The Enchiridion

A game about mental resilience in a dystopian future.
Dark Matter Studio
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Updated on 2024-06-12
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Category Role Playing
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The Enchiridion Description
In 2010, society began to unravel beneath its surface, unnoticed until it was too late. The world held its breath for an impending catastrophe driven by social media, yet nothing dramatic occurred. Instead, the future became dull and monotonous as people indulged in ever more engaging, dopamine-driven behaviors. Life's essence was diluted into effortless high rewards and immersive digital spaces, with neural implants further eroding our minds. There was no dramatic collapse, just a slow halt of progress. By 2100, civilization had halved, nature reclaimed its dominance, and humanity stood still. Knowledge was lost, AI-generated content flooded the internet, skills were forgotten, and factories ceased operations. Yet, amidst this stagnation, a few resilient individuals emerged. Because for some, the urge to be human was stronger than that of being entertained.

Welcome to the Enchiridion; a workout, meditation and breathwork game set in a dystopian future where you play as Ari. Grow rare vegetables to earn money and improve the community, help the Enchiridion, an old crippled cyborg, survive his days and improve your own mental resilience playing this game.

Note: most meditations are based on the original Enchiridion of Epictetus written by Arrian, in the year 125.

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