Most Wanted Person

avoid all swat team and not get caught
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Version 1.0
Updated on 2024-03-17
Rating 4
Category Role Playing
Package name com.pkfgamesopenworld.mostwantedpersonauto
Downloads 5+
Most Wanted Person Description
Most Wanted Person is simulation sandbox or open world game, play as wanted human in industrial area trying to survive by avoiding swat team or fight them. Lot of weapon that you can find in Most Wanted Person game such as p90, mcx, mp7, m16, m1911 and many more. You can find ammo for your weapon by defeating the enemy or buy it from shop that you can find the area.

In Most Wanted Person game you can't buy a weapon but you need to find them in industrial area. Beware that in every road is guarded heavily by sniper swat team and car patrol area always patrolling in the main road. Survive and collect all the weapon to make Most Wanted game easier to defeat all the swat team. Don't forget to use your bicycle to explore and find all the weapon.

Feature in this game:
~ Open World Map
~ Ride a Bicycle
~ Different Variety of Weapons
~ Weapon Loot
~ Ammo Shop

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