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Version 0.1.3267
Updated on 2022-01-21
Rating 4.3
Category Role Playing
Package name com.playstudios.kingdomboss
Downloads 100+
Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG Description

The team behind Dungeon Boss brings you a next level RPG packed with action, strategy, and adventure. Get ready to embark on a mighty battle between good vs evil, in a realm that’s crumbling under the control of the Blight enemies. A powerful leader is needed to build an all-mighty combat squad of Epic Heroes who can grow the stronghold, overthrow the dark forces, and save the kingdom.

Gather the ultimate super force and go to battle with an army of 40+ upgradeable warrior heroes from wild genres.
Equip heroes with magic items and weaponry and coordinate their attacks in real-time battles.
Unlock new upgrades and abilities as you develop their strengths, plus reveal dark secrets through the Rune System.

When an empire is at stake, only the strongest will win the hero wars. Strategically build your formation and unleash the powerful Ultimate Abilities in combat to smite your enemies.

In this fully rendered 3D Online RPG, strategize your Heroes’ abilities and attack skills to battle it out in stunning landscapes. Be shoulder to shoulder with your heroes as you navigate their environment amidst dragons and villains who come from the shadows.

🕺💃 PVP and PVE COMBAT 🕺💃
Climb the PvP rankings by going to real-time battle with your best teams and be victorious over evil. Play alongside other global Kingdom Boss fans and dominate the PvE arena, seizing more territory and upgrading your stronghold with every win.

As you expel the forces of the Blight, your kingdom works for you even when you’re away. Your army troops continue to watch over your realm, wage wars, defend the land, and collect resources from the Expeditions you set them. Reap the rewards of strategic idle gameplay on your return.

Are you the rightful leader of Dominus? Take on the challenge you were destined for.

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