Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat - Beginner's Guide to Game Plot, Game Modes, and Controls


Developers Wildlife Studios has released a new game called Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat. All fans of war and fighter jets will enjoy this game. The game allows you to play with your friends and other real-life players from across the world for an incredible real-time PvP Multiplayer experience. 


We've been playing this game for quite some time, and as a result, we decided to share this high-octane Airplane combat beginners guide with you all. So if you love to fly through the air while fighting enemies? Then you'll enjoy this game.


Sky Warriors Game Plot

You will be chosen to fly a fighter jet as a pilot. Your job is to fly over the battlefields of war, fighting and bringing triumph back to base. Payload and Skirmish are the two exciting game modes to fly and fight against enemies. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for full action and adrenaline. But first, we suggest you go through our beginner's guide to get a good hang of the game. 


Starting Out 

Being one of Sky Warriors' top selected elite fighters, you will be given a hearty welcome. Lieutenant Red Viper congratulates you on your decision to join them. You'll be required to control the engine, and shortly you'll be asked to select your preferred Joystick controls. 


You have the option of using traditional controls or inverted controls. You'll find yourself in the thick of a war if you select your chosen controls. So take your time and select the control that works best for you based on your experience with similar Air Combat fighting games. 


Understanding the Game Controls


  • The Joystick: This button controls the fighter's movement up, down, left, and right.
  • The fighter jet's speed can be increased or decreased using the game's Accelerator Lever button.
  • The Launch button is used whenever a target is locked and missiles are ready to be launched; this button helps you deploy the missiles towards enemy jets. 
  • Flares, on the other hand, help you avoid incoming enemy missiles. 


In traditional controls, and in many other air combat games, pressing the joystick up increases the fighter jet's height, and dragging the joystick down decreases it; however, inverted controls have the reverse effect. In the options, you might be required to change your chosen controls.


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Controls


Game Modes


  • Payload: You have the option of defending or attacking.
  • Defend: In this phase, you must protect the cargo ship against an enemy troop onslaught.
  • Assault: In this game, you must attack and destroy the cargo ship before it arrives at its objective.
  • Skirmish: You must take out the targets and enemies in this mode.


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Game Modes


Key Factors to Understand


  • Players can purchase certain in-game currencies in Sky Warriors, such as coins, chests, and missiles at the store.
  • New Fighter jets can be purchased in the hangar, and every tier is unlocked based on the player's current rank.
  • Upgrading items: You can improve your fighter jet's cockpit, fuselage, engines, weaponry, and wings by upgrading them. Keep in mind that each improvement takes a certain amount of time to complete. But the good part is that players can upgrade items simultaneously. 
  • Customizing: This section involves adding decals and acquiring a fresh paint job; you may improve the visual appeal of your fighter jet by beautifying it and adding decals from here. 


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Key Factors


Understanding the Types of Missiles 


  • Fast Missiles: These missiles have a higher velocity, allowing them to reach their target faster. This does not imply improved tracking, but it does make it more difficult for your targeted enemy jets to react to your attacks. 
  • Strong Missile: This powerful and straightforward missile type increases your damage. That's pretty much all that Strong Missile is good for, and it can come in handy against tough opponents.
  • Tracking Missile: These missiles have superior tracking abilities than even the Fast Missile, making them considerably more difficult for your enemies to dodge through maneuvers. 
  • Auto-Aim Missile: These are awesome sets of missiles that target enemies when they come within range. These missiles automatically lock on to it, allowing for a quick salvo.


Meanwhile, regardless of whether your missiles are locked on an adversary or not, your machine guns will only fire when you are within 500 meters of them. They fire automatically by default, but you can change that in the options. Your weapons aren't as powerful as your missiles, but they make up for it with their high rate of fire.


They're especially handy in close combat or when your missiles are still reloading. However, you will have to lead your target, which can be difficult. However, the game provides you with a lead indicator that is slightly ahead of your target's present location, and you should aim your reticle towards it to increase the likelihood of your bullets hitting your target.


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Missiles


Upgrading the Necessary Items

When you're not playing matches, you spend your time at the base, upgrading your planes with your hard-won awards in preparation for future clashes. Coins and Diamonds are the two currencies available in Sky Warriors. In-game transactions can be used to purchase both currencies. You can earn more Coins by playing in matches, regardless of whether you win or lose.


Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat Items Upgrade


The following are the stats and the appropriate parts you can upgrade:


  • Durability refers to how much punishment your jet can withstand before exploding. The Cockpit and Fuselage of the jet are updated to help with this.
  • Firepower: refers to the amount of damage your weapons can inflict. This can be improved by upgrading your jet's weapons. As a result, improvements for the Weapons section are more expensive than the others.
  • Maneuverability: refers to how well your plane can turn, particularly at high speeds. The Wings of your jet can be improved to improve this.
  • Speed: This self-explanatory stat may be improved by upgrading the jet's Cockpit and Engines.
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