Skyweaver Tips and Tricks  and How to Make Money


Skyweaver is a cross-platform, blockchain strategy trading card game where players own, trade, and gift their cards among other players. Through the gameplay, players have the opportunity to win tradable NFT cards on their road to becoming a legendary Skyweaver; the aim of the Skyweaver tips and tricks to get better is to aid you in learning to combine deep strategic gameplay effectively.





The game's trading system and the marketplace depend solely on players, which means the developers do not control the economy. Only players will be selling cards or adding new cards to the market that they win or trade through the gameplay.


The Skyweaver market offers the current market price right away based on transparent computation, and there is no waiting time until the transaction is completed, eliminating any ambiguity from the pricing.


Blockchain games are called pay-to-earn, not just for nothing; you can play the game and earn through trading items. Players can trade items for cryptocurrency and then exchange them for real-world currency. To be effective in the game, you may need a little hand so let's move on to see some Skyweaver tips and tricks to get better.


Skyweaver Tips and Tricks to Get Better with Game Modes

There are only two modes that matter; they are called Ranked and Conquest. Each mode can be played in discovery or constructed methods. In discovery, you can play with the card you don't have. The deck is built automatically with random cards, which means you have to have the cards and make the deck yourself. 



The game has three types of cards you will be able to get. They are called base cards, silver cards, and golden cards. Golden cards are the most valuable because you can only earn them by winning the conquest. Every week the game changes eight golden cards you can earn through conquest mode; after the time has passed, they can’t be earned anywhere else, so the value of the golden cards never goes down.


Silver cards can be earned through both ranked mode and conquest, but to play conquest, either you will have to buy the ticket or you have to burn a silver card to enter. Our first thing to talk about under Skyweaver tips is to play the ranked and earn silver, then enter conquest to get the gold cards. In this manner, playing the game doesn't cost any money.



Skyweaver Tips and Tricks to Get Better With Prisms

Each character has a prism, which can be one of five different types: strength, heart, agility, wisdom, or intelligence. The cards that may be used in a deck are determined by one or two prisms. Each card has a connection to a specific prism, and a deck can only include cards from the prisms that comprise that deck.



You cannot place any cards in any deck you like. Instead, you can pick one or two prisms and then utilize any card that matches the prisms in your deck. When building a deck, it is essential to consider how to employ each prism because they each have unique qualities and advantages.


  • When you first begin the game, your sole prism will be the strength prism; however, after reaching level 15, you will receive a second prism. Strength prism characters are strong, resilient troops that can overwhelm and destroy their enemies and are equipped with spells that specialize in enhancing your units.


  • The wisdom prism excels at long-term defensive strategies and has several cards that excel in healing, stalling, drawing cards, and taking out large groups of opponents at once. This enables you to keep changing the decisions you want while developing a long-term strategy.


  • The heart prism is specialized in influencing the dead, it will help you to recycle your troops, and it is a great supporting prism for those who have units they desire to recycle.


  • The agility prism focuses on being aggressive, applying pressure to enemies with units, spreading damage spells, help the players replenish their own resources.


  • One of the intellect's specialties is the ability to quickly overwhelm opponents and completely change the course of a game. Cards with intellect have a unique propensity to create more copies of themselves and frequently work well with other spells.


Our Skyweaver tips for beginner players is to play with wisdom or strength; they will carry you in the hardest battles, and they are durable and can help you to stay longer and overcome the RNG. until you get all the cards needed to make a deck, you should never play constructed, play discovery instead, choose ADA as the hero because the game is never going to add valuable cards to your half-constructed deck.


Know your keywords

  • Stealth: Stealth troops elude attacks by hiding behind the hero until the hero has sustained damage; your opponent cannot attack stealth units.


  • Guard: Guard units shield your hero from attacks and don't shield other units; they only shield the hero.


  • Life Still: This effect only activates when an opponent hero is harmed and grants your hero health equal to the amount of damage done.


  • Whether: When damage is delivered, the unit's power is reduced by the amount of damage.


  • Banner: Banner grants you a hero plus one power. Banners from units remain active until the unit is eliminated from the battlefield.


  • Armor: reduces damage from all sources by one with armor.


  • Trigger: A triggered ability happens when a specified need is met.


Our Skyweaver tips are to remember these keywords and read the cards and understand what they do so you can make the best decision that fits the situation. 


Learn While You Play


While playing, you will encounter situations where you are going to use a spell that may cost you considerably if you use it in the wrong circumstances; our Skyweaver tip is to try the yellow arrow and point to each unit, and you will be able to see the effect. That way, you will not trigger unexpected spells placed by your opponents but make sure not to drop the arrow while you are pointing it.


Play With the Economy in Mind

The most important question you have to ask is, will I be able to play this card now? For this, our, Skyweaver tip is; that on your first turn, if you get a high-cost card, there is no point in keeping it if you know you can't play it for at least 4 rounds, so it is better to have a cheap card that you can use to keep the game going. 


The second guidance from our Skyweaver tips is to pay attention to game suggestions. The game will help you decide what to keep by surrounding inexpensive cards with blue light. Plan out your first three or four turns as much as you can. If you select cards with mana costs under 4, you will have the best play for each of the following three turns.


How Do You Make Money From Skyweaver?

To earn money, you must play conquest mode and have to be a competent player in Skyweaver. In Sky Weaver, there are two methods to obtain cards: the first is to play the conquest mode and win three straight matches to obtain golden cards; the second is to rank in the top 250 to obtain silver cards. You will receive 5 to 6 silver cards weekly when your rank is above 250. You may then burn these silver cards to enter the conquest and win golden cards.



The currency you have In your sequence wallet does not give you a chance to convert them into US dollars. Or it won't allow for any flat currency. To achieve this, you will need to use a third-party exchange. If you live in the US, for instance, you may use Coinbase or Binance; otherwise, search for accepted exchanges in your country.



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Here are all of our Skyweaver tips and Tricks to Get Better, which concludes with the Skyweaver tips and tricks get better. It is up to you to use these suggestions to be the best you can be. If you have more questions about how the NFT and Blockchain work, we suggest you visit the Skyweaver official website; they have a more in-depth guide on these subjects.

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