突擊莉莉Last Bullet

Last Updated: 2022-11-08
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Assault Lily Last Bullet is an RPG battle game based on the Assault Lily Project, and POKELABO Inc made it feature the same characters coming from its anime. The game was released originally back in japan for both Android and iOS in 2021, and you have a story here linked to its original anime.

Here, the game is making players control Lily, called teenage girl, and it is just that they have to use the weapon, which has been mixed with both magic and science. It is named the Charm, and this weapon will be used against the enemies called Huge.

Fights and Memoria

Lily has to fight against the Huge in a battle here, and for that, you are to use both orders and rare skills. There is also the freedom to make a legion including nine players here, and with the best corporation coming through them, you will be able to do the best at your gameplay.

Apart from battles, so many eye-catching illustrations are coming through this Assault Lily Last Bullet, and they will also display the daily lives of your fighting girls. For better quality from these all, you can go with the best emulator: LDPlayer 9 for the Assault Lily Last Bullet.

Qualities Gameplay with Better Visuals

If you need to dive better through this Assault Lily Last Bullet gameplay, try LDPlayer 9 with it. The wider screen it provides with the best visuals will give you the exact quality you are expecting from the Assault Lily Last Bullet at its best.

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