Bankrupt Demon King

I, the Demon King, woke up to find I'm penniless?
EOAG Games
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Version 19.34
Updated on 2023-12-05
Rating 4.1
Category Role Playing
Package name com.EOAG.BankruptDevil
Downloads 100+
Bankrupt Demon King Description
I was the CEO of a large company! How am I the owner of the Bankrupt Demon King's Castle?

Through magic, the protagonist's body has changed places with the Demon King!
The Demon King's Castle is on the verge of bankruptcy!
The Protagonist's difficult journey back to Earth!

◆ Charming Summoned Creatures!
Let's collect the cute and charming summoned creatures!

◆ Stop playing tedious and repetitive games!
Infinite possibilities of fun gameplay options with different summoned creatures, Weapons and Skills!

◆ Ranked Games to determine who is the strongest Demon King!
Compete with other players to become the Strongest Demon King and rule over the Demon Realm!

◆ One-handed Action!
With just one finger you can Move, Attack, and even use your Ultimate!

※ [Read External Storage] permission description
[Read External Storage] permission is required to install obb files.

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Comments about Bankrupt Demon King Android Version
I feel like the leveling experience for equipment could be better. But the blacksmith fusion to turn basic stuff into higher gear is a pretty cool idea. The rng for battles does bring an interesting take for combat so you can end up experiencing different kinds of playstyles even with a focus on say swords or bows. But the "watch this ad to get a free whatever" usually doesn't work for some reason. Really frustrating.
The gameplay is really fun, smooth, and progression is easy to understand and manage. However, the daily requirements are far too demanding and time consuming, there isn't much variety in upgrades/modifiers within each run, and the bosses vary WILDLY in difficulty and fairness. Some bosses have moves that are impossible to predict or avoid. It's the wrong way to add challenge. I enjoyed the game for a few weeks, but barring improvements in these areas, I simply can't give it any more time.
Actually has some kind of gameplay but could do with a few real improvements. 1. Continuous motion from room to room. You shouldn't have to take your finger off the screen to start moving again when renterring a room. 2. Puzzles in the story. The arenas are nice but it gets boring quickly. Gives no reason to be intetested in the story. 3. Generally more things to do would be nice.
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