Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Guide: Tips & Tricks, Hit Down Terrorist


Tom Clancy's Elite Squad game is a role-playing game by Owlient, and it is a free mobile game on its origin. At the beginning of this game, your task is to enter Tom Clancy's video game franchise game. You have collected and assembled the heroes and the villains from four sectors s Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, The Division, and the Splinter Cell. In the battlefield of the game, you can have the training and have the equipment according to your specialties to have maximum power in the battle filed.


Tom Clancy's Elite Squad game heroes and villains can be seen in Tom Clancy universe, and they are always ready to play in one single game. All of the players in this game will have the ability to assemble the characters. And also they can give their favorite characters training as per their choice. There are many fans for Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, and due to that, they have characters based on the popularity of the fan for this game. They are all available in the Tom Clancy's universe for the video games. So you will get the ability to make the greatest squad for the gameplay.


Tom Clancy's Elite Squad


In this Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, you will meet some unique and iconic characters, and you will not be able to see such characters in other gameplays. And also, we can say that this game has its iconic weapons and maps. They are coming from the Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and the Division. It's a whole new creation of their own. All of these things are not included with any links and or any other games.


So it is officially a section for the Tom Clancy's Universe for the Video game. Before you start to play Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, it is better to watch this game's full trailer. So you can have a basic idea of how to play it along. When you first try this game along with yourself, it is better to know about how to play it exactly on the right point. So here, we have some tips and strategies to begin the game for beginners as follows.


Upgrade and equip your operators


Before you start a new round, it is always recommended to upgrade your equipment and operators properly. You have to know that ratings for your skill are very important in Tom Clancy's Elite Squad. Your skill is the representation of your strength level. We can say that skill rating is the power of your combat skills. When your number is gone into high, it means that your strength also goes high.


All of the levels of this game have their recommendations for the skill ratings. If you are below the numbers on these recommendations, your playing round may be hard. So make sure to upgrade all the operations all the time. You can upgrade those by upgrade prompt in the development screen. Do it at the beginning of every mission you do. You can upgrade by three methods as follows.


Tom Clancy's Elite Squad


Level Up – easy to increase skill ratings. It is a simple paying cash method.


Equipping Gear – you will receive gears by completing levels. You will able to outfit operators by those gears. When you complete a set, you can use those hears to increase the skill of a character. Or you can boost up their power.


Crafting Better Weapons – each of the characters in this game uses their weapon on the battlefield. They have very specific weapons own by them. Those weapons can increase the damage, ratings of fie, etc. use this as the best upgrade for a character. But remember that taking weapons is a somewhat expensive process. So we recommend you to use it only when you operate your best weapon.


Gear and Cash Grind Stages


At the very beginning of the game, we are always doing the grinding process. We perform grinding to gain some more experience and resources towards the game. But some stages give you the cash and gears of specific features. They will help you to upgrade your operators. But when you start to level up the characters, it is always limited to the commander level.


So it clearly says that the operators of yourself cannot be exceeded than your commander. But you can collect some experience on the commander guide rather than collecting gear and cash through grinding. When you are stuck in a difficult level, you will have the ability to ground up some stages to become stronger.


Tom Clancy's Elite Squad


Grind Automation by Macro Reader


When you talk about grinding, this Tom Clancy's Elite Squad game automatically allows you to complete several stages. So it gives rewards for it. When you want to auto-completion of a level, remember to beat it with three medals. You can use Macro Reader to suggest grinding whether you have tokens or not. By using macro, you have the opportunity to forget about the manual grindings. You can create a macro by these simple steps.


  • Go to the mission and start the recorder.
  • When it is recording, enter your mission and complete it.
  • When you able to win exit from the menu and turn off the recorder.
  • Give a name for the macro and assign a key binding.


When you use the macro, you can think easily on every stage with a button.


Event - "A Friend in Need"

When you finish the tutorial of this game, you will be accessed to friend in need event. It will reward you from free operator Issac Briggs after you complete the first mission. The operator of this event will not be a strong one, although you upgrade him. But when you can complete the missions for this event, you will take extra intel fo, Issac. This intel will allow Issac to increase his rank in free. Remember that these missions are somewhat if you are not prepared for it. So you will grind soon to complete them.


Your combat orders

When your characters are engaging in the battlefield with reloading, shooting, and using their skills, you are responsible for doing the activations of the special combat orders. These skills are the ones that make special effects in the combat system. So when they are used correctly, you can earn an easy winning in the game.

Here are some tricks and cheats fo you to use in Tom Clancy's Elite Squad game.


Engage in your Dailies

If you want to have a part in Tom Clancy's Elite Squad's big leagues, it is recommended to do the daily quests. There are daily quests that appear in this game every day. So try to do them daily. It is the best method to progress for your victory without giving so much effort on it.


A Balanced Team

You will be able to build a team of their own in this game. So be sure to make it more balanced in your battle team. Choose them as one defender, attacker, and a specialist. So whatever happens in the game, that team will help you to rise effectively against the enemies.


Use your abilities

There is no point in saving your abilities, and there is no point in having them a lot b taking them as soon as possible for the usage. In combat, you need to have a more active role. It should not be a normal RPG gatcha.


Tom Clancy's Elite Squad


Best characters in Max Level

Best characters should be kept at a maximum level to act in their best on their performance whenever we need it.


As a gatcha RPG game Tom Clancy's Elite Squad game, you can have the ability to battle against the PvP arena to join a guild with your friends. These are some of the small and tinny tricks on strategies cheats and tricks for the beginners. Read them and understand them carefully so that you will have an awesome gaming experience with Tom Clancy's Elite Squad for sure.

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