-dron to acquire Divine Destroyer.





Must-have skill if you are using kunai. Blocks projectiles and takes skill that makes skills stay longer and increase the fire rate.


Oil Bonds

Fuel Barrel


Good skill when you need a lot of AOE, but make sure not to evolve it if you are evolving mine.


Fitness Guide



Good AOE, and can be used while using the baseball bat to save a slot since both use the same Evo skill.

Sharkmaw Gun

HE Fuel



The ultimate version is pretty good, but RPG is not the best help, but RPG and durian use the same skill and can be used to save the slot if you are going this route.


Energy Drink

Pressure Forcefield


An early version of the force field is so small, and you have to Evo it and equip tech parts if you really want to see a difference.

Laser Launcher

Energy Cube

Death Ray


Good for narrow maps, and when it evolves into a death ray will provide decent damage; it can be used with lightning since both use the same Evo skills.


Hi-Power Magnet

Magnetic Dart


One of the worst weapon skills; do not waste a skill slot on it.

Things Consider When Picking Weapon Skills

When picking weapon skills or Evo supply skills, it is important to consider the type of damage you currently have and what you are lacking. If your main weapon is a single target weapon, it will be one of the best tips to focus on getting AOE weapon skills to complement your build. Conversely, if you have a weapon that does good AOE damage, investing in single-target weapon skills would be more beneficial to round out your damage capabilities.

Survivor.IO Skills Tier List

Another important factor to consider is having a plan before entering the game. This means knowing what weapon skills you want to prioritize and ensuring that you have the necessary Evo supply skills to evolve them. For example, if you plan on using a kunai, it would be a good idea to save a skill slot for the Koga Ninja scroll supply skill. Similarly, if you plan on maxing out the football weapon skill and getting the Quantum Ball ultimate form, you should pick the Sneakers Evo supply skill even if you have yet to find the football weapon. While this method has some risks, it has been proven effective in many cases.

Lastly, it is important to understand that some weapons can be evolved using the same Evo supply skill. For example, the Durian and RPG both use the HE Fuel Evo supply skill. Going this route can save a supply skill slot for defensive or gathering skills, which further complements the aforementioned methods. By understanding which weapons can be evolved using the same supply skill, you can easily pick the best skills that complement your build.

As you know that each tech part has a specific weapon skill that they give a boost to, so if you understand and pick the best set of skills, you can go into the field while equipped with the best tech parts. Lastly, you have to think about how weapon animations are going to affect your gameplay; around the last 2 minutes of the game, if you have a lot of flashing skills, your device is going to freeze up and lose the game not because of your skill but because of your device. If you play it with LDPlayer, this will not even be a problem.


Through this skills tier list, we have shown you the best weapons and skills you can use as a beginner. The last piece of advice we have to give you before we end this guide is to pick the high-power magnet; even if you did not pick the boomerang, it would make your life a lot easier. We hope these we provided here help you to make the best build. Now it is time to end this guide, and have a nice day.

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