The Best Scary Roblox Games that You Need to Play 2022

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Are you brave enough to take a thrilling experience from Roblox? If you are ready, here are the best scary Roblox games for 2022. These are not just the games that can make you frightened but also allow developers to have several themed games within the industry.


Emerge yourself deeper into these scary Roblox games and find out the dangers hidden on every corner of the game. The creativity of these games will never make you stop investing more, and let's see what is there for us on the scary side of Roblox.

Alone in Dark House

Alone in Dark House from the list of scary Roblox games is a game where it has 20 players to solve puzzles. All the players have to face so many horrors that are coming on their way. 

You will be a private investigator and solve the mystery which hides behind a murder. The game asks you to uncover more secrets and dive into its agony and chaos.

We must say that Alone in Dark House is a complete horror experience that you can feel for sure, and it will surprise you more and more throughout the gameplay. It can be identified as a real classic, and without a doubt, this is one of the scariest Roblox games ever you can see.


The Horror Elevator

In this game, you will be taken on a grand adventure with every floor. This game is more like a complete game with many horror themes connected from one elevator.

You have to discover this one of the creepiest scary Roblox games, and the ideas behind this game are brilliant for sure. You never know what you will have to face on each floor, and you need to understand that every floor is filled with evil.

So for this game, it is up to you to decide whether you need to discover and gain the supreme. Take every floor as your wish, and the creepiest features are behind on every floor. Keep that in your mind.



This is a game where it sets on searching, and you are a player searching for your friends in an asylum. If you want to shiver your spine, this is the game that suits you the most since a 5 minute inside from the game will give you a lifetime of fear. There are so many layers in this game, and it will cost you 25 Robux.

Roses game is impressive and more creative with its detailed features, and from time to time, it never fails to amaze you. For horror game lovers, Roses is an excellent comeback for them, and the details with its fantastic narrative don't seem to decrease the interest of horror in it. It adds more.

You will be played as a first-person here, which is why you will feel like you are lost in this abandoned asylum. Every sound and the events have to be investigated here.

Nightmare Mine

This is one of the horror games from scary Roblox games packed with actions where zombies will surround you. The creeps on this game are so high, and you have to stop zombies from spreading and infecting the whole city.

The game will be started on a mine, and the miners working there are zombies now. They are always in need of eating others' brains. So if you ever wanted to try an action-adventure game packed with horror, this is it.

The Mirror

This is the final game from our list of scary Roblox games, and the mirror is only asking you to see yourself through a mirror. And then your brain starts to play tricks on you.

This game is heavy on its elements, sounds, and illusions, so everything will make it sure to freak you out. If you can raise your volume high and be in a dark place while playing this, that will add more and pound your heart for sure.


Identity Fraud

This is the next game from the list of scary Roblox games we will talk about, and it has three levels. Players can play each level, and they have to solve the puzzles to end the maze. Every level adds with interest since monsters are always getting out from levels.

Every monster you see here has its own methods to defeat players. These monsters do some things that can even lead you to quit the game. But you have to face the boss on every level. The game makes it sure to take a living crap out of you.


Dead Silence

This game is a recreation of the movie. The game is entirely based on a doll who has changed the game's dynamic, and you are allowed to play with your two friends. The game asks you to solve the hidden mystery behind your friends.

Dead Silence is more like a psychological thriller, and we must say, you will never get over this if you decide to play it. There is enough of it to make you scared, and the objective here is to solve Mary Shaw's mystery.

Light Bulb

Here is an invite to become a part of the dark. This is the game from our list of scary Roblox games for those afraid of the dark. The game will keep you always running and hiding, and it asks you to turn on the light. But things cannot be done as easily as it says.

A thing chases you on here, and it figures out your actions very quickly. So it changes the way it attacks you, and you will not get easier from the game since the game is adapting to what you do. Just make sure to wear headphones. That is how you can get the best thrilling from this dark-themed game.


So these are our best picks from scary Roblox games that you can play in 2022 along with your friends, and it is guaranteed to have a high scare and creep with these games. These are the perfect solutions for the players looking for a thing out of this world.

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