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Last Updated: 2021-08-18

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Current Version: 1.7.1

Tears of Themis

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News and Guides for Tears of Themis
Tears of Themis Ultimate Skills Guide
In Tears of Themis, skills come as abilities to be activated at the debates. They help you deal efficiently with each debate, and every skill comes to the game with a specifying skill to be helpful in the debates.
Tears of Themis Les Tournesols Connections Chapter 4 Guide
In chapter 4 of Tears of Themis, a murder has happened within a mansion, involving the paintings of sunflowers. You have to clear up the true fate of Van Kernel.
Tears of Themis | Weight of a Soul Connections Guide [Chapter 3]
Chapter 3 of Tears of Themis names the Weigh of a Soul Connection is running around murder, and Mr. Gordon has been murdered in here. But the suspect goes to innocence, and you need to find the actual murderer with shreds of evidence.
Tears of Themis NXX Headquarters Guide
In the game Tears of Themis, NXX headquarters are there to gain extra stats on players and the resources after passing the story from 04 to 02. And it helps on leveling up the headquarters.
Tears of Themis | Unbearable Love Chapter 2 Guide
Tears of Themis chapter 2, the Unbearable Love, revolves around the murder of Estelle, and the suspect is now Marius. You have to help him prove his innocence in this case with the proper connection of the shreds of evidence.
Tears of Themis: The Hand that Feeds Chapter 1 Guide
Chapter one of Tears of Themis is set to find the real reason for kitchen poisoning and its owner suspected of this. But he is not the one who did this, and you need to find out who is really behind this by finding the evidence and through the inquiries.
Tears of Themis Ultimate Card Guide August 2021
In Tears of Themis, players can choose from so many varieties of cards while using the limited draws within the game. Cards come as SSSR, SR, and R rarities.
Tears of Themis Debate Tips
Debates are a recurring element in Tears of Themis. To win the debate successfully, you need to have a good idea about the color-coded arguments. Each argument will depict by its respective color.
Tears of Themis How to Strengthen your Cards & the Winning Battle Guide
Tears of Themis is an adventurous game where you have to complete the missions in a detective way. To strengthen up the cards and win the battles, you have to increase the loudness of your voice. Anyhow, you can encounter several valuable strategies that you can use.
Tears of Themis Beginner Guide Tips and Tricks
In Tear of Themis, you have to complete different missions. As a beginner, in the first episode, you have to find evidence about the person who did a food poisoning in the restaurant.