Ultimate Jailbreak Beginner Guide with Tips to Become a Pro Player


Jailbreak is such a great game that can make you go through different interesting scenarios, and, unlike the other Roblox games you usually see, there will be prisoners and the COP to deal with here. This is such an amazing game to find new ways to game, and whether you become a COP or a prisoner, there are many things to learn here as a first-time player. If you know exactly the tips on handling the game, it will eventually clear your way to become a pro player.

Ultimate Jailbreak Beginner Guide with Tips

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Today, we are going to provide you with some beginner things to be aware of in the game and some essential tips to handle the game to the best of your ability. To maximize your gaming performance, all you have to do now is to play Roblox on PC through LDPlayer 9 to be better at Jailbreak and let's start the guide and tips here from now on.

Choosing a Role in Jailbreak

As we already mentioned before, the Jailbreak game allows players to pick a role for the game, and either you can be a prisoner or a cop. If you decide to be a prisoner, then your ultimate goal is to escape from the prison, while being the cop prevents prisoners from escaping. Since these two roles are opposite, it is better to know how to handle them, and we will get to know them as a beginner first.

Prisoner Role

Prisoner Role

If you decide to be a prisoner in Jailbreak, you have to try your best to escape. You will start the game by sitting in a cell, and you will have to wait for 15 seconds before making your efforts to escape here. The first thing you have to do as the prisoner is to go to the entrance, and you will see a box placed there. You are required to smash it to open the gate, and you have to do these all without getting caught by the officers' attention.

With all the efforts you make, once you are outdoors, you will have to get a vehicle, and there are many unusual things that you can do here. You can rob banks and even kill police officers to have weapons and just try to pay full attention to the outer environment because that is how you get the best chance to escape. You can use many buildings to distract police officers from you and make sure to use these points if you really need to become successful as a prisoner.

Cop Role

Cop Role

And let's now pay attention to the cop role. As you already guessed, you are required to prevent prisoners from escaping, and as a cop, you have the total freedom to even kill them. If you have killed innocent civilians, you and the inmates will be sent to prison. Police cops are usually aiming more toward the prisoners who have committed more crimes.

When you are aiming for a proper prisoner caught in Jailbreak as a cop, you must focus on the campout, and this is likely the most used route for prisoners to escape. If you can focus on this place, it is likely to take more chances to capture the prisoners. And we are also recommending you use your weapons wisely in the game, and it is better if you have a best practice for aiming.

Whether you choose a cop or a prisoner role, it is a must to be more familiar with your controls as it makes you better handle the game. So what we recommend here is the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, because it has the features to set the gaming controls from your own keyboard. So there is no longer a need to struggle through the movements. Instead, you create your own with the use of the Keyboard Mapping feature here.

How to Make a Successful Prison Break?

This tip is going to be very useful if you become a prisoner in Jailbreak. You can use different methods to make a successful prison break in the game, and the first thing you can do here is using a key card along with ventilation. You can have a key card from the guard by pressing E, and you can then head into the dining room and see the ventilation. Here you are allowed to climb up, and it will make you be on the roof. After you come to the roof, you only have to jump to the tower, and you are all set to escape.

How to Make a Successful Prison Break

And the next tip for the escape is using a trampoline. There will be a trampoline placed in the Jailbreak, and you can generally use this to jump so that you will be put into the up. This is such a great way to make your way to the roof, and after you reach the roof, you have to jump over to escape. If there are better methods than this one that you can use, you also have the opportunity to leave directly from the gate as well. First, run into the police building and then hit the shield until the gate opens. Then it is required to run and crawl under the fence you see; when you see the tunnel, crawl through it, and then you are free to escape.

The Weapons in Jailbreak

There are different weapons that we can see in the Jailbreak, and those are used in self-defense and for robberies. When you start the game, you will be given a pistol, but you need access to other weapons at this start. They have to be unlocked through the dollars or with the Robux.

The Weapons in Jailbreak

There are several useful weapons that we can list down here for all beginners as follows.

  • Uzi – this is a submachine gun and has a raid fire in it. This weapon is very useful for close-range attacks.

  • Pistol – pistol or in other words: the Desert Eagle is a very helpful weapon that helps you to deal with many situations in this game, and it is identified as a free semi-automatic weapon

  • Rocket Launcher – the Rocket Launcher comes with the greatest damage and has an explosive power to damage.

  • AK 47 – here, you take a Crime Rifle from this name, and it comes with a heavy damage

  • Rifle – this is a machine gun, and there will be great damage comes out of it within the shortest time

  • Revolver – the revolver is free in Jailbreak and ideal for taking a quarter of health from the target

How to Get More Keycards?

The keycards are going to be useful when you are planning to make a successful escape. So, how about having an unlimited amount of them? There is a way to do it in Jailbreak,

To have more keycards, you have to find the police, which can be either out of prison or inside. Then what you have to do here is to pick your pocket and do it as much as you can because it eventually allows you to have a keycard. After you have earned a keycard, you will have to go to the main building and head into the cell. Then you can store your card. You can do the same pickpocket method again and again to have more keycards. Repeatedly doing this will allow you to earn more and more keycards.

Arresting Rules of Prisoners

Several criteria apply if you decide to arrest a prisoner, and you, as a cop, can only do it if the prisoner is engaging in the following activity.

Arresting Rules of Prisoners

  • If prisoners are roaming through the restricted areas

  • If they have shot a police officer

  • If prisoners have hit another player

  • When the prisoners are stealing from another policeman

  • If the prisoners have punched the power supply

  • If prisoners come along with an item rather than handcuffs or the stun gun

Please note that as a cop, you are not allowed to shoot at innocent prisoners. If you do so, you are going to be charged a certain dollar amount, and you will be warned for it.


And these are all the guides and tips you will use to have a successful escape or a successful prisoner catching in Jailbreak, and if you really want to make a great impact at the game, please follow these steps. Knowing how your roles work and the best things you can use in the game will eventually lead you to make a pro player and use these tips to make it better gameplay.

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