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Updated on 2024-04-09
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Games & Else with BitStarz Description
Bitstarz is a galactic universe, among bright stars, where incredible adventures take place. Alien invaders, led by the insidious Crypto Lord, began an invasion of peaceful planets.
You are the last hope and reliable defender of the galaxy! Take control of a powerful spaceship and engage in an epic battle against alien invaders. Save peaceful planets from the terrifying destructive ray of the dark ruler!
Game features
Ready to fight to save the galaxy? Then get ready for adventure and fight for victory! There are a number of possibilities in the Bitstarz galaxy:
Dynamic gameplay. Feel the adrenaline rush as you maneuver between enemy attacks and fire devastating missiles at their spaceships💫.
Improved skills. Find power crystals to upgrade your ship and increase its combat abilities🔥.
Variety of opponents. Face off against different types of aliens, each with unique combat tactics and power characteristics⚡️.
Epic bosses. Show your skills in battles with huge space monsters standing in the way of victory🪐.
Your leisure time has never been so vibrant. Engage in an epic battle between good and evil!
Game session mechanics
The dynamics of the game round will definitely not let you get bored. Go through the main stages on the way to victory over the enemy!
Start of the round. Each round begins with taking off from the base in your spaceship. You are in outer space, ready for new adventures.
Enemy attacks. Enemy ships begin to attack, firing various types of weapons. You need to skillfully maneuver, avoiding hits and attacking enemies at the same time.
Improvements. As you progress, you will encounter special power crystals. Take them to increase your shooting speed and armor.
Boss battles: After several waves of enemies, you'll have to fight an epic boss. Show off all your skills and upgrades to defeat them.
Completion of the round. After defeating the boss, the round ends. Upgrade your ship's capabilities and prepare for the next challenge.
As the rounds progress, the difficulty of the game gradually increases. You face more powerful enemies and difficult bosses. Only the most dexterous and brave pilots will be able to pass all the tests and save the galaxy from crypto invaders!
Make your ship stronger!
Let your comic ship reach its full potential! Find crystals and get upgrades! Upgrading a vessel is done in the following ways:
destruction of enemies: after destroying enemy ships, they can leave behind power crystals to improve the ship or temporary weapon upgrades;
finding containers: throughout the game levels you can find containers with additional crystals or special upgrades;
completing tasks: complete missions in rounds, get power crystals and unique upgrades.
Use power crystals wisely to become a true hero and save the galaxy from the threat of invaders!
All the advantages of gameplay
The Bitstarz game opens up a real world of online adventure! Appreciate all the advantages of the gameplay.
Fascinating story. Dynamic and vibrant gameplay that will make you feel like a space pilot. You will be on the verge of battle with enemies, feeling the adrenaline of every second🌏.
Upgrades. Wide selection of upgrades for your spaceship. You can customize it to suit your playstyle, improve weapons, armor, speed and much more🎉.
Epic boss battles. Our bosses are real tests of your skills and strategic thinking. Fight huge space monsters and feel the joy of defeating them💥.
Ease of rules. The mechanics are simple and accessible to players, regardless of their experience. Controlling the spaceship is intuitive, allowing you to enjoy the process from the very beginning🤝.
By choosing our game, you will go on an exciting space adventure. Become a hero of the galaxy and save the world from alien invaders!

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