Tears of Themis Redeem Codes November 2022


 The creators of the excellent video game Tears of Themis just recently published it. Like the Genshin Impact, this game features similar components. They claim that this game stands out beyond all else they've made. Players in this detective-themed gacha game must solve a confounding puzzle with a love story on one side of the story. This makes for a lovely story with unique themes. Tears of Themis redeem codes will help to get some in-game freebies.





Since it appeals to a wide range of players, this game has emerged as one of the most well-liked ones. You must use the basic game strategies at the beginning of the game. We have provided Tears of Themis redeem codes to make this game more enjoyable.


What Are Tears of Themis Redeem Codes?

The creators have chosen to give away a redeem code in conjunction with introducing a new stage to the game for their first anniversary. Redeem code releases are becoming commonplace in the modern game business. They are often distributed to recognize the contribution of their players and spread happiness after a noteworthy achievement.


Active Tears of Themis Redeem Codes

These are the Tears of Themis promo codes presently in use and may be used to obtain bonuses.


Redeem code  Rewards Exp date
HAPPYTHANKSGIVING Redeem this gift code for S-Chip ×60, Stellin x10,000, Energy Drink Basic Pack ×1  Valid until November 30th, 2022
AA7SG92KHL7T Redeem this gift code for S-Chip x40, Stellin x20,000 Valid until November 23rd, 2022
XBNBGRK2YL57 Redeem this gift code for S-Chip x40, Oracle of Justice III x20 Valid until November 23rd, 2022
YSNSG8J3YL53 Redeem this gift code for S-Chip x40, Energy Drink Family Pack x1 Valid until November 23rd, 2022

Be aware that although these codes appear meaningless and have no order to use, they are precisely the way they are meant to be used; therefore, you cannot modify them. You must be careful to redeem as it appears since changing a single character, a space, or a number might cause this to stop working.


Additionally, each of these coupons has a deadline by which they must be redeemed. So give your best to use them because they will all expire shortly quickly.


How to Redeem Tears of Themis Codes

If you don't know how to redeem, please follow the steps we have given below.


  • Goto Redemption Page (make sure you have created the account and have a character created)



  • Logged in to your account
  • Enter the character name you want to send
  • Enter the gift Code we have given above
  • Click the redeem Button


Now the gift should have arrived in your in-game mailbox. Make sure to claim them for 90 days because the game keeps unread emails for only 90 days. If your gift did not appear on your character Mailbox, wait and try again later. Additionally, each redeemable code may only be used once.


How to Get New Tears of Themis Codes?

Keep an eye on their Twitter account since the devs only supply new codes. Nevertheless, bookmark this website for frequent updates if you don't want to look elsewhere.


How to Play Tears of Themis on a PC?

We are confident that playing Tears of Themis on PC with LDPlayer will provide you with the most significant gaming experience you've ever wanted. If you want to Download LDPlayer and Play Tears of Themis, please follow the instructions below.



  • Go to the LDPlayer Download site from here
  • Download and install the version you want
  • Open the LDPlayer
  • Visit the LD Store, which is a section of the LDPlayer.


You may search for your Tears of Themis game name on this Store, which has hundreds of mobile applications.

Once you've located the game, install it and use LDPlayer for the most excellent possible gaming experience.



Before we go, we have to remind you that These codes do not cheat codes; developers give them out, so don't be afraid to use them. For now, that is all. We can help if you need any further Tears of Themis guidance. Learn more about Themis' Tears of Themis Debate Tips: How to Strengthen Your Cards & The Winning Battle Guide. 

Download Tears of Themis on PC