Zombie Strike:last war AFK RPG

Recruit heroes and fight the undead with worldwide players for survival!
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Version 1.11.88
Updated on 2023-12-29
Rating 4.4
Category Role Playing
Package name com.dgame.zombies
Downloads 100+
Zombie Strike:last war AFK RPG Description
Gather a team of fighters who survived the Zombie Armageddon. Fight against thousands of the walking dead. Hire heroes with the unique abilities and weapons. Build-up a well-balanced team, experiment with squad formation, power up and upgrade your heroes. Collect and spend your resources wisely. Challenge players from all over the world on the Arena and fight for the survival of the humanity.


Recruit survivors, transform zombies, build a mighty team to defend your home!
High intelligence AI automatic play, say goodbye to manual operation, free your hands!
Get loot even while you’re offline, abundant rewards are waiting for you!

【Line Up Strategy】
Hundreds of companions and transformed zombies with specific skills! Build a unique team!
Class match, faction restrain. Strategic team formation, say no to regular gameplay!
Diversified cultivate system, level up your hero, start your journey of survival!

【Tons of Gameplay】
Stage search, resist zombies to obtain supplies, it’s the only way to survive when doom comes!
Tower of doomsday, challenge the monsters level by level!
Brave raid, a path that you can’t retreat, the failure is death!
Mysterious crystal, transformation institute, enjoy your game!

Mutual assistance, send hearts to your friends! Friends don't let each other wander in the dark alone!
Fight in the arena, only the strongest can lead companions to survive in the competition!

【Cooperative Guild】
Create a guild with your friends and lead your guild to supremacy!
Fight alongside other guild members, challenge the guild Boss, obtain great rewards!
The powerful guild tech can make you stand out in battles!
The exciting guild war, challenge other survivor camps, fight for glory!


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Comments about Zombie Strike:last war AFK RPG Android Version
The game constantly crashes more than any other game I've played. The match-up system is flawed because it pits you against players that clearly paid fir their power which makes winning virtually impossible. Prizes are not the best and the luck of the draw feels like it will work in your favor about 1 in a billion. Needs major improvements, a few good moments here and there but not what it could be.
This is a nice alternative to Road to Survival from those blood-suckers at $copely, but the biggest difference, and flaw, is that the battles are entirely automated. You do get a slight bit of strategy in that you can pick your formations and equip buffs, but other than that the actual gameplay is non-existent. I guess that comes with the territory, though... most people know what to expect from mobile games like this that are all potatoes and no meat. As long as you complete all of the tasks given you shouldn't have a problem keeping up enough resources to progress, abet slowly. In one week of playing I've earned about twenty-five 5* characters and am ready to upgrade them to 6* (and beyond). I'll admit to spending money, only because I'm desperate to be active in a decent MMO zombie game, and I don't regret doing it. I've certainly received more from completing tasks and random free drops than from what I've bought, but I can definitely see how the paying player has an overall advantage when it comes to getting more stuff faster. Still, they absolutely do NOT repeatedly bash you over the head with it like $copely does. If you spend $50 or $100 here, your ass is getting a character and a lot of resources. Compare that to spending $100 in Road to Survival, where you get a certain number of (very small) chances at obtaining a character. I'll never fault a "pay X and receive Y" system... it's the "pay X and receive a chance at Y" that downright disturbs me. The English is sometimes difficult to understand, especially in the descriptions of events and activities, but they try and there's nothing you won't master within a week or two with trial and error. The artwork is very, very good, even if some of the characters are blatant ripoffs of other more popular ones. They're still fun. The guild features are excellent and I appreciate the expanded profiles that each player has. So few games pay attention to these things so it's nice to find one that cares, even about the little things like including a block of text for a custom profile message. It's not perfect by any stretch, but I do love it, so five stars.
Confusing tutorial that has you click click clicking through dozens of dialog boxes instead of slowly introducing you to me concepts over time. I have no idea how this game or any of the dozens of things work, and I've been playing RPGs for 25 years. Character customization seems non existent. Battles are boring. Poor English translation. Overwhelming main menu. Hard pass.
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