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Category Role Playing
Package name com.itnetworks.mightyherowars
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Heroes of Mighty Wars Description
Welcome to the thrilling world of Heroes of Mighty Wars! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure where strategy meets fantasy in a universe filled with magic, battles, and fun!

Gather your team of fearless heroes, each with unique skills and abilities. From powerful wizards to hard-hitting warriors, there's always a hero ready to lead your team to victory.

In Mighty Hero Wars, it's not just about the battle – it's about the strategy. Build your team, craft your battle plan, and outsmart your enemies. Every move matters, so choose your heroes wisely and make every attack count.

But remember, it's not all serious business. Engage in exciting quests, explore mystical lands, and meet colorful characters along the way. With vibrant graphics and a captivating storyline, you'll never have a dull moment.

So, are you ready to step into the battlefield, commander? Assemble your team, sharpen your strategy, and join the Mighty Hero Wars now! Let the adventure begin!

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Comments about Heroes of Mighty Wars Android Version
Alright game, however very heavily pay 2 win. Spent 30 dollars to get a few characters and still come up against those who spend several hundreds, a lot of the pay 2 win characters are way overpowered and unbalanced. Just an example there is one that heals for 11 damage everytime it gets attacked and another that when you play a new attacker it gains 24 health per enemy
I love this game! There's so many different features, especially when you reach higher levels. I'm not a paid player, thus I am probably advancing slower than paid players, but I really don't mind. If you want a casual game you can play in your downtime, this game is awesome! If you're trying to get to the top quickly without making purchases, you might be disappointed. Also, customer support is fantastic to deal with. Giving 4 stars due to the price of packs. All-in-all great game!
The game isn't what you expect from the promo. I saw a bolt puzzle. And it's a war game with heroes time consuming fights and more than a simple puzzle game I wanted. Uninstalled it at 5 minutes of gaming.
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