Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat - Tips and Tricks on Controlling your jet, using enhancements, and getting more rewards


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat is a flight simulator developed by Wildlife Studios in which you and two other players compete in high-speed aerial combat against the enemy squad. Every step of the way, you’ll be evading missiles, returning fire, and contesting objectives. Whether you win or lose, you collect currencies after each match, which you can use to upgrade your selected fighter plane and return to the sky.


Sky Warriors gives you a selection of aircraft to pick from, which you may unlock as you rise through the ranks, then upgrade and arm as you see appropriate. The game modes are limited, but the matches are brief, making the team fights a snap. Later on, you can join squadrons to connect with other players and strategize with them, even going on sorties as a group.


Remember that whatever weapons and power-ups you uncover in Sky Warriors, other players can find as well. Expect some real acrobatics as you try to evade their salvos while retaliating with your own. However, keep in mind the match objectives, as your opponent may be able to steal victory despite your mastery of the skies. Stay with us to find out how to master the air!


In this article, we’ll be giving you some helpful tips and tricks guide to help you progress faster, understand the game’s concepts and make your lieutenant proud of your flying and fighting abilities. 


Equipping the Best Enhancements

Sky Warriors currently has two game types to choose from Payload and Skirmish. The game will put you through some practice matches with bots at the end of the tutorial, and you can choose to play a practice match yourself when the lesson is over.


Before starting a match, you can choose from various Missiles, Countermeasures (though only flares are available right now, there isn’t much you can do there), and Enhancements (temporary power-ups that give you a brief leg up against your foes). There are four enhancements you can pick from, and you can equip up to three of them:


Attack Up: For 30 seconds, this enhancement doubles your damage and is coupled with a 60-second cool-down between uses.


Defense Up: For 30 seconds, reduces all incoming damage by half, with a 60-second cool-down between uses.


Repair Parts: Restores all lost health with a 135-second cool-down to balance things out.


Quick Fixes: This ability restores up to half of your jet’s maximum health, but it comes with a 65-second cool-down.


Regardless of how many enhancements you have in stock, you can only carry two copies of each enhancement throughout a battle. If you have any empty Missile or Enhancement slots, the game will advise you to fill them. You are, however, allowed to leave those slots empty if you are seeking to save money.


Finally, all non-practice matches use two units of Fuel, and you have a total of ten units. Fuel regenerates over time, but you can only play a certain amount of matches per playtime. So you should always keep this in mind when choosing enhancements, and they can determine a battle’s outcome in your favor or not. 


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Enhancement


Understand the Game Modes Very Well

Since all the matches are capped at a three minutes long duration, the cool-down of enhancements and the missiles’ lock-on period become much more important in the context of gameplay. Now it’s time for you to understand better the game modes and their specifics to battle enemies in each selected mode.


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Game Modes


Payload Game Mode


In this mode, One squad is tasked with defending a convoy of three cargo planes, while the other is tasked with shooting them down. The opposing team will have to shoot down the planes’ engines rather than attack the planes directly. Each plane has six engines, three on each wing, and can be shot down with missiles or your guns.


Because the engines are so close together, Cluster Missiles can be quite effective in disabling or destroying a plane. If even one plane reaches its goal, the defending team wins, whereas the opposing team wins if all three planes are shot down. A progress bar at the top of the screen depicts the convoy’s progress.


So if you’re joining an actual Payload match, you have no control over whether you land up on Defence or Offense, but what you do have is the option to choose which team you wish to fly for in practice matches.


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Payload Mode


Skirmish Game Mode


Skirmish battles have a single goal: to earn more kills than the opposing side. To expedite the match, the game will produce three airships for both teams to take down and three battleships once the airships have been shot down.


Both ship types can withstand a great deal of damage before sinking, so anticipate them to be fiercely contested. The winning team is the one that reaches ten kills first or has more kills than the opposing team after three minutes. If both teams are tied, the game will continue until one of them scores a kill.


The Skirmish mode sounds very exciting compared to the Payload mode, and both modes can be played online or offline. 


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Skirmish Mode


Practice with Bots 


We encourage practicing with bots in offline mode to improve your handling and maneuvering skills before facing tough opponents in actual matches or even facing other real players in PvP. 


Select the Best Weapons

You have the liberty of preparing yourself before the battle. So take some time, but not too much time to choose your missiles, enhancements, and countermeasures according to how you will need them before every match. Doing this will help you always be ready for a match, and you might even discover the default gears that work for you best by doing this regularly. 


Use Sharp Turns in Battle

Always use sharp turns in battle because it increases or decreases your jet’s altitude in battle, and more often than not, doing this will help you escape a lot of enemy missiles. Also, this is simply one of the most fun things players can do in an Airship game such as this one, so don’t miss out on it. 


Complete Daily Missions

Like in many games, rewards can be earned by participating and completing daily missions. In Sky Warriors, it differs not as you can earn Chests by completing daily missions. Some of the rewards found are coins and upgrades. 


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Daily Missions


Always keep your eyes on the Radar

The Radar is a vital feature in this game because it gives away the position of enemy jets. So if you’re in a battle, especially with challenging enemies, it is best to have your eyes on the Radar often as you can always tell where an enemy is and where they’ll be attacking from. 

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