The Best Scary Roblox Games That You Need to Play in 2022


Can a charming Roblox game be frightful? You have no clue how much fun it is to play scary games on Roblox with friends. Even by yourself, playing scary games on Roblox is a lot of fun. We chose the top scary Roblox games for you to play in 2022 with our guide because we wanted to give you the chance to experience them too.






Most of the scary games on Roblox are fan-created stories; despite being cute, they have managed to deliver an excellent experience leveraging the darkness and surround sounds. Most of these games are packed with everything a scary game should have. We have managed to list the finest ones you should play, but the list does not reflect any ranking because each game has something unique to offer. 


Casual Board Game

You play as Mike, a 19-year-old student, in this one-shot from the scary games on Roblox. You discovered an ouija board after cleaning the new home your parents bought. If you're terrified of the darkness, you shouldn't actually play this game because it's rather frightening. In addition to having loud noises and flashing lights, it features significant aspects of panic, horror, and fear.


Despite just having one conclusion, it features an interactive conversation in which you can select a question or reply with an answer. For the most intensely eerie experience, it is best played with headphones.




This precious example of the scary games on Roblox is essentially an escape room game. The multiplayer game mode is fairly subtle. You queue up with your friends, and then you and they get to explore the facility together; you must follow the key objectives; find an exit, and, most importantly, survive. You can play as the monster in this game, but you'll need to purchase the game pass.




Roblox's horror game confinement is nightmare-inducing and not recommended for players under 13 due to the game's mildly upsetting nature. This game is a scary survival from all the other Scary games on Roblox, and it takes place in an abandoned building; horrifying monsters have infected it and spread over the entire area.


It is one of the top-tier scary games on Roblox, and in our opinion, it makes the ideal choice for a scary Roblox game. The game is so terrifying that it is not recommended to play when you are alone since it is spooky and scary. The polluted facility is so realistically rendered that you won't even know it's a Roblox game.



Frigid Dusk

In the scary Roblox game Frigid Dusk, you and your colleagues assume the roles of a group of scientists working in the Himalayas in 1966. Players are required to have some investigations here and achieve their goals. 


The game is broken into many parts, but unlike other horror games, it moves quickly enough that you may complete it in one sitting. With a realistic and detailed terrain, the game may be played solo or cooperatively with up to four other players. Will you survive the game's numerous enemies and puzzles?




In this scary Roblox game, you assume the position of a detective, and your objective is to discover what happened to Evelyn because she suddenly died without an apparent cause. That's your only clue considering Evelyn was only a little child and the daughter of a police officer.


You'll need to go about the region to find out what happened to her and clear up the murky circumstances surrounding her passing. If you don't feel adventurous about playing it alone, you may play the game's two chapters with up to four others.



Us or toys

Us or Toys is a multiplayer scary Roblox game that may also be played alone; the plot isn't really important, but it's still a scary Roblox game, so playing it with the lights on or with someone nearby is strongly advised. The task You are to discover, take stuff, unlock things, and most importantly, run away from monsters from the game. The game's monster is a corrupted version of Billy, the rabbit. Playing this game alone is not advised because it is so creepy.




The objective of the multiplayer survival horror game Nanny is to evade the nanny that is after you, locate the exit, and live. And that is why we make this under the top of scary games on Roblox list. With one sight, the game seems very easy.  But know that it isn't truly about being chased. In this round-based game, "Nanny," the nanny and the alternate baby roles. If you are the baby, you must crawl about to avoid being abducted, gather tools, and solve puzzles to live.




It is not advised to play the game alone because, like all psychological thrillers, it is also so disturbing. This scary Roblox game includes a straightforward narrative mode where you fall asleep and wake up in a world where life and death are intertwined. It's similar to an Isekai but in the worst way. As with other usual horror games, this game is packed with mysteries, chapters with written conversations, and a compelling plot that will make you want to give up.




This scary Roblox game begins with you falling into the realm of Roblox's reality. As you search for a way out, you must explore and uncover the mysteries hidden throughout the stages. Do you recall watching the movie Quiet Place? The creatures in this place are similar yet come in many forms. They can hear you from quite a distance even though they can't see you. You must solve puzzles to advance through each stage while dodging creatures that will attack you at the slightest sound.



SCP 3008

SCP is well-known to all horror enthusiasts from these scary games on Roblox, and if you haven't checked it out, they offer some intriguing hypotheses. The limitless IKEA SCP-3000 is the inspiration for this game. Your objective is to explore the enormous furniture-filled nightmare realm contained under SCP-3008-1. Create a base, hide from the workers for survival, and remain alive.


This game is a little different from what we've discussed up to this point since some people play it to get a survival experience while others only play for the social aspects. However, avoiding clicking any of the game's links is wise because they are all scams.




The origin tale of the creatures in this scary Roblox game is based on modern Japan mixed with ancient mythology and ghost legends. You'll want to keep an eye out for the yokai that will be hiding in the shadows of those gloomy alleys as a result of playing the game.


Several chapters in this horrific game need to be finished, and more are constantly being added to explore the depths of the ghostly realm. As you and your buddies are sent racing in any direction while trying to either unravel the secrets surrounding the yokai or avoid them, try to have fun. You have complete freedom to live whatever you choose.



The Mace

Join up with 11 other friends as you struggle to escape the cramped mining cave in this horror game, which suddenly traps you inside a maze. This game is an experiment in horror, employing noises from dark corners to build suspense while one creature lurks and tries to find the other players. Observe your surroundings carefully since what appears to be a flash of light or the sound of footsteps may not be your buddy on the other side.


To get the best experience, have gameplay from these horror games on PC with the best android emulator LDPlayer. Anyone can see that escaping from all these scary games on Roblox monsters is not an easy task. You can use the LDPlayers Keyboard Mapping feature and mouse combined to play them more efficiently on a bigger screen.




These are the top-rated multiplayer and single-player monsters of scary games on Roblox we thought you would enjoy. Try them all at least once; you might like them all. So this is where we will end our best scary Roblox games you need to play in 2022. We hope you enjoy them all.

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