Top 5 S Rank Constructs to Roll For - Punishing Gray Raven


With the special update patch of Punishing Gray Raven going strong with interesting contents and brand new characters up for players’ grab using the gacha system, a brand new specially available limited time Rate Up banner have also been introduced for players to attempt to roll for special 6* S Rank Constructs that they have missed previously with a special 100% guaranteed rate up for the chosen Construct. With this special banner only lasting for a short period of time, it is important for players to know who are the best 6* S Rank Contructs currently available in the game’s meta.


In this guide, we will go over the top 5 best 6* S Rank Constructs that players should choose to roll for in the special limited 100% Guaranteed rate up banner and see what they are best at doing and why players should choose them to obtain from the special banner.


Let’s play Punishing Gray Raven on PC and find out together!

Special 100% S Rank Construct Rate Up Banner

The special 100% S Rank Constructs Rate UP Banner is a special banner that have its own pity count that will allow players to choose a single S Rank Construct that will be rated up during the banner’s duration and will be the S Rank Construct that is guaranteed to drop if players were to obtain an S Rank Construct during the banner’s event.

Special Rate Up And Pity

The special 100% Rate Up Banner is divided into 2 separate banners - 1 with 60 pulls pity and the usual 1% S Rank Construct Rate and 1 with 80 to 100 pulls pity with double the S Rank Construct Rate. These 2 banners have separate pity counts and separate chances for players to choose the S Rank Rate UP Construct, meaning that if the players have the resources, they can potentially obtain up to 2 S Rank Guaranteed Constructs by rolling on these two separate banners.

Players should focus on rolling for the banner with a 60 pity S Rank Construct rate up banner if you have enough resources, especially for free to pay and casual players as the pity are lower and it helps the players to obtain the S Rank Construct as soon as the pity is reached.

As for the 80 to 100 pulls banner, if you are a whale player who is willing to spend a large amount of pulls, then this banner is better as the rate for S Rank constructs are greatly boosted but the trade off is that the pity count is way higher.

Top 5 S Rank Constructs To Roll For

5.Chrome: Glory

Chrome: Glory is a 6* S Rank Ice Elemental Construct that serves as the Ice team’s tanking unit with his high defensive stats in addition to a skill kit that revolves around tanking attacks and countering the enemy’s attacks with a devastating blow that will freeze them in place.

Chrome: Glory’s main strong point lies in his ability to freeze enemies in an instance when he enters his special stance which can be triggered when his Ice gauge is filled up after attacking. Once activated by holding down the attacking button, Chrome: Glory will enter a special stage where all of his orbs will be rearranged to 3 ping orbs and all of his attacks will inflict special freeze counters that once hit the enemy will freeze them in place, making them unable to act.


Chrome: Glory’s special stage also has another special function in his perfect time parry, where if you time his attack in accordance with the enemy’s attack and counter it, he will instantly freeze the enemy despite their resistance and inflict insane amounts of Ice Elemental damage to them.

4. Vera: Garnet

Vera: Garnet is a Lightning Elemental Construct that wields a brand new type of weapon - a flagpole. Vera: Garnet is a tank type construct that specializes in using her normal attacks to shred enemies Lightning resistance and their Super Armor status in addition to dealing massive Lightning damage depending on her own special effect - Lightning Charge.

Vera: Garnet shines in her ability to crowd control a massive field of enemies by pulling them towards her with her charge attack. The more stacks of Lightning charge she gains from her normal attack, the more damage and pull force her charge attack will have and she will be able to pull the entire field of enemies to one point for other constructs to deal damage to them.


Vera’s skills and attacks also deal massive amounts of lightning damage to a large field of enemies and shred their lightning resistance and their super armor and their shield.

3. Luna: Laurel

Luna:Laurel is a 6* S Rank Construct of the Dark elemental attribute that specializes in dealing massive amounts of Dark elemental damage to enemies in a wide area as an on field main DPS Construct.

Luna’s entire skill kit allows her to deal massive amounts of damage while gradually corrodes the enemies in a wide area. In addition, her skills also allow her to grant herself the Super Armor effect, allowing her to survive longer to dish out even more damage.


In addition, Luna’s Core Passive fills up a special gauge with every 3-Pings she does. Once this bar is filled up to a certain point, holding down the basic attack button will allow Luna to enter Annihilation Mode, dealing special Annihilation Orbs damage to all enemies around her and dealing massive Dark Damage for every Orbs she consumes.


This special Core Passive, along with her Ultimate skill, which deals a massive 2800% Dark damage to all enemies ahead of her, allows her to essentially spam her powerful Annihilation Mode power and deals ridiculous amounts of damage, fitting for a DPS Character.

2. Rosetta: Rigor

Rosetta: Rigor is a special 6* S Rank Construct that deals Physical damage to enemies and has the ability to shred enemies’ defense with her mastery over spearmanship.

Rosetta’s main power comes from her ability to completely reduce the enemies’ physical resistance to non-existence, allowing her and her team to deal massive amounts of damage to all enemies within range and kill them with ease using physical damage.


In addition, when equipped with her signature weapon, Rosetta will be able to shred even more defense and buff her team’s damage output with her railgun and its passive, helping to allow the physical team a meta edge over other elemental teams in the game.

1. Lucia: Blume

Lucia: Blume is an Ice elemental 6* S Rank Construct that has the ability to constantly spam her ultimate skill as long as she has 3 ping orbs to consume, making her an extremely powerful and brain dead DPS character to use in order to achieve amazing results in battle.

Lucia: Blume’s passive allows her to gradually gather orbs and transform her attacks into Ice elemental attacks when using 3 orbs ping, allowing her to deal massive amounts of damage and fill up her special Ice Gauge.

Once she has pinged a certain amount of 3 orbs, Lucia:Blume will be able to enter the special Ice form using her ultimate button and gather even more charges to charge up her ultimate attack with 3 ping orbs.


Once filled, Lucia’s ultimate attack deals massive amounts of damage to a wide area of enemies, instantly defeating them with her overwhelming strength.

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