Duels RPG - Fantasy Adventure

Fantasy adventure text rpg turn based combat story D&D or DnD turn based RPG.
Text RPG Adventure - Castlehill
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Rating 4.3
Category Role Playing
Package name hu.adamvarhegyi.duelsrpg.cult
Downloads 5+
Duels RPG - Fantasy Adventure Description
Disclaimer: The game is only available in English.

Get ready to battle fantasy monsters, solve dungeon quests and hoard loot in this text based medievel CYOA RPG game!

Paladins, mages, assassins, warriors gather for adventure!
Will you solve the mystery story of Duels RPG?

🎮 Gameplay
- 💀 Turn-based combat
- 📜 Engaging text story
- 🔨 Crafting system
- ⚔️ Skills, Consumables, Runes
- 🧙 Endless skill combos
- 🐉 Immersive fantasy world
- 🎲 Roleplay adventure
- 📚 DnD or D&D inspired

🎓 Easy to learn, hard to master 🐉
Duels RPG offers something which very few games offer these days. You actually have to think, instead of mindless tapping.

❤️ Fairplay
The game is NOT pay to win.

🕶️ Accessible
Duels RPG is optimized for accessibility, basically it is a gamebook which is playable for visually impaired players.

✈️ Offline
Apart from one feature the game is playable offline

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DuelsRpg

Discord: https://discord.gg/SWybc8z

If you find any bugs, or would like to give feedback, please feel free to write an e-mail to me: duelsrpg@gmail.com

I'm working hard on this text adventure game to make it better each day with the honest love of the text rpg genre.

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Comments about Duels RPG - Fantasy Adventure Android Version
Oh no! I've finished the game! What do I do with my life now?! I've been doing nothing else in my free time this past week! I like the strategic nature of the gameplay and the inoffensive monetisation (happy to pay for the ad-free version!). The story is engaging & the occasional grammar issues do not impact the understanding. An option to sync progress would be awesome. & while I love the helpful status effect if you're stuck, it would be cool if you could turn that off for an extra challenge!
Let's get the good things first, I liked the story, I enjoyed the magic system put in place, having to use something different for every enemy spices things up and srops me from getting bored, the interface is intuitive and not clunky most of the time, and the the variety of spells and builds is huge yet not diluted. But there is ONE BIG BAD thing about this game, the optimization, it crashes every three or so fights, please fix this.
Amazing work! Always been into RPG's and this one got me hooked up too easily. Very well designed quests and enviromental descriptions. Loved the idea of text-based quests with customizable character interaction of it(combat in quests); that's what makes it different from the other text-RPG's, which feels like there's no choice freedom. Also read the other reviews, dev's been really helpful to the community. Will be looking for future updates, wishing the best ^^
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